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Comments for '6 Way War CH.1: The Pahc.'

4:29 pm | March 8, 2003
Actually 5 Way War and this are the same story, they just have different names because a new species entered the war.
10:57 pm | February 28, 2003
Unlike your story, his problems are amany. See, he hasn't been the same since "the accident".

I've been waiting to get to say taht for years...

Anyway, not too much wrong with the fanfic though I am a bigger fan of the five way war.
1:59 am | February 7, 2003
What the Hell? What is your problem anyhow?
weevil of the warp ::74:: six flags
12:54 pm | February 6, 2003
lunch time for robots
luch time for us
lunch time for sailors
lunch time for St. Deemus II
weevil of the warp ::74:: six flags
12:45 pm | February 6, 2003
cortana is my mother
beowulf is my gun
soon to be the other
up and rising son
12:54 pm | February 5, 2003
Hey enders game freaks ya the book was awasome and u can go to movies.com go to search and type in enders game. To traumatised marine hey enders game is a book by olson scott card.
3:47 am | February 5, 2003
AI construct online.
3:45 am | February 5, 2003
Hey Holes is coming out based on the book its comin out april 18th
3:35 am | February 5, 2003
Hey enders game freaks only the first enders game book not the howl damn seies.
2:41 am | February 5, 2003
yes that would be sweet. a movie on the ender series
1:02 am | February 5, 2003
Traumatised Marine
6:51 pm | February 4, 2003
This might seem a stupid question, and probably is, but what's an ender's game???

Great story, the Pahc and the rancher was a good way to get the reader interested.
5:33 pm | February 4, 2003
A movie on ender's game! shweet!!!!
9:15 pm | February 3, 2003
This is supposed to be a sneak preview, but HBO posted it as CH 1: The Pahc. sorry about that, I told them to put it as a sneak preview, but they didn't. Also, OOPs: I forgot to read the things on posting wallpapers, hopefully I will get it right and they'll post my wallpaper. I was just so eager to make a wallpaper for the first time I forgot to read it. Oh well!
oh hell!
8:48 pm | February 3, 2003
ParaplEgic, not paraplIEgic!

Now that Pahc was scarier than anything I've read from Wado!
Traumatised Marine
8:48 pm | February 3, 2003
Caught by the teacher huh?
Looks like you had time enough to write that down, was the teacher parapliegic or something?
7:41 pm | February 3, 2003
Hi Waz up I am in school i hate it. Oh noooo I got caught by the teacher!shit!
6:13 pm | February 2, 2003
This was really good, but it was kind of confusing the way you started at a certain time, then jumped back, then further forward. Also scince this preview was a whole part, do you plan to start this series with part 2 after you finish 5 way war?