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Halo: Protect the Homestead Chapter 2/3
Posted By: Steven Crowley<stevencrowley@msn.com>
Date: 26 March 2002, 11:39 pm

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Section one: Chapter 2: "Get on your high horse and let's move out, Marines."

     This would be the first meeting with captain keys after he had been found on the planet BU41A after the destruction of HALO. Keyes had stolen a Covenant spacecraft and piloted it to a friendly planet filled with humans, the planet even had a UNSC embassy.
     John sat on the cold bench in the back of the Pelican. He looked around, it was cold. He took our his AI pod and turned it on, to appear Cortana,

"Well looks like were going to have to save there buts again, huh." Said Cortana Jokingly.

"Were just going to meet President Keyes, he will give us further instruction, I am not really sure of his means of operation to save earth, I mean we have no tactical training what so ever for this- and it has been well over two months since I have been in MJOLNIR, it would take a little time for me to get acquainted with it." Said John

"Don't worry chief" Said Cortana, "I will help you remember all of the things you need to become reacquainted with things."

     It would take Another 30 hours to reach the Starlight, Luckily the Pelican was a new model the UNSC lab. Had created recently, the ship was equip with a sleeping chamber, even a cryo sleep chamber.
     As hours were passing The Master Chief was having intense conversation's with Cortana. They were discussing the first time that they had met, when they were at the UNSC "training camp" and the master chief was being tested with the new MJOLNIR armor. He recalled there first mission together, an obstacle course-. Chief was almost killed in that day but it was a test just to see how strong the MJOLNIR armor was.
     All of the talking of the old days reminded the chief of when he was awaken from cryo sleep on the pillar of autmn as the ship was being invaded by the covenant, he remember how, "fun" that was for him, defending the ship against the covenant. He remembers when Keyes told him to get off of the ship, he was alerted to see the grunts standing right outside of the Bridge. He also recalled to Cortana how weird the stint on Halo was when he met the flood, that was something john wanted to forget, he hated just the sound of the word, flood it was just creepy. John asked Cortana to allow him to Cryo sleep for the remainder of the time, he didn't want to wait any longer to reunite with his old friend, his mentor, Jacob Keys.

Section one: Chapter 3: "Hey, where have you been."

     The cryo chamber sounded, then the hatch rose up, the master chief was awakening, they were inbound on the starlight. He got up and was greeted by Cortana,

"I see you've awaken, chief" Said Cortana
"How long till we arrive" replied john .
"T-minus 3 minutes, get ready chief."
"Yes Cortana."

     The shipped docked to the massive UNSC carrier starlight, it was easily twice the size of the ship he had been on when he was a halo, this ship that he was on now was at least 4 kilometers long, this was the biggest and best ship that the UNSC had had.
     There shipped docked, the hatch to the back of the pelican opened, and to greet the chief was A rather tall HumAI.

"Greeting, Master Chief, please proceed to the observation deck, you will find President Keyes awaiting your arrive." Said the HumAI

     John made his way through the ship, he found it very difficult to navigate, cortana was able to pull up a map she had found in the UNSC ship database list and navitagated to the correct spot, she told the master chief to keep walking.
     As they were going up through the ship all of the passing crew would salute, it wasn't every day that you got to see the master chief.
     The walked, and walked passing numerous windows, the reached the top floor, the observation deck, as they found the room they were greeted by yet another HumAI, he instructed the master chief to proceed to the conference room down the hall, he would find the President there. He proceed to walk down the very wide hall way, as he was walking he found many electronic billboards promoting the UNSC and there members, this was a proud organization.
     The chief found the doors and opened them, he walked into a large dome shaped room, with a large hexagon shaped table in the center of the room, to his left there was an enormous observation window where you could see anything and everything in space, as john looked out the window, he could see the milky way galaxy, the home to planet earth, he was dazing in the reminder why he was here when all of a sudden from double doors at the far end o the room,

"Ahh Hello again, John." Said Keyes.

John snapped into a salute,

"Hello sir!" Said John

"Long time no see, have have you been doing?"

