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5 Way War Part II: Stranded.
Posted By: Demosthenes<crhutson@msn.com>
Date: 3 January 2003, 3:48 am

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      343 Guilty Spark loomed over his army. They would attack the covenant home planet. Tens of thousands of Sentinels lie in front of him. This was a taste of his power. It was only one regiment. He would send half of his entire army to the covenant home planet. He imagined the surprised faces of the Covenant as his army flew out of the sky. He imagined the burning corpses after he was finished with them. He imagined himself ruler of the covenant. His next attack would be the human home planet Earth. He would use part of the covenant army he owned. He found himself laughing his head off, if he had a head. He ordered them to head towards the covenant home planet. They climbed in large, relativity enabled ships. They would arrive in two years.


      Salazar, a Forerunner captain, stared at the holographic image on the terminal. It was the base on the planet Cron. He was furious. First Halo, now this. He pressed a button on the computer board. <Yes Captain Salazar? > One of the Forerunner Shogun's head was on the holographic display at the terminal. <Sir, the base on Cron has been destroyed. The humans on the planet attacked and let the flood out> <Salazar, I will meditate on this> <I will meet with the other Shogun and we will make a decision> < A decision on what? > < To go to war. >

      Shniel, the forerunner shogun that had talked to Salazar, sat down in the Shogun meditating room. He crossed his legs. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Light blue energy surrounded his body. Shniel had heavy robes on, instead of the foil. He looked amazing in his robe. He had a gem placed in his head that gave him spiritual energy. It was purple and worth 500,000,000 Forerunner Fores. Fores were the main money in the forerunner culture. He passed into a black void. He could see two doors. War and not war. He chose not war, and found despair. He would choose to go to war.
      The next day the council of Forerunner met in a room. The walls were painted in an optical illusion. It looked like the roof stretched on forever. They each sat down legs crossed in a circle. Each Forerunner Shogun had a different colored gem. Shniel had a purple gem in his head. There were nine members in the council. Purple, green, red, orange, blue, yellow, gray, black, and white. White was the high Shogun, for white was all the colors mixed together. They were silent for a while. < Does anyone have a suggestion? > Asked Saurov the white. < We will not go to war! > Said Jaun, the green. < Why should we not go to war? > Asked Saurov. < Because of the death! > <We do not need any more death! > <I agree! > <Me too! > Said Arrav the red and Jark the yellow. < Does anyone disagree? > Said Saurov. < I do. > Said Shniel. < And why is that? > < I meditated and found despair behind the door of not going to war. > < Besides, we are a strong race, we can take them on! > <YA! > <I agree too! > < I too meditated and found despair under war > said Saurov. < Do you mean our race has no hope? Are you saying we do not have any future? > Protested Juan. < I'm afraid so. >

      The Forerunner spoke through telekinetic connections. The same thing the net is made up of. The Forerunner decided to go to war. They decided that maybe they stand a chance. They hoped they had made a wise decision. The forerunner have psychic powers beyond comprehension. The Forerunner lives for hundreds of years. They are children for fifty years. They reproduce through birth mothers. The birth mothers are mindless drones that drink the sweat of male forerunner to get the sperm. Then the babies grow inside and eat their way out. They were big and full of fat. They were like Big Macs. Full of fat and worth a buck. Also very tasty. The children are helpless grubs for ten years. All species have a helpless grub stage. The humans have babies. The Elites have babies also. The grunts are helpless grubs. The Jackals have a helpless grub stage similar to humans but shorter. I could go on and on.

      Redo walked through the halls of the base on Cron. People were decorating the halls with Christmas decorations. It was the best time of the year. The Soldiers would go and visit their families, but it would take years to get there. So the Marines talked with their families through computers. The Spartans had no families unfortunately. If you haven't read the Fall of Reach, the Spartans were kidnapped as children, and trained for the rest of their life. He walked to the Spartan bunkroom. Senna smiled at him. He sat down next to him. " I got you a gift." She said. She handed him a small gift wrapped in writing paper. He opened it. It was a new cross necklace, with a gem in the center. " Where the heck did you get that???" He asked. His old necklace was rusted. She kissed him on the cheek. " It was mine once, but then I got a new one. She showed him a cross necklace with four Gems on each end, and one in the middle. It was solid gold. "I couldn't get a gift," said Redo. She scowled. "Merry Christmas"

      <My fellow Forerunner! > Said Saurov. < We will not go to war just this yet! > <We have taken an idea from the humans. We will genetically enhance super soldiers! > The audience of forerunners cheered. < We will make them stronger, smarter, and grow faster. This will mean they will only live 100 or so years, but it is worth it to win this war! > Saurov did not tell anyone but the council members that they will despair either way. It was to be kept a secret. The Forerunner had been going through a lot of trouble in the last 100 years. First the Flood took over Halo. All five hundred thousand Forerunner on Halo died. The forerunner had to lock them up, which became a war. Then the humans destroyed Halo. All the 1932 years of work was destroyed. And now the base on Cron. It was a time of grief.


