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Comments for 'The Flood: A Force to be reckoned with (Part 5)'

8:55 am | November 29, 2003
thanx man i appreciate it. cant wait 4 ur next story
5:24 am | November 28, 2003
Oh, and why wouldn't the Covenant curse like humans? They're not speaking English, but there is an equivalent to most of our curse words in every other language, so why not the Covies? Oh, what the hell, it doesn't matter.

Anyways, I'll repeat myself: Great job!
5:23 am | November 28, 2003
Great story man! You're stories are really improving. Your writing style has been getting better each time. Keep up the good work!
7:45 am | November 19, 2003
haha thanx man
CoLd BlooDed
3:02 am | November 19, 2003
Well from the novel "The Flood" it shows that they do, so thats why I ignored it haha. Don't worry crashedwarthog I'm on your side.
6:56 am | November 16, 2003
Well neitha do i, scope, but 'bastards' sounded good at the time lol.
3:29 am | November 16, 2003
9/10 Im not sure covies now how to use human curse words.
CoLd BlooDed
10:57 pm | November 15, 2003
Great story, 9.5/10, awesome grammar and it was interesting too, keep making the stories up.