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Comments for 'Chapter 01: Fallen Angel'

5:54 am | July 20, 2003
Cpt. Crapper, I enjoyed your three writings about the Fallen Angel, but I hope your not stopping. It seemed as though you could make a book out of it.
2:38 pm | June 8, 2003
Yeah, where is Wado? Things aren't the same without him being here...He needs to finish up Eternal Sunder...I was kinda interested in finding out how that went...I just couldn't keep up the SoA and SoA2. It was too long. (Which is a good thing, if you get here in time to read it all.)

Change does suck...

11:56 am | June 6, 2003
I go with el_halo_diablo on this:

Gruntkiller has used that title already. What's up with stealin' it, huh??

I also hate it when people put the chapter number before the title. It's so confusing.

Berconius, I haven't been here in months. Imagine what it's like for me.

Overall, good story. (Work on the titles).

12:47 pm | June 1, 2003
Where HAVE all the old people gone? I haven't seen any sign of Wado in a while, el_halo_diablo is not posting anything new, and alot of new authors are completely unknown to me... change sucks.
Work on your titles man...
Cpt Crapper
1:42 am | June 1, 2003
wow... El_halo_diablo.... havent seen u in a while.... halo.ibonk.com is bak on
1:59 am | May 29, 2003
minus points for using the name of a very awsome series that ended not long ago. But all-in-all, a good read.
8:36 pm | May 28, 2003
hey i liked it so far. no complaints. i think this will turn into an interesting series
1:28 pm | May 28, 2003
9/10 Nothin to complain about here but im sure someone will see somethin