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The Flood: A Force to be reckoned with (Part 5)
Posted By: crashedwarthog<wozza__610@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 November 2003, 2:05 AM

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Covenant ship: The Odyssey: Sector 19/ 18:00 hours.

"Keep coming!" ordered the Odyssey's commander, as he sliced through 5 more flood mutants that were daring to take over another sector.
Suddenly inspired by their commanders' efforts and bravery, the Covenant forces of sector 19 charged with a new hope of victory, and helped to overcome the flood attack, by pulling themselves together and helping each other out. As the commander took cover for his shields to recharge, he felt like this was his true purpose, that this was what he had been made a commander for. He felt like he was indestructible, and that nothing could stop this attack.

"Forta come in!"

"Yes sir?" Forta replied.

"Put 5 more marks down on the holo-sheet!"

"With pleasure sir", replied Forta, a tone of relief and jubilation in his voice, glad that his master was still alive and kicking some tail.

Just when the commander turned off his com unit, he heard what he thought was a loud BANG! on the other end of the line. He thought nothing of it and put away his com unit. With one glance around the corner of his cover, he spotted a group of flood that were starting to move forward. He jumped out from his cover and threw a grenade, blowing them away. A few bits of large shrapnel flew into the Covenant line, and caught one grunt in the middle of the head, killing it instantly. The commander began to laugh out loud, bloodlust overcoming him, driving him mad in the heat of battle.

"NOT this attack! NOT this time! I WILL liberate my ship from these flood bastards!!" the commander was screaming inside his head. A group of jackals finished off the last of the flood that were stupid enough to stay, as the rest fled. The commander walked up to the last flood mutant that had fallen, and rammed his blade into it, burning its skin and its insides. After he believed he had put enough slices into it and burned it to a crisp, he ordered his troops to move out, and started to run ahead of them. He ran through two corridors, baying for more blood, yet he could not satisfy his thirst; there were no flood to be found. He rounded a blood stained corner littered with bullet holes, plasma burns, and shards of metal, with his liberation force trying to keep up with him.

He ran through another corridor, and stood in the middle of it, waiting for something to happen. No flood could be found however, and they moved quickly through 3 more sectors without resistance.

He switched on his com unit without looking at it, and yelled, "Forta! What is going on here?! We have encountered no resistance from sector 19 to sector 16, where have they all gone?!"
The commander waited for Forta to respond, but there was no answer.

"Forta!? Are you there?" He waited again, but still there was no reply.

As the commander was putting his com unit back in his pouch, he noticed for the first time, since he last contacted the bridge, that a red light was flashing on it; indicating that communications were down. He tried not to think about what that could mean, and turned around, a glare of determination on his face. "Alright, we'll move on through this sector," he ordered his troops, "There's an armory station in sector 15 that we can liberate and hold out in, until we find out what the hell is going on in the bridge."

Several "Yes Excellency's" sounded from the elites as the Covenant forces moved forward and past their commander, who was standing tall, watching the corridor behind the medium sized force, expecting the worst had happened in the bridge.

Covenant Ship: New Beginning: Control Room/ 18:14 hours.

"Well what the hell has happened. First the humans kill us, and then the humans save us. Have I missed out on something here? Have I, Jole', commander of the New Beginning, been out of action for too long? It just doesn't make sense dammit!" Jole' yelled, igniting his plasma sword and smashing a console in half, scaring his elites who were trying to explain the situation to their commander.

"Sir, we have pulled back the second wave of troops as you ordered. They report that the flood have stopped charging, and that most have gone inside the ship. They report no casualties and no sightings of the humans that helped them."

"Good Pamade', make sure they hold their position until told otherwise by me, and only me."

"Yes your excellency."

"Do you have anything else to report on the humans?"

"Well, your excellency, if we may, we believe we know why the humans have helped us." Replied Pamade'.

"Enlighten me then, I must know."

"Sir, we believe the humans saved us to try and pay back for what they have done. They have obviously noticed their situation is pitiful, worth laughing at, and have tried to make an affiliation with us. We all have agreed to this conclusion, however it is up to you what we do with the human scum."

"We will annihilate them! They took away one of my finest Field Masters! We will send out a squadron of elites and banshees once this flood threat is over, and kill them all!" ordered Jole', without a second thought.

"Yes your excellency, as always your decisions are wise. The scum will pay for their actions."

"Good. Now leave me be until I call for you. I must ask forgiveness from the gods, and create some new strategies."

