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Comments for 'Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 4'

11:35 am | May 13, 2004
I would have to agree w/ all the others. Good storyline, well written, and interesting. The only problems are the last "chapter" is too vague and a few miner point previously stated by others. otherwise id give it a 9.7
7:43 pm | November 21, 2003
Im Canadian...Seriously....The only thing is, I dont say "eh" alot. lol.
11:12 pm | November 19, 2003
a nine sounds good
nine point somethin maybe
and no offense or anything but...
is the first guy canadian?
Alpha Lance
11:24 pm | November 17, 2003
I do have to agree with the first guy. And I wasn't cool with the dialog that is from Halo 2 trailer. But I did the same, but this really good. But I have to give you a nine.
Traumatised Marine
5:39 pm | November 17, 2003
Well written and everything, very good in comparison to most stuff on HBO.

However, I have to minor gripes;

1. I can't imagine MC getting nervous about meeting the Admiral Cole, I mean, a soldier as decorated as him must have seen plenty of admirals and more in his time.

2. I don't think the Admiral would just ask MC to nip up to the ship so they can have a quick chat about how to save humanity, and a few seconds into it Master Chief says 'Oh, we could use one of the Halos against them!'
I think that every moron who has played the game knows this is O-B-V-I-O-U-S for the sequal!

Sorry, minor gripes took up most of the comment there, but it must be well-written if I can pick out points like that, eh?