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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 4
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 November 2003, 1:44 AM

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01729 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 8th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Battlefield, Amazon Jungle, Mexico II.

      A Long Sword swooped below the clouds, and landed into the middle of the war torn battlefield of Mexico II. It paused in the air, and dropped onto the burnt grass. It slowly shut down, its exit ramp lowered, and the pilot walked out. He sprinted towards the Master Chief.

      "Sir. You are needed on the Gryphin ASAP. Admiral Cole needs to speak with you dearly." He saluted with his British accent.

      "Lead the way." The Chief saluted.

      "Yes sir." The pilot said wearily.

      The pilot ran towards the Long Sword, and the Chief walked calmly. The Chief finally reached it Long Sword and hopped aboard. He clicked a button on the side panel, and it shuttered as it closed. The Chief pivoted on his foot and took a seat on a chair near the back. He peered out the window as the Long Sword soared away from the land he was once fighting on. He wondered what Admiral Cole wanted. The Long Sword began to tremble at the power of exiting Earth's atmosphere. They broke the cycle and closed in on the Gryphin.

01803 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 8th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) UNSC Frigate The Gryphin, Space.

      The Chief bit his lip as he approached Admiral Cole's office. He has never been nervous about a meeting before.Never. He stood silently next to the office, and puffed in a deep breath. He let it out, and entered.

      "You requested to see me sir?" The Chief asked.

      "Ahh yes. Master Chief. I've been expecting you." The Admiral said happily.

      "So why did you call me up sir?" The Master Chief inquired.

      "Well, our situation on Earth, its dire. I was wondering if you and Cortana can think of something possibly. A battle plan. Something." The Admiral said as he began to ponder.

      "Hmmm..." The Chief said as he thought.

      "Wait." The Chief grumbled as an idea hit him.

      "Cortana, you mentioned something about more Halo's on our return from one of them." He asked.

      "Yes." Cortana replied.

      "Can you possibly locate one." The Chief inquired.

      "Of course sir." She replied again.

      "Any chance of using it against the Covenant? Similar to them attempting to use it against us on Halo Installation 04?" The Chief wondered.

      "Sure is." Cortana said like she was expecting the question.

      "I assume you have a plan?" Admiral Cole asked.

      "Damn straight sir." The Chief stated.

      "Fill me in, Chief." The Admiral ordered.

      "Well sir. Back on the original Halo we hit, the Covenant were attempting to use Halo as a weapon towards humanity. But we overpowered them. If we can use harness another Halo's power, we may possibly, wipe out the Covenant race. The only problem is, we haven't located the Covenant's home planet." The Chief explained.

      "Hmmm... You may have something there Chief. Any way you can get the location?" Cole asked.

      "Sir, I can answer that." Cortana directed.

      "If we board a Covenant battle cruiser, I believe that I can locate the Covenants home planet location, from their mainframe. It's a long shot, but it should work." Cortana said.

      "Chief, I would like you to carry this mission out. Do you need anything?" Admiral Cole asked.

      "To get the co-ordinates of the Covenant home world, all I need is some weapons, and my fists. For the Halo mission, I'll need a ship, a few Long Swords, Several Pelicans, Warthogs, ATV's, some Scorpion tanks, and a hell of a lot of marines and fire power." The Chief listed.

      "Consider it done." Admiral Cole replied.

      "And Admiral..." The Chief asked.

      "Yes?" Admiral Cole replied.

      "We'll need Shotguns.Lots of 'em." The Chief stated.

      Suddenly the ship rocked as a plasma torpedo hit the side.

      "The Covenant." Cortana whispered.

      "Chief! Get your ass to the shuttle bay. Your mission begins now!" Admiral Cole ordered.

      "Yes sir!" Master Chief saluted, and he marched out.

01837 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 8th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER)UNSC Frigate The Gryphin, Space.

      The Master Chief stormed down the flashing hallway. His strides long and full of fear. He knew what he was to do, he had a mission to complete. He passed by an opening rack of Battle Rifles and stole one from the plenty. He looked ahead and could hear words on the COM channel.

      "Sir, We just flew in...Inside our formation. A voice panicked over the radio.

      "Son, I need you to come down." Another voice inquired.

      "Eight digital contacts..." The voice said as static screeched over the rest of the sentence.

      "Admiral, You can't let them maintain orbit." One voice argued.

      "I'm trying General, but we've lost advantage of the maintaining perimeter!" The Admiral said as anger flushed through his body.

      The Chief stepped onto the lift as the doors began to close. The lift lowered into the belly of the Gryphin towards the shuttle bay.

      "Live records to combat are in effect with the fighters. They don't have enough guns to take out a Covenant assault carrier." The Admiral explained as the lift began to lower.

      "Your private's let up. And down here, it's the God damn apocalypse." The General grumbled.

      "I'm asking you to re-target the orbits!" The General barked as the Chief watched the lift doors open.

      "And let more of them swept the kill zone!? That's insanity! There's nothing more I can do!" The Admiral screamed.

      Master Chief stepped out of the lift and calmly walked towards the center of the shuttle bay. Lights were flashing red and the emergency alarm was triggered. He stood ahead of a pillar and peered out towards the Earth below. Explosions, flames, and smoke plumes, covered the planet.

      "Admiral, tell your men to hold their positions. Reinforcements are on the spoke." Cortana ordered.

      "The whole fleet is engaged Cortana. With all do respect, what the hell kind of reinforcement do you got?" The Admiral asked enraged.

      Cortana stood silent.

      The Chief had to take back what was his. He turned around and stood behind the pillar and glanced upward. He saw what he was looking for. He reached up and laid his hand upon it.