Five years later.

      Xeno, a covenant elite, looked up at the sky. His eyes went wide. The sky turned black. Millions and Millions of tiny black dots came swarming towards them. Then it rained lasers. He felt his shield disappear instantly. The lasers heated his armor, and hot metal melted on his body. He screamed in pain. He ran for shelter. Another covenant elite was knocked down as an elite ran in, liquid metal dripping off his body. " What the-" The ceiling collapsed on him. Hundreds of little floating bots came swarming in, slaughtering everyone inside. The sentinels had found the covenant home planet. The covenant home planet wasn't really a planet at all. It was a large metal structure that was built as a home planet for all Covenant creatures, since there was many covenant planets to choose from, they decided to make an artificial one. 343 guilty spark didn't know it was artificial. Most of the covenant was inside the planet. There were at least 500 billion covenant beings inside the structure. 343 had only been able to monitor the outside of the planet, and guessed this many sentinels was enough. Covenant beings hopped into plasma cannons and stationary guns. They exchanged fire with the sentinels, who had superior shield technology. They came down hard. Shron, a covenant Jackal, fired at the nearest Sentinels. He was at a large cannon, so it took to shots to take one down. There were different types of sentinels nowadays. A bomber Sentinel flew right above his head. He hopped out, and made for any kind of escape. The plasma bomb hit the cannon he was just at, sending pieces through the air. He saw a shadow appear above him. He looked up to see a vast slab of metal flying towards him. He dove forward to dodge it, but it landed on his legs. He screamed in pain as his legs were crushed into nothing. His bones shattered inside his legs. Lasers rained down on him from there. His body oils boiled, and his skin peeled off from the 3rd degree burns. He screamed. His heart stopped. Everything went black.
      A covenant elite tossed plasma grenades in the air. They stuck to sentinels, blowing them up. He could feel the heat of the lasers, despite the shield. There was an explosion next to him, and covenant flew high into the air. A slab of metal sliced right through him. His torso fell off his legs. The plasma grenade he was going to throw was still in his hand. It exploded. A grunt was running when suddenly a body landed on top of him. "OOOF!" He was instantly killed.
      Grunts ran around screaming for mercy. Elites fought hard and Jackals flew through the air. Brutes sat at cannons and fired upon the onslaught of Sentinels. An elites was shooting a sentinel when his Shoulder burst open. Hot blood burned his face. He screamed. The pain seemed to disappear. Everything swirled around him. A grunt screamed as he was smashed by a falling sentinel.
      "We need backup!" called a covenant elite. Hundreds of covenant was coming out from the inside of the artificial planet. The sentinels began to retreat. The covenant cheered. Suddenly the sky turned dark. A shadow fell on the covenant planet. A large ship came out of the clouds. There was a large cannon on the bottom of the ship. The stared at the ominous onslaught about to kill them all. The cannon lowered towards them. It fired a large beam down on them. Eight square miles were erased of life. No buildings were left alive. The covenant launched a battle cruiser that was experimental. It flew to the place where the sentinel battle cruiser was. It fired hundreds a little lasers. Explosions went off on the sentinel ship. It turned around and exchanged lasers with the covenant ship. They both crashed down onto the covenant home planet. It set off a nuclear explosion, for both had nuclear fusion reactors. An entire side of the covenant home planet surface was lifeless.

      343 guilty spark got the news of the battle a few weeks later. He found out when the covenant sent him a message. A covenant elite stared him in the face. " You shall pay for this Guilty Spark. You shall pay." There was a video that followed of children covenant creatures playing catch and gravball with his body. Then the children beat him with large metal poles. 343 GuiltySpark laughed. He sent a video back. It was of the same elites head being slowly melted away, then of Grunts chewing the dead corpse, tossing organs away and eating only the flesh.
      A covenant elite checked the incoming messages. He saw the one from 343 GuiltySpark. He vomited all over the computer.