"I have been fine sir, but I really think your story is more courageous then mine, how did you manage to escape the covenant and return--."

John was interrupted.

"117 that is not why you are here. You have been briefed on everything that that UNSC has been working on since halo ,intellienge and even weapons building. I know that on your final day of briefing you received the word about the credible plot against mother earth--"

John glanced at the milky way galaxy.

"- You know john, we destroyed halo, the covenants home world, they are prepared to do the same to us, you must realize this."

"Sir I understand, but what I do not understand is how you expect me to win this war for the UNSC." Said john

"I was just getting to the 117, you see every since the HALO incident the UNSC has been working on our new project "Spartan" III. We are trying to recreate the Spartan team as we had on your days on the planet reach. We have assembled the top three Spartans, who are equipped with the old version of the MJOLNIR armor, to help create a squad that you will lead to protect earth from the covenant. I will bring your squad members in now."

     Keyes went over to the intercom on the conference table, he said-

     From there until the members of the Spartan III got to the room there was silence between the two men, no talking, chief was looking out of the window, at earth-. He knew what he had to do.
     Just then 3 people, john's size walked in, two men, one women. They snapped to attention and saluted.

"Hello Sir" They all said. There attention quickly shifted to Master Chief.

"Sir, it is an honor to meet you sir, we have all looked up to you since we were starting our training, I remember that one time when -.."

"That's quite enough, Lewis." Said Keyes. "Now, John these are the members of your Spartan 3 team, I would like to introduce you to them-" He pointed to the first one in the line, the one who had spoken. "Here is Lewis Blackwell, he is a computer specialist, he will crack into the covenant's computer systems once the computer system is back up. He also has been working on decoding the new covenant language, he is very intelligent."

"Thank you, sir" Said Lewis.

"Next up is Horrace Smith, he is the specialist we like to call, "banger". In the field he can do just about it all, sniper, rush and even flank, he is a valuable asset to the UNSC".

Horrace nodded.

"And last but not least we have, Jennifer Sanders. She is the best sniper you will find in the universe, and I do mean that, she is also the perfect scout to this team."

"Thanks" said Jennifer.

     As all of the saluting and nodding and saying hi, the chief was wondering what three greenhorns in there twenties could really do to help him, He thought to himself that wasn't he supposed to be the best that there was?
"Now, you four will be Spartan III, you are headed by Master Chief. In the recent events against the world, you're job will be to protect it at all costs. Now for your first assignment you are to sneak aboard a covenant carrier, and steal all of the intelligence you can about the plot on planet ear-.."

     Just then there was a loud crash, and the ship shook. Keyes stumbled to the table, and Jennifer fell straight to the ground. Three Elites rushed the room, through where john had entered before, they fired three plasma rounds and Lewis and Horrace each, as john headed for cover. The Elites stood eight feet six inches tall, the saw john run behind the table and ran over to him. The first Elite went to smack him, john quickly darted out of the way and managed to actually smack the elite over the head knocking it down. John ran to the plasma weapon that the creature had drooped, he grabbed it and began fireing on the fallen elite until there was a coat of purple blood all over the rooms walls. The next elite opened fire on john, he hid behind the dead Elite and returned the fire. The Elite was wicked accurate, one round clipped john in the arm, he would be ok however. John looked around for something to use, he saw that keyes, was awakening of off the floor, keyes said "Look out!" Just then the eliete turned to the helpless keyes, the Elite took his fist brought it high and smashed it completely through Keyes head, automatically killing him. John was mad, real mad. He got up and simply punched his hand right through the Elite, he killed it with a loud scream. John turned around as the final elite was going after him, just then three grunts rushed in, they had needlers, they pelted the room, and the SPARTAN III team, they all fell time the ground motionless.
     The aliens picked up the four members of SPARTAN 3, and ran out, down the ramps and stairs, they brought them into there version of the UNSC's pelican. The ship had a dozen covenant in it. The elite laid the bodies on the floor, they all began to sound in some religious ceremony, the covenant aliens were praying, but to what?