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Comments for '5 Way War Part II: Stranded.'

4:02 pm | January 23, 2003
Dispraiser you make no sense. You dislike it when people wright stories about the Forerunner because they add things into the story that have not been explained by Fall Of Reach or the game HALO. But your wrong, that's a quality that makes a good author, to venture into the unexplained void and fill it with your creativity. Storys that stick perfectly to the Halo plot, without breaking any rules or adding things that weren't created by "profesionals", those storys stink in my opinion. To be able to write about the Forerunner, what you think they would be like, is in fact a great talent, for the author of Fall Of Reach added things that weren't in the game. That's the greatest quality a writer could ever have. (:

P.S. You lack that quality
5:21 am | January 9, 2003
Oh, and go rereply to Starjacked Part one. A little update on your reply (and repost something that tells me the truth)
4:54 am | January 9, 2003
Arg, I hate the forerunner. People have no idea what they are, but write fanfics on it. All is not as it seems, so I doubt taht anyone can truely speculate what tehy are (or were). Like look at the eariles fanfics here with the cortana's as the villains. I think most stories that screw around in Bungie territory are doomed to taht fate. Other than that though, a well written story though most gore centric (your carries these traits but is story centric rather) "stories" are not so good. But yeah, continue the series, as Tom Clancy once said, "The only way to learn to write is to write, and keep doing it until you get it damn right." And to deal with the bad comments you received, "Every author of course, has a begining.", Robert Ludlum. But with gore, also comes unoriginality (though given you make your forerunners unique you should combat this right) "You've got to want to write because no one has said what want to say... and you believe that your stories are worth telling." James Herriot. Originality is everything. You have to have some claim to fame for your story, and it has to be novel (not a book novel, new novel). Keep writing and these things will come to you. Myself I would rather not read MC's horribly altered quest number 52 and a half on HBO, but being yours is after the war I think that it should be ok (well, after the human covenant one...)
11:37 pm | January 8, 2003
KOOL ^_^
7:11 pm | January 5, 2003
I said time is DOOMED don't you people get it?! Now if I can get this grunt out from my sweeper, maybe I can fix the clock!
9:58 pm | January 4, 2003
WoW the clock says three minutes passed between my last two comments but really not even 1 minute passed. Very strange.
9:56 pm | January 4, 2003
I Agree with Locke, Ender you suk :p
9:53 pm | January 4, 2003
I LOVE THE ENDER SERIES TOO!!!!!!! good story Demosthenes, I enjoyed very much. post part III very soon!!! HAHAH BLINX ^0^ ^o^ ^0^
7:18 pm | January 4, 2003
Good sequel to part 1! I definatley like this series. Also what is with the clocks? Its 1:24 right now but i bet it will be some other time when i post this. Also, Ender, you make it sound like you are Orson Scott Card! You shouldn't Impersonate such a good author!
2:57 pm | January 4, 2003
Demosthenes, good story, but I like how you and Locke took your names from my books. Actully both Demosthenes and Locke were ancient greek philosphers or something like that.
4:45 am | January 4, 2003
Is something wrong with time? Me Blinx the time sweeper can help. Oh wait a grunt is cloged up in my sweeper and I can't get out!!!!!!!!!!!! Nooo time is doomed!
4:41 am | January 4, 2003
your right Demosthenes , somethimg is wrong with the clock.weird.
4:14 am | January 4, 2003
This clock is messed up, mine says it's 10:15 PM, how strange...
4:12 am | January 4, 2003
When the Forerunner talk with the strange triangle symbol, it means they are telepathically speaking. I found out that's the universal symbol. Thanks also for the good comments, Part I had mostly bad comments
4:11 am | January 4, 2003
When the forerunner talk with the
3:22 am | January 4, 2003
cool, really gory I like that and I can't wait t'll the next version
2:59 am | January 4, 2003
Fascinating that 343 would get an army. Ok story idea. I'll continue to read it. Recommend you use this symbol " " for speaking. Also start a new paragraph line when new people talk.