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A grunt's confession
Posted By: crashedwarthog<wozza__610@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 June 2004, 10:46 AM

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~Authors note: Just thought i'd have a change of pace from comedy. I hope after reading this you might feel sorry for the little bastards, right before you send em to hell with a lead enema =D End authors note~

Everyone's higher,
We're always the lower,
Everyone's faster,
We get slower and slower.

First into battle,
And last from retreat,
Very few of us get,
To suck that food teat.

We get mowed down,
We scramble, and scutter,
The enemy kills us,
Like knives through butter.

How did this happen?
Why were we chosen?
Because we're so many?
Or our home world is frozen?

We don't like to fight,
And we run when in doubt,
If this war continues,
We'll all be wiped out.

It's not fair that we,
Before all the others,
Have to die first,
With all of our brothers.

We still remember,
When the prophets, they came,
And those powerful elites,
We were butchered, and slain.

So here we are now,
We're part of this group,
It's so hard to live,
As a Covenant troop.

We have no pity,
We get no glamour,
Just for surviving,
We get light-red armour.

Somehow we live,
We just barely survive,
But surviving just means,
Another chance to die.

I hope someone finds this,
And then understands,
Why they have found me,
With a knife in my hands.

I've finally gotten,
My chance to be free,
I take one last breath,
The blade pierces me.

So small, so weak,
So short, so meek,
All this I've concluded...

I have served only a week.

Covenant ship: Truth and Reconciliation: 19:07 hours / grunt sleeping quarters. A.R.S (Automatic recording system) time, 8.56 units.