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The Resurrection of the Chief Chapter 1
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 October 2003, 9:54 PM

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01837 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/October 2nd, 2853 (MILITARY CALENDER) /Earth, location unknown.

      "Be ready marines. Covenant can be anywhere in this area." Sergeant Patterson whispered.

      Patterson raised his hand to say stop. A covenant patrol was up ahead. It was 3 Grunts, 2 Jackals, and an Elite. Patterson aimed at the Elite. He fired. It penetrated the Elites shield system and went through his skull. The rest of the covenant covered their heads an attempted to run. Wrong move. Everyone in the group opened fire spraying the rest with hot lead.

      The small group of marines trudged towards an abandoned cave. The group consisted of 7 members including the Sergeant. They reached their destination. A covenant P.O.W said a small weapon cache was being transported here. They entered the cave and examined their surroundings. The cave had a hole in the top for light, and the walls were all jagged. They saw many bones that looked like covenant soldiers remains. They entered a part that looked like it was carved by someone or something.

      They weren't expecting what they saw when the entered. It was a weapon, but no ordinary weapon, a weapon that was built by humans to use to defeat the covenant. The covenant were trying to get their greasy hands on this for a long time.

01858 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/October 2nd, 3853 (MILITARY CALENDER) /Earth, location unknown.

      "It can't be!" One marine said.

      "Chief?" Sergeant Patterson said

      "But I thought he was just a Myth!?" Another marine said.

      "So did I, but then who or what is that?" One marine agreed.

      "It's the Chief alright. The UNSC told me about him. But he went missing in action over 300 years ago." The Sergeant explained.

      There, in the cave, was Master Chief in a Covenant Cryo tube.

      "PRIVATE WALKER! Open that damn thing and get him out of there!" The Sergeant demanded.

      "Yes Sir!" The marine replied.

      The marine ran up to the tube, and began typing something into the control panel on the side. A few minutes later, a loud clicking noise came from the cryo tube and a cold mist flew out. The marine shivered, and walked up to the Chief and plugged a small computer into the Chief's armor. He typed something else in.

      "What are you doing soldier?" The Sergeant asked.

      "I'm checking him for injuries, then I'm switching his armor online and then waking him up." Walker said.

      "Carry on private." The Sergeant replied.

      "Yes Sir." Walker saluted.

      "His vitals are good. I'm going to wake him up now." Walker proclaimed.

      The Chief opened his eyes and saw a bunch of blurry images moving. He blinked twice and things became clearer. He saw a lone marine standing in front of him and about five more standing about six feet behind him. The Chief got up and stretched his aching muscles.

      All of the marines stood there in aw, as the Chief hopped out of the cryo tube and stretched out, not showing any pain. But after, the Chief felt like something was missing. Something was missing. Cortana was missing.

      "Chief? How are you feeling?" The sergeant asked.

      "I've been better." The Chief replied

      The Chief was sore. This freezer burn was the worst yet, but he could live through it.

      "What happened here?" The sergeant asked.

      "Well, My platoon and I were fighting covenant in this area. I remember reloading, and then turning back to fight the covenant and meeting an elite face to face. He must have knocked me unconscious and frozen me in that tube. " Master Chief asked.

      "How long have I been in that tube?" The Chief asked curiously.

      "300 years." The sergeant mumbled out.

      The Chief stared at the sergeant in amazement. A million thoughts ran through his mind.

      "Are....Are you going to be alright?." The Sergeant asked.

      "I'll be fine...Just going to need some getting used to" Master Chief chuckled.

      "Walker! Call in a Pelican. It's time we brought our guest home." The Sergeant ordered.

      "Yes sir." Private Walker replied.

      10 minutes later a loud rumbling noise erupted from beyond the fog. A pelican emerged from the thick mist. The Chief was astounded that the pelican's didn't change one bit. Just an addition of an extremely light MAC gun on the back to defend the troops for extraction and insertion.

02137 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/October 2nd, 2853 (MILITARY CALENDER) /Earth, UNSC BASE.

      The pelican dropped the Chief off at a hidden military base underground. 2 UNSC technician's guided him to lab to examine him and check out his vitals. Amazingly he was as healthy as he was 1000 years ago. The technicians were amazed that a Spartan still existed. The Spartan III's all died out over 100 years ago, and this one is much older and is still alive.

      The technicians led the Chief to the fitting room to help him try his new battle armor, just developed, called the MJOLNIR V10. It is about 7 times as powerful as his original armor. It features a powerful shield system, an oxygen tank, thermal vision in his visor, and a cloak feature. The Chief wondered why ONI created armor when there were no Spartans to wear it. The technicians just looked at each other and laughed. They had something up their sleeves. After the Chief tried it on, it was time for him to get some new equipment.

      The technicians led him to the armory. It was full of every kind of weapon, new and old. He saw something that looked like an advanced battle rifle. The technicians called it the RR20x, which had an integrated computer showing the ammo, a 20x scope, and a faster firing rate than the original battle rifle. It fires 8.02mm armor piercing bullets. Another weapon he saw was the GR-HP launcher. It stood for the Gauss Rifle High Penetration Launcher. It fired gauss rapidly and much similar to the one found on the warthog back in 2554. There were many more weapons, but the Chief was only briefed on several. He would have to learn how to use the rest on his own.

      "Okay...Now that you've been briefed on some of the weapons, its time to put you in action. You have to retrieve Cortana from a covenant battle cruiser