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Comments for 'Halo: Protect the Homestead Chapter 2/3'

10:07 pm | January 24, 2003
Also in Fall of Reach The master cheif met cortana... she was his teacher.
Another Anonymous
7:28 am | April 4, 2002
Along with Keyes beeing dead Halo wasnt the Covenant Homeworld.But as far as the actual story goes its pretty good.
12:02 pm | March 28, 2002
KEYES IS DEAD!and if he was alive, why would he be on a cruiser twice the size of the PoA? the thing will be pummeled to death by the Covenant....also, why would he be the President and on the frontlines when he should be where all ambassadors and presidents should be, in an office!
6:20 pm | March 27, 2002
have you finished halo yet??? Keyes is DEAD.
2:14 pm | March 27, 2002
nice twsted ending
7:39 am | March 27, 2002
i like this very mych keep it coming