      Redo ran through the forest. Leaves scraped against his armor, causing a blood curdling sound. He saw a grunt's carrier rise above the tall grass. He fired his battle rifle into the grass. He heard a scream. Blood flew up out of the grass. He continued forward. Blue smoke suddenly blocked his vision. He screamed and through the rest of his grenades aimlessly, to make sure he did not go down hard.
      He took the helmet off. He unzipped the jumpsuit. He had just failed another virtual reality training drill. They seemed to get harder every day. The lunch bell sounded. He had finished right on time. He left the room, and joined the long line towards the mess hall. The base he was at hasn't been called to fight for a while, since the planet they were on was far from other planets. A week later he was called to arms. They had gotten word of the sentinel attack on the covenant home planet. They knew that the covenant was knocked off balance thanks to that. That's the thing with having multiple person wars. One person does a lot of damage; the other can finish them off. The Spartan team loaded up. They found a covenant base on the ice world Thor. Thor is where the grunts originally came from. They used the base on that planet because life would not likely be on a planet like that. They boarded a ship and readied to go to Thor. They got in the destroyer and found the bunkroom for Spartans. A month later they made it. Thor was the closest planet to Cron. They rested the rest of the day and prepared for the battle ahead of them.
      Redo lay in his bunk trying to get to sleep. He could not fall asleep. He did not know why he couldn't get to sleep. When he finally fell asleep, he had the strangest dream. He dreamt of ten strange creatures. The forerunner. Except they weren't in the normal foil clothing, but exquisite robes. They had beautiful gems in their foreheads. One with a white gem in his forehead said something to him. Except he didn't move his mouth, but he heard it. < You have been chosen as an experiment of ours. We have contact with you through a tiny chip we placed in your head. We can control your body if we have to. > < I hope this does not discomfort you. > < We have kept it a secret for five earth years. > < I see you have a good heart, so we will not use our control over you in vain. > Redo was confused. < In fact we'll use it for good. > They saw the look of confusion on the humans face. Saurov lowered his head. < He's not ready. > They each put their hands on his forehead, and erased the memory from his mind.

      A covenant Grunt looked up at the sky. It was all white. They were on Thor, the ice world. The grunt was smarter than most, by that I mean he talked correctly. He didn't talk like the grunt at the beginning of Part I. He walked towards the camp base. It was a metal dome building. He walked inside and sat down at the table. Mmmm he smiled. He drooled at the sight of his food. Literally. The slobber got on his plate and on his hand. He wiped the slobber off on the Elite next to him. The Elite immediately turned, veins popped out on his neck and head. He hit the Grunt in the head as hard as he could. The grunt flew into the wall. His head was shoved into his back. A bunch of grunts hoped out of their chairs. They were ready to avenge his friend. They all dove on the elite. He grabbed them one at a time tossing them off. They immediately jumped back on. One of the grunts was wrapped around the elites head. The grunt was suffocating him, and didn't even know! They elite moved his arm to grab the grunt, but they other five grunts were hanging on his arms. A brute stood up and knocked them away from each other. "Stop!" he yelled. He easily peeled the grunts off. The elite fell to the ground dead. The grunts cheered. The brute kicked them each in the head, knocking it off the torso. The heads bounced off the walls like soccer balls. The brute sat down, shaking the whole table. Elites Jackals and grunts got food splattered all over them. The stood up to fight. Suddenly the wall exploded open, and three Spartans stepped in the room. The brute stood up and ran at them. He raised a fist to punch. One of the Spartans tossed a plasma grenade on his arm. The Brute paused for a moment, allowing the Spartans to get out of the way. The grenade blew the Brute's arm off. They fired their weapons at the brute. The brute fell over dead. The Spartans opened fire on the rest of the creatures in the room. Before they could do anything, the elite jackals and grunts were dead.

      Redo fired upon the incoming grunts. They were in a grunt training facility. There were only a couple elites training the grunts, so they took them out easily. He used a weapon called a grunt slaughterer. It was a weapon built to kill large numbers of grunts fast. What it did was go right through the body and into the carrier on their back. It would make anything inside the carrier explode. So grunts were now flying everywhere, their backs on fire. Everywhere grunts exploded and screamed. Jake, another Spartan, tossed a grenade into the crowd of grunts. The grunts screamed and ran into each other. The grenade exploded, making a large hole in the center of the crowd of grunts. Sharon, another Spartan, used a hand held gattling gun. She turned it on and killed them all. They ran into the next room. Four covenant scientists were at computers. They were panicky and working speedily. Redo tossed a plasma grenade on one of the computers. The scientist screamed. The three Spartans dove into the grunt room. There was a large explosion, and the door flew over their head. Flames engulfed them.

      A covenant elite was fighting off a group of Spartans with his group of elites and Jackals. He was outside. He heard a large explosion behind him. He looked back. Flames burst out the windows of the Grunt training facility. Before he could turn around, he was dead.

      Redo awoke. The room he was in was filled with ashes. He looked at his armor. It was charred. He looked on the ground next to him. He saw a Spartan lying on his or her stomach. He turned the body around. The visor was shattered. The face was black. He took the helmet off. It was Sharon. Jake stood up next to him. " No, NO!" he screamed. Sharon was his sister. Tears welled in his eyes. Then he started sobbing. It sounded weird in Redo's helmet, since Spartans spoke through radios in their helmets. They had to yell for any sound to come out of the helmet, though sounds could go in easily. Redo turned his radio off, the sound of Jake's sobbing sounded like static, and he did not like the sound of static. He waited for Jake to stand up. When he finally did, Redo turned back on the radio. They went to explore the building. There were many bodies on the ground. Human and Covenant. They continued through the building. The walls were charred with grenades or plasma. Dried blood stained the walls. They finally found the way out. They went outside to find nothing. They had left without them. They were stranded.

To Be Continued.