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The Resurrection of the Chief Chapter 2 & 3
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 October 2003, 5:38 PM

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AUTHORS NOTE: Hey everyone. You guys didnt get to read the prologue to my fan fic, so if anyone wants to, please post here and ill try to make it long enough to post and pray that he accepts it. By the way, this is my first fan fic. i wrote it during the summer and have it on several of my seventh column chapters. So please keep it, reading and tell me what you think. Also, it is complete and I will be posting it daily. I am also about to start a new one about Halo 2, well my own version anyway. So thanks alot.


0600 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/October 3rd, 2853 (MILITARY CALENDER) /Earth, UNSC Briefing room.

      "Welcome back Chief." A man said as the chief entered the briefing room.

      "It's good to be back." The Chief replied.

      "Alright. Let's get started. I'm Admiral Johnson. While you were in that covenant cryo tube, a lot has happened. The covenant has learned substantially much more about us because they have obtained Cortana from you. We must locate her and retrieve her to prevent the Covenant from reprogramming her and using her against us. There technology has prevented her from dying out, much like the usual smart A.I. She is on a covenant vessel known as The Prime. It is orbiting earth as we speak. To get there, we are going to launch you in an advanced technology called LABS, or the Launching Aerospace Battle Ship. It is like a HEV, only, it fly's upward. You'll have to board The Prime, and locate Cortana. Right now you'll have to use the ODST's A.I, Wellsley. He's been improved, so don't think it's the same original A.I like back in the day. Now get ready, we'll be launching the LABS at 0645 hours." Johnson explained.

      The Chief got up, and followed Johnson into a room where Johnson handed him a small microchip, and inserted it into his helmet. The Chief heard a voice say hello, it was a man, so he wasn't used to it, it still felt weird without Cortana.

      "This way Chief." Johnson said.

[indent[The Chief followed Johnson into a gigantic room with a brown pod in the middle. Didn't look like anything fancy. The Chief glanced at it for a moment and thought about the task at hand.

      "Do you know how to fly this thing." The technician asked.

      "Only one way to find out." The Chief said.

      The Chief hopped inside the LABS and took a good look around. It could seat 4 people, and had plenty of buttons in the cockpit.

      "Chief, Wellsley here, I'll walk you through taking this baby off." The A.I said.

      "Push that green button there, then flip that yellow switch there. Pull that lever for a controlled burn of 2.5 seconds. After that, the technician will launch you." Wellsley continued.
      "Okay Chief, there are 2 weapons in the LABS RR20x rifle and a GR-HP launcher. Now prepare for lift off." The technician explained.

      The Chief hit the green button, flipped the yellow switch, and the held the lever for 2.5 seconds. Then the technician typed something into the computer, and the top hatch of the base slowly opened. He typed something else in, and the LABS engine started rumbling.

      "Lift off in 10, 9, 8 , 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We have lift off confirmation." The technician said into a microphone.

      The LABS blasted off with Master Chief behind the wheel. He guided it out of orbit and closer, and closer to The Prime.


0914 units (COVENANT CLOCK)/October 3rd, 2853 (COVENANT CALENDER) /Space, THE PRIME.

      "Easy now. Push the red button, and hold the wheel back to slow down then stop." Wellsley said.
      The Chief followed his instructions, and pressed the red button and held the wheel back to slow down. Wellsley got the LABS latched on and docked. The Chief grabbed the RR20x and GR-HP launcher from the back, and hopped off of the LABS. He spotted two grunts running towards him. He took aim and hit them both in the head with the RR20x, he examined the surroundings and discovered no other contacts. He quickly sprinted to the door the grunts emerged from.

      "Wellsley, can you get me a location of Cortana?" Master Chief asked.

      "One step ahead of ya Chief!" Wellsley replied.

      A nav point indicator appeared on the Chief's visor. He was 1368 feet away from Cortana. He ran and made a left into a corridor. The ship looked nothing like The Truth and Reconciliation. Everything was more spaced out, no pillars, and plenty of doors. The chief peered over the corner of a wall and saw two elites and four grunts patrolling the area. The Chief took out a fragmentation grenade and lobbed it over the wall and heard an elite scream. He peeked again, and saw purple blood splattered on the wall and six demented bodies.

      He sprinted down that corridor and entered a door on his left. Now he was 837 feet away from Cortana. He looked around and saw an elite charging at him and firing his plasma pistol, the Chief returned fire. Dropped him. He ran down another corridor and finally reached his destination, he made it to the computer terminal. He walked up to the computer terminal, and looked at the panels that were eerily familiar. He touched a few buttons and Cortana's face appeared.

      "Cortana?" The Chief said.

      "Chief?" Cortana said.

      "C'mon, we gotta get outta here!" The Chief said.

      The Chief pushed a button on the panel, and a little memory stick popped out of the side. The Chief grabbed it and put it into the back of his helmet. As he turned around, the door open, and two hunters appeared.

      "I was expecting this." The Chief said.

      The hunters began to charge up there fuel rod cannons. The Chief looked at them, and gave out a little chuckle. He looked at his arm and pushed the cloak button. The hunters looked around, but couldn't see the one they call the one with the special armor. The Chief drew out his GR-Hp launcher and took aim at one hunter. A loud charging noise bellowed from the cannon and fired a thick, blue, gauss ray. He hit the behemoth dead on. It died instantly, spitting out its organs from its stomach. The other hunter turned around but it was too late, the Chief lobbed a plasma grenade onto him, and already emptied a clip into him. The grenade went off bringing the other bastard down.

      The Chief retraced his steps back to the LABS. He followed Wellsley's instructions, and returned to the UNSC base on Earth.