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Chapter 01: Fallen Angel
Posted By: Cpt Crapper<mysticblade0012@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 May 2003, 12:34 AM

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Annals of the Angels or Fallen Angels

1203 hours
17th Fleet Base Camp

"Commander, your forces have successfully landed in South Africa. Phase 3 of the Operation is still in preparation." Ensign Cameron Briggs told John Walker. It had been one day since his fleet had crushed through the Covenant beach and his forces were fully deployed. His first priority was to reestablish contact with one of the distant UNSC outposts in the area. He would have to send a small detachment of Spec Op marines in the DMZ to reestablish contact.

"Ensign, tell Captain Jake Mendez to assemble his forces." John told the Ensign who was looking up the data bases of the geography of Africa...


"Ok, sir. Tell the Commander that I'll be ready in one hour." Mendez told the Ensign over the COMM channel. He turned around and ordered his squad leaders to assemble their forces near the Pelican dropship area zone. If his forces were to reestablish the closest UNSC outpost, they would have to storm out the Covenant camp two miles nearby. He would have to land his forces all around the perimeter of the outposts.


"Let's move. Keep it low and if you see any Covies, take them out clean and fast." Sergeant Mendoza told his squad members as he jumped off the Pelican. He saw that in the distance that the other Pelican dropships landed in the area. Due to the Pelican's coordinates, Mendoza and his men were at least 1 mile away from the UNSC outpost. He could clearly see the outlines of the buildings. He motioned his forces to put on their Night Vision Goggles. It was nighttime and Mendoza led his men silently under the jungle.

"Mendoza, this is Romeo 60. We're at the base already. We can see you clearly. Watch out for Covenant in the clearing. Wait for our signal." Mendoza nodded as he saw a large squad of Elites, Grunts, and Jackals running toward the base. Mendoza then lifted his Ma2b and adjusted the angle. The crosshairs aimed at an Elite's head. FTTTTTTT!

"SWORD 21! FUCK! SWORD 21! THERE ARE BANSHEES IN THE AREA! GET DOWN FOR COVER!" Mendoza's squad heard the frantic yell, but didn't need the warning. They could clearly see the silhouette of the Banshees. Mendoza then ordered his rocket man to send out a round at one of the Banshees to break their formation away from the outpost. His rocket man nodded and aimed the M19 SSM up and let loose the rounds. Mendoza then motioned his men to move. BOOOOOM! The rocket caught the Banshee square in the cockpit. The Banshee descended and soon turned into an orange fireball.

"Good shot. Let's move!" Mendoza ran while firing at the Covenant infantry that were stealthily moving toward the outpost. The loud rounds of the Ma2b caught the Elites off guard and one of Mendoza's men threw a grenade and watched it explode. Mendoza didn't even look at the mangled bodies as he finally ran into the outpost. He saw that two Covenant dropships landed in the clearing in the middle of the outpost. He quickly ran toward an alley way and saw that at least 10 Elites were there with 6 Jackals. Mendoza then saw an open door and went toward it. His squad followed and quickly closed it. As Mendoza walked through, he saw that a lone marine was peering out of the window with an Assault Rifle. Mendoza went toward him and saw that he was a PFC.

"What the hell happened? Where are the reinforcements?" Mendoza heard him mutter and Mendoza saw that two Elites were walking toward the building. The marine yelled and started firing at the Elites, missing most of the shots. The Elite clearly saw where the marine was and lobbed a grenade. Mendoza and his squad ran out of the room and ran near the door. A large explosion rocketed the whole building. As Mendoza walked up to the room, he saw that the marine was dead and his body was mangled. Mendoza took the dog tag and put it in his pocket.

"Ok. Right now, we have to make sure that none of the Covenant gets into the building. Rodney and Tom, follow me. The rest of you, find a good firing area. Watch out for the Elites from inside. Let's move!" Mendoza walked out of the area and crept up the stairs. Rodney crept up and put his back up the wall as Tom kicked the door open and saw that two marines were in the room, dead. Mendoza came in and saw out of the window that another dropship landed in the clearing and more Covenant infantry had landed in the area.

"Mendoza! What's your status?" barked Mendez over the COMM link. It had been 10 minutes since the Covenant dropships had landed and Mendez's other squads were already circling the perimeter of the outposts.

"Sir, the UNSC outpost is under their control. The only thing we see in the building is that there is nothing but bodies. How are the other squads?" Mendoza asked as he opened another door and saw another dead marine. It seemed that there was a loud firefight before Mendoza and his squad came. Bullet holes were all over the room as Mendoza walked in.

"They're good. Now for the Covies in the area, you have to take them out head on. The outpost has an armory in the southeast building. Load up there and see if there are any survivors."

"Yes sir." Mendoza saw that there was a light in the next room in the hallway. He opened the door and saw that four marines were in the room, loading up on weapons. Mendoza lowered the Ma2b, and told his men to get up to the armory. The survivors were found. The marines were the last marines in defense of the outpost when the Covenant overran the Congo Basin two days ago.

"Reinforcements! We're saved!" jeered one of the marines as Mendoza told them of the 17th fleet's arrival. He then ordered his squad to load up. The two Phantom dropships were still on the ground. This is how Mendoza's squad plan was laid out. Mendoza and his squad will get out of the building and take out the guards patrolling the Phantoms. The other marines will get the hangar bay and get a Warthog and clear out the entire Covenant in the area, which were at least 30 at the moment. Intelligence showed that four more dropships were on the horizon, bearing toward the outpost.

"Let's move." Mendoza turned back on the Night Vision Goggles and reloaded his Ma2b. He crept out of the door with his squad and saw that at least 3 Elites were patrolling the Phantoms and 10 Grunts were near the building. Mendoza then ordered his men to put on their silencers and take out the grunts. Mendoza aimed with the crosshairs and let loose a round in one of the grunts. Soon after 20 seconds, the grunts were all dead and the marines were running around the grunts bodies toward the hangar bay.

"Sir, we have found the survivors. We have already taken out the grunts in the area. We need to only take out the Phantoms." Mendoza told Mendez, as he took out a safety pin off a grenade and threw it behind the Elites. BOOOOOM! The Elites were caught off guard and Mendoza heard the loud rounds of the LAAG as the surviving marines arrived, taking out the remaining Covenant in the area. The Phantom dropships exploded as Mendoza threw a grenade between them. Finally, a door opened and the other Spec Op squad came out of the building, with an Elite dead on the ground behind them.

"Covenant came through our building. No casualties though." Sergeant Louis told Mendoza as he came out of the door. Mendoza smiled. The UNSC outpost was under their control without any 17th Fleet losses and the Covenant were caught off guard. In the distance, Mendoza saw eleven Pelican dropships coming in the clearing and Mendoza saw Mendez jumping out of the passenger area...


"Commander, Phase 3 has been accomplished. We have reestablished contact with the UNSC forces in the area. No casualties in the Phase. The Covenant outpost is gone and the UNSC outpost is on full alert." John sighed in relief as he heard that Phase 3 was accomplished. The outpost would help him in taking out the remaining Covenant forces in Africa, and the remaining Spartan II that survived Reach was seen at the outpost...