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Comments for 'Battletype MPAV Part: 1/2'

5:44 am | February 22, 2003
Men I scraped Battletype MPAV, because it was a load of shit in my mind. It may be good material for some people, but I don't think it met the standards...my standards. So if anyone ever reads this, they'll knwo that i'm writing an INTERACTIVE fan fic, oh man you guys are gunna love it! If anyone steals my idea, im gunna hunt them down!
12:58 pm | February 5, 2003
(To Diablo) level 1 amazon huh I'm a level 88 Druid.
4:34 am | February 5, 2003
thanks...but i still think i can take you on and beat you with my mad $&!((2.
1:00 am | February 5, 2003
oh and the story was awasome.
11:57 pm | February 4, 2003
8:42 pm | February 4, 2003
few things. i'm hardly one to talk, but:

*double space paragraphs

*use more descriptive words

*SLOW DOWN. when you get on a role, dont just type until you die. some sentances go 6 commas long. Yeah.
2:35 am | February 4, 2003
thanks, and to answer Moniter101, Amazon: lvl 1 (i played it for 5 minutes). :D
11:55 pm | February 3, 2003
nice hey diablo have u played diablo2 and if so wut kinda charactor do u have and wut level are u at?
9:15 pm | February 3, 2003
Pretty cool. I liked the whole 'welcome to oni thing.'
4:14 am | February 3, 2003
I see you've made a mistake yourself Sarge (there's, not theirs). Yes I know I rushed this part, but the second will definatly be worth reading!
1:57 am | February 3, 2003
This one isn't all that great too many mistakes... and theirs no description
8:24 pm | February 2, 2003
thanks, and the ending of this series actually has a moral to it. If anyone read this series, or want to say something, POST!
8:08 pm | February 2, 2003
Nice job. Can't wait until the next one.
7:59 pm | February 2, 2003
pretty good could of been longer and more discriptive
7:36 pm | February 2, 2003
btw this is not my final fan fic, my final fan fic is "All Quiet on the Western Front" due to come out probably in several weeks. Enjoy this two part series.