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Halo: Protect the Homestead Chapter 1
Posted By: Steven Crowley<stevencrowley@msn.com>
Date: 23 March 2002, 10:30 pm

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     Earth was a quite place. It was filled with many things however. Mother earth where all known human civilization had began, time had started here, this for so many was "home". It had been approximately 5 years since what UNSC marines called the "shattered ring." Everyone on earth too remembered that day, when the UNSC ship "The pillar of autumn" was over run by the alien forces known as the covenant. The one man who could stop the covenant was one of the few survivors on the planet HALO. He went through the planet with fellow UNSC marines to search out and kill the covenant, as that had been there mission.
     The time came when the had the chance to destroy the planet and its inhibants. They had succeeded, or so they thought--.

Section one, chapter one: "All that's good is good-until it is found-."

     The sun shined bright in John's eyes as he awoke, he was at the UNSC headquarters still undergoing debriefing after his time on the ring-world halo. He had not been in a single mission since the mission on halo. After he escaped the halo, he was sent to a remote planet in the star system, "rt-58w". There was hardly anything on this rock, it was a UNSC testing ground for new weaponry in there battle to fight the covenant. John had gone to debriefing and testing sessions for 2 years and 3 months for nine hours a day, it was horrible. Just then the A.I. Podium turned on in his cell.

"Good Morning Master Chief." Said Cortana.
"Ah- I hate it when you do that Cortana" Said the Chief.
"Well chief, I don't think it would be very good for you to miss your final day of de briefing before leaving the system." Said Cortana.
"Your right, Let me get ready to go down." Said John.

     John Arouse out of his bed, which was especially made for him, he needed extra support because of wearing the MJOLNIR armor, it took its toll on his body.
     John quickly went into his room's, "Hygiene chamber" everyone one on the planet had one, it was a simple five second pulse the rid the human body of any harmful germs. John did this, and got out and then put on his UNSC uniform, he was very proud to put this on because of all of the medals he had received, he had received almost every UNSC medal for his work on Halo and protecting planet reach in the Sigma Ocatnus star system.
     John left his chamber and left Cortana, she would begin planning for there meeting with the UNSC president, Jacob Keyes, the former captain of the "Pillar of Autumn"
     As John reached the outside he was met by the HumAI, Garrick. A HumAI was a special kind of AI that the UNSC technology labs had created. These "Smart" AI's were life size, they stood six feet, two inches. HumAI's had replaced many UNSC personal since the HALO incident, they work on everything from ship piloting, to combat simulation, Garrick, John's HumAI was his Chauffer for the day.
     Garrick met John in John's specially equip warthog vehicle. It did not have the chain gun in the back, it was replaced by a canopy that could be folded over to protect against shrapnel that could be falling from the weapons experiments on the planet.

"Good Morning, Master chief" Said Garrick
"Good Morning, Garrick" replied the chief.

     It was a five-minute ride to UNSC central, where John was to undergo his final day of debriefing. He arrived, as he passed through the front doors, he was saluted by two military personal, John returned there salute.
     It was a long walk through all of he checkpoints of security, retinal scans, and intense voice tests were given. After John was granted clearance he arrived in a octagonal shaped room, where on the far corner was the desk holding the debriefing team, John snapped in attention to salute the team,

"Good Morning, 117" said one man
"Good morning sir!" replied John.
"Well, at ease soldier, we will make this brief, the UNSC has been working very hard since Sigma ocatnus four from halo to now, we have created many new technologies, such as new weaponry and our HumAI's. And the UNSC has yet to have won the war with the covenant, we have received intercepted transmissions between covenant leaders that there is a plan to attack earth-.."

     John cringed at the word "earth", earth, this was the home to the human race, this wasn't where he was born but it still had a special meaning to him.

"-What we have heard so far is that the covenant was not eliminated as we thought after the destruction of halo. They have been breeding there army of Jackals, Grunts and Elites and it seems they have created a new language which our translation software cannot yet infiltrate, we are still working on it." Said one of the Panel members.

"How old is the intercept, sir" John asked.

"Well, 117 this is the scary thing, it has been in our knowledge for about 1 and a half years, we never acted because we never felt this was a credible threat. But now it seems as this is true, as we have received new classified information."

"In the original threat, what was there means of attack on earth?" asked john.

"It seems 117, that the covenant have been adding to there arsenal of MAC guns that were used on there carriers during the old days of Jacob keys incredible job with the ship the "Iquarious". The MAC gun's there are building are about 100 times more powerful then the original, the plasma is that hot, it will decimate earth to dust."

" I anticipate that you are asking of me to go and stop the covenant?" Said John.

"Yes, you are to go to your cell, and gather all of your belongings, and of course Cortana, we will have a Pelican waiting for you in approx. four hours, in that time you will be brought to the Cuzax star system right outside of the milky way galaxy, from there you will board the UNSC carrier, Starlight where you will have a meeting with UNSC president Jacob Keyes. From there he will give you further instruction, dismissed!"

     John snapped into a salute, ready to get his things, the covenant had found mother earth, and with no doubt would try to do the exact same thing to it as he did to halo, destroy it.