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6 Way War CH.1: The Pahc.
Posted By: Demosthenes<crhutson@msn.com>
Date: 2 February 2003, 5:10 am

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      The nameless Pahc ran swifly through the woods. Leaves and twigs scraped against his face and tore at his fur. He suddenly came to a halt. He raised his head up and sniffed the air. He ran towards the farming village. He exited the woods. He hopped over a fence into a herd of cattle. He jumped on a cow, tearing his claws into it's flesh. It's flat head opened wide, wide enough to swallow something larger than it's head. It's jaw was built like a snake. There was no bone where the chin was, therefore it had two bottom jaw bones, that way his mouth could open as wide as the skin could stretch. It tore an entire leg off. The other cows began mooing very loudly. The farmer burst out the door with a shotgun. The Pahc froze. The farmer cocked the shotgun.
      " Who's stealin' ma cattle?" He asked. The Pahc began digging a hole in the gound. It tunneled under the ground. The Farmer stepped on the ground. The Pahc could here his vibrations. He dug until he was right under the farmer. The farmer continued to babble threats at whoever was "Stealting his cattle" The Pahc dug right up until the farmer fell through the ground.
      " What the?" He yelled as dirt spilled all over him. The farmer spat dirt out. The Pahc pounced him. He tore at the man's flesh. The man screamed, reaching for his shotgun. The man fell limp. The Pahc, satisfied, hopped back to the surface and grabbed an alive cow and dragged it into the woods. His teeth, clenched onto the cows ankle, dug into the flesh. Blood stained the white grass of the alien planet. He dragged it until he reached a hole. It pulled the cow into the hole.
      After dragging the cow through the underground city, he finally reached the queen's lair. The queens lair was a large opening with a stolen throne and a large egg in it. The throne was actually a La-Z-Boy.
      He set the cow in front of the throne. There were lots of cows in the room. The cows were for when the new queen hatches. Suddenly the egg's shell cracked. The nameless Pahc ran off. Noone was allowed to witness a queen's birth. She popped out of the egg, and immediately began feasting on the cows.

200 years ago...

      The queen ran through the forests, trying to escape the onslaught on her species. The sprinted as fast as she could. A grunt came into view. She dove on it, and tore it's head off. She continued forward. Two elites came into view. She stood up on her hind legs and pulled a large pistol-like weapon out. She jumped out from behind the tree and fired the weapons. The blue shields popped up around them.
      " WHAT THE??" She screamed. The elites returned fire. She dove out of the way, and dug speedily into the ground. She'd have to make a new kingdom underground. She dug deeper and deeper. Suddenly blue smoke fill the tunnel. She hopped up and clenched the side of the wall, dirt being shoved under her claws. It exploded. She hopped back down and began digging more.
      " That should take care of her" said one of the elites. She dug further down. Then at about five hundred feet down she dug straight ahead. She did this for hours, until she was satisfied. Then she made a large room. She began layed and egg. The small egg would expand as the Pahc inside it grew larger. She began laying more eggs. She layed millions of eggs. She rested with her rump in the air, due to the pain.

      She woke up. The eggs were now twice as large. She flipped her secondary eyelids so she could see in the dark. The secondary eyelids are like on beavers, but on beavers they act as goggles, not night vision. She walked into her hallway and began digging more tunnels, so she could make it into a city.
      After hours of working she made herself a throne room. She made a chair out of dirt and mud. She sat in it, and fell asleep, tired from her days work.

One Month Later...

      The first batch of eggs hatched. The little Pahcs began running around and playing with each other. Her city was now a honeycomb of tunnels. She decided she'd surface today. The queen hopped out of the only tunnel connected to the surface. It was daytime, and the light stung her eyes, due to her weeks in darkness. She began searching for any remnents from her old kingdom. She began collecting metals and computers and a few covenant stuff. She took them to her kingdom and began building stuff from scratch. In a few hundred years she'd get back at the covenant, or at least, her daughter would.
      She now had a birthmaker. She had ten tubes and one extracter. She let the extracter stab into her arm and pulled the baby genes from her. It then put them into the tubes. Little furless Pahcs seemed to appear from nowhere. They would be strong enough to come out in half the time of the old way. The tubes were filled with liquid that was really all the nutrients an egg give the thing inside, but the liquid had even more nutrients, therefore they grow faster. She smiled and sat in her newly made thrown, witch was what was left of her old one. It was only a few hundred years untill she'd have an army. She'd search for space travelling ships. She planned to send the daughters ( when their fully grown) to other planets so they could make their own armies. She destroy anything in her way.

Present Time...

      The queen of the colony Har mutated to the second form. She was a new queen and was on a small human agricultural planet.
      Spikes popped out on her back and she grew to twice the size of a normal Pahc. She grinned as her strength was doubled. A Pahc stepped in the room.
      " OH NO!" He screamed. No Pahc was allowed to witness their transformation, due to their religion. The queen barked and a robot popped out from behind her. The throne room guard. All Pahc queens had at least one in their throne.
      The robot was a ball with four legs and an arm on the top with a drill attached to it. The robot hopped on it's back two legs and lifted the other two like arms. It began firing plasma out of the arms.
      " NOOOO!!!" screamed the Pahc. The plasma hit him hard, setting his fur aflame.
      The robot ran forward on all fours. It hopped on the Pahc and clung on with the sharp claws. The desperate burning Pahc attempted to throw int off, but was unsuccessful. The robot drove the drill into the Pahc's head, killing it. The burning body fell forward. The queen called for someone to come clean it up. The queen looked ugly in its second form. It had only patches of the original fur left, and it would take some time for it to grow its fur back.
      Two Pahcs ran into the room and cleaned up the body. A screen connected to a robotic arm popped out of the ceiling.
      " The new batch of Pahc has been released." Said a Pahc on the screen.
      " Good, I can't come now because I need 72 hours of rest since I just transformed."
      " I know ma'am I've got a college degree in Pahc anatomy, witch included queen Pahc." Said the Pahc on the screen.
      " Okay Charl, I'll see you in 72 hours." She said, and laid back in the chair, and fell asleep.