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Comments for 'The Resurrection of the Chief Chapter 2 & 3'

4:21 am | October 31, 2003
I'm a total idiot please kill me i admit im a teenager who insults people for fun hehe!!!
Alpha Lance
1:52 am | October 30, 2003
Damn Darhammer, back off. Can't you see this is own version of Halo. Damn.

Now, I like the story, although it should had been alot longer for two chapters. But still it was great, I just got to read the first ones. Hope to see more.
9:33 pm | October 29, 2003
i wasnt being mean to u....i was jus mad at Darkhammered..i meant 2 put *NOT MAD* where i addressed you.
12:33 pm | October 29, 2003
How high were you when you wrote this crap!? I doesn't make sense. 300 years for Christ's sake?
Steve Ollett
8:28 am | October 29, 2003
Hey don't take it all so personally! I just made a comment...
1:25 am | October 29, 2003
Darkhammered..do u relly have to be so harsh? You dont see me going into your fan fic's comments page and asking wut kinda crap is this. God damnit can u just read something and leave it at that. And Steve Ollet, I think that there may have been more than one chip containing Wellsley on it. Or anyway, I can explain another way, ONI made another Wellsley. Modified, and adjusted him from previous files still there. So please, if you have a negative comment now, jus take a hike, if u have a question, or a *nice* comment, feel free to post that! Thanks.
Steve Ollett
1:20 pm | October 28, 2003
I thought that the ODST's A.I. Wellsley was destroyed on board The Truth and Reconciliation at end Halo:The Flood when the marines had captured the vessel and were trying to escape from Halo when the ship crashed of liftoff?