      "What if you miss?" Cortana joked.

      "I won't." The Chief reassured.

      The Chief pulled down the lever, and saw the wind fly in. Space sucked out anything not strapped down. The Chief inched towards the edge of the pillar, and leapt. And there he was. Earth's last hope. Earth's last savior. Earth's hero. A one man wrecking crew.

      The Chief zoomed down through space and saw a Covenant cruiser come into view. He knew that this was going to hurt. He ensured his shields were online, and gripped onto his Battle Rifle.

      WHAM! He smacked the hull of the purple pin shaped Covenant cruiser. His shields dropped instantly, and his bones ached. He slowly crawled onto an opening vent. He tore it off and hopped inside the ship.

      He hit the ground as he punched his way into the ship itself. He got up and loaded his Battle Rifle. He heard some Elites barking around the corner. He tore a frag grenade from his belt and ripped the pin out of its home. He tossed the baby quickly and heard wails of pain as the grenade exploded. He peered around a corner and saw tossed limbs in a pile. He smiled and continued along.

      "Cortana, can you locate the mainframe?" The Chief asked.

      "I'm unsure. But I'm pretty sure I can just let me get a feel for the ship." Cortana said.

      "Almost....Got it!" She exclaimed in her usual fashion.

      An orange NAV indicator popped onto the Chiefs heads up display. He turned around a corridor and saw a group of Grunts approaching him. He smiled evilly as he began to open fire on his unsuspecting foes. They screamed as he unloaded two rounds into each of their frail bodies.

      He continued along towards his mission objective. He had reached the shuttle bay, and knew that it was here, that he would have to commandeer a Covenant vehicle. He gazed at the door across the shuttle bay, and knew that this was a high-risk situation. He saw the door across from him slide open, and an Elite step out. Master Chief examined its weapon through his scope. It was different from the others. It looked like a Covenant Sniper Rifle. The Chief had a sudden flow of an idea. He zoomed in on the Elite's head, and fired two rounds towards it. It collapsed under the pressure of the bullets. The Chief charged towards the corpse and policed its sniper rifle. It may just come in handy. He dashed through the door the Elite emerged from and checked the NAV point. He was closing in.

      "Chief? You're almost there. Only a few more meters!" Cortana urged.

      The Chief sprinted down a corridor, and twisted down another. He made it finally. There it was,the mainframe.

      The Chief crept in. He looked to his left, and then right. It was clear. He charged towards the terminal. Cortana sent herself through the Chiefs speaker system, into the mainframe. She appeared on something similar to a holo-tank. The Chief stared at her eyes, she looked like she was reading something.

      "Scanning...." She informed.

      "Got it!" She exclaimed.

      "You have the co-ordinates?" The Chief asked.

      "You bet ya!" She exclaimed proud of her work.

      "Alright. Then lets get out of here!" The Chief exclaimed.

      Something must have happened, because the Chief suddenly heard an Elite barking on the ships COM channel. What ever it was, it wasn't good.

      The Chief sprinted out of the door and retraced his steps. He didn't realize his own speed. As he sprinted, he trampled a group of Grunts, two Jackals, and plowed straight through an Elite. But now came the hard part, getting a lift. He gazed below and saw a group of Elites discussing something, most likely himself. The Chief had an idea. He took out a newly created remote mine, and dropped it below. While it was in the air, the Chief detonated it, and killed the group. He checked below again and saw two Hunters storming in, followed by three Brutes.

      The Chief withdrew the Covenant sniper he had taken from the dead Elite that he stood beside. He examined the weapon.

      "Any idea how to use this thing?" He asked Cortana.

      "Try flipping the tiny switch there." Cortana suggested.

      Master Chief followed Cortana's suggestion and flipped the tiny switch. Suddenly a triangular thing popped out of the top, and the weapon began to make a buzzing noise. He took a peek into the triangular object that came out of the top. It was a scope, just as he expected. He zoomed in on one of the Hunter's orange flesh and squeezed the pink trigger. The gun let out a purple blast so silently, that only the Hunter itself realized the plasma inside its exposed flesh. It fell to its knees holding it's stomach, let out a loud groan, and fell deceased.

      The Chief didn't think twice about his next move, he fired at the second hunter. Its armor burned away the blast, and it collapsed as another plasma ray hit its exposed flesh once covered by the armor. The Brutes growled at the sight of their fallen comrades, and fired their weaponry at the Master Chief. Blue rays flew by the Chiefs head as he tossed a frag grenade towards the bunch. The canister exploded and sent three burning apes to their deaths. The Chief saw one of several vehicles to choose from. A Phantom or a Banshee.

      "Take the Phantom. They are designed for space travel." Cortana suggested.

      The Chief climbed aboard the Phantom. He walked towards the front, and eyed the controls. He had a lot to learn. Over three levers, two joysticks, foreign gauges, and tons of buttons.

      "Little help?" The Chief chuckled.

      "Only this once!" Cortana implied.

      Cortana used the Chief's speakers again to broadcast herself onto the Phantom's control CPU. She guided the Phantom out of the Covenant shuttle bay, and flew towards the Gryphin.

      "Cortana?" Master Chief said.

      "Yes Chief?" Cortana replied.

      "Do you have the co-ordinates of the closest Halo?" Master Chief inquired.

      "Halo Installation 07? Yes, I do. It's the closest in this vector. I already have a calculated jump to ensure us a safe visit, and return." Cortana said.

      "Good." The Chief said.

      The Phantom inched back towards the Gryphin. And only there, will their future come to life. Their next mission,Halo Installation 07.