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Halo 2: Hope for Mankind Chapter 1: After the Destruction of Halo
Posted By: dEm0niC<gordon_liu@email.com>
Date: 01 March 2002, 4:25 am

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Master Chief sat down resting. He closed his eyes, but he still didn't feel safe. Master Chief looked out the window, but all he saw was darkness. Nothing was near him, so he realized that after all those long days of battling, he should be safe.
But he was wrong.
"I detected multiple covenant ships; possibly searching for any survivors of the destruction of Halo," said Cortana.
"Can we avoid them?" asked Master Chief.
"I doubt it, the Covenant ships are too quick, they will reach us before we can do anything. The only possible solution is to turn off all our systems and pray that they won't find us," remarked Cortana.
John-117 stood up and went to the control panel. He turned off all the systems and grabbed his trusty assault rifle. He knew it wouldn't help, but it was an instinct he had, and it also comforted him when he was afraid. Not that he would admit that, though.
The Covenant ships became closer and closer to the ship. Then one of the ships fired a blue ball of plasma at the spacecraft. Luckily, it just barely missed the vessel. Then another ship fired, and this time it looked like it was going to hit them. The huge orb of plasma became nearer and nearer. Again, they missed the ship. Two other ships looked like they were also going to fire, but they stopped. Now all the ship started to head toward their spacecraft even faster than before.
"What are they doing?" whispered Master Chief.
"They seem to want to capture us, but why do they want to do that?" questioned Cortana.
Then he knew. The Covenant wanted Cortana, so they could find Earth's coordinates. If the Covenant succeeded that, then it would be the end of Earth.
"They want you, Cortana," Master Chief said.
"Me? But why would they- Oh, to find earth's location. Then destroy me before its too late!" exclaimed Cortana.
"Don't worry, the covenant don't know how to use you," remarked John-117.
The Covenant spaceships were now even closer. The first one that reached their ship sent out a small transport ship. Master Chief heard a loud clank and heard a couple grunts squealing. His hands gripped on his assault rifle, and he came closer to where he heard the clanking noise. Then he saw three grunts and he landed 20 rounds into two of them, and he slammed the other one to the ground, killing him instantly. The other two fell onto the ground, dead.
Master Chief crouched down and reloaded his gun. Two elites came into his view, one blue elite and one red elite. He pulled out his pistol and carefully aimed straight at the blue elite's head. Master Chief pulled the trigger three times, and the blue elite fell down, dead. The red elite screamed and called for the rest of the Covenant to come. John-117 threw two of the plasma grenades he picked up from the blue elite and threw them at the door. Right at that instant, ten elites came out from the door. The two grenades exploded and killed all of them.
"There is no more Covenant here," said Cortana.
"Any ideas for what to do?" asked Master Chief
"Well, if we stay here forever, the Covenant will know you eliminated all the forces," remarked Cortana, "but if we use their transport and head toward their ship, they will think they have captured us. Then we board their ship and possibly find out where their home world is. We can then use the ship for ourselves. Do you like the idea?"
"Lets do it," Master Chief said as he walked into the Covenant transport.