"As you wish your excellency."

Covenant ship: The Odyssey: Sector 15: Armory station 35 / 18:18 hours.

As a lowly grunt bypassed the door to the armory, most of the troops became uneasy and shifted around, not wanting to stay in the narrow hallway, just eager to loot the armory, and stock up on some much needed supplies and ammo. The commander was getting more and more worried by the second, concerned about the life of his 2nd in command, Forta. He just hoped that his dear friend and companion was all right. He became fed up with waiting, and shouted at the little grunt that seemed to be taking his time unlocking the door. The booming voice of his superior officer motivated the little grunt, and soon after, a small 'beep' sounded, and the door screeched open. It had obviously taken a lot of damage, but at least it provided a way in.

"Go through, take whatever supplies you need, then report back here." Ordered the commander, who didn't need anything to stock up on. He sat down on a communication box, and thought about what to do next.


"What is it?" the commander bellowed, angry with the elite who had just interrupted his thoughts.

"I'm getting a lot of movement on the tracker! Just down that right corridor!"

"How much movement?" inquired the commander, already forgiving the elite.

"A lot sir! The red blob is taking up the entire scanning screen!"

The commander swore under his breath, and brought himself to his full height.

"Alright get the troops ready, I want us out of this corridor as soon as poss-" his command was cut short as the elite who had the motion scanner erupted in flame and shrapnel.

The elites all jumped up in surprise and terror as they gazed at the burning heap of blood and parts of the elite. The commander ordered one his veterans to go and get the troops, while he and the elites went to try and fight them. The elite ran into the armory and started yelling some orders, while the commander and his other elites ran forward and around a corner into the right hallway. There, a lone flood mutant stood with a smoking rocket launcher in its hands. The commander and his elites just stood there watching it, and it just stared back, as if waiting for a new order. But soon it became obvious to the elites what was happening, as 5, then 10, then 20 flood came out of a doorway, each wielding their own weapons, ready to annihilate the Covenant force with ease.

The commander began to back up, as did his elites. When they had taken about five steps back, the rest of the Covenant came rushing around the corner ready to blast anything that stood in their way. Seeing their commander just standing there, staring back at the flood, they didn't fire a shot, and waited for his orders.

Suddenly, as if reading the commander's mind, the rocket launcher-wielding flood dropped its launcher and leapt into the air, just as he was about to order his troops to attack. The commander sidestepped and raised his blade to slice the flood in mid-air. It worked, and green blood sprayed over the awaiting Covenant.

"ATTACK!" yelled the commander, and about 30 plasma weapons opened up on the flood, dropping them quickly with smashing force. From one gesture of a veteran elite, most of the grunts went forward to check on the bodies.

But it was not over. The corridor was like a T-intersection. There was the main corridor that lead up to the wall, and a passageway on each side with two doors.
Those two doors opened, and flood poured out of them, firing human and plasma weapons alike, plowing into the Covenant and killing almost all the grunts instantly. They didn't even have time to run as more and more flood came through the doors, killing 4 of the 10 elites the commander had left.

"Retreat! Fall back!" the commander yelled as he sprinted back to the armory. He waited at the corner for his troops to get past him, and as they did he threw a grenade, trying not to hit any of the flood that were charging. He didn't, and the grenade exploded, killing some stationary flood that were mowing down some jackals with assault rifles. '

As the last grunt ran past the commander he turned around and headed for the armory door. All the Covenant were inside moving objects over to push up against the door. The commander started slowing down, and eventually stopped. He ordered one of his elites to close to the door, and accepting his superior officers' command, closed it off, realising what he was going to do.

The commander backed up to the door, hearing the shuffles and scrapes of things being pushed up against it. As the flood rounded the corner they stopped firing their weapons, and charged the lone elite, their ghastly faces reflecting off of his golden armour. The commander deactivated his sword, and unclipped his plasma rifle, firing off deadly blue bolts into the flood until it overheated. He threw the rifle down and activated his sword again, endlessly slicing the flood, killing scores of them.

After about 20 tentacle lashings, his shields gave way and he became even more enraged. He sliced faster, and harder than he ever had before, until the flood surrounded him on all sides, slashing at him ripping open his body. As the abominations tore away at his body, with the little strength he had left, he did as he heard the special ops elite 'Dato' did. He ignited a plasma grenade that was still on his belt, and took all the flood that were around him out, engulfing them in a blue fireball, that lit up the hallway that led to the armory.

Not all the flood were taken out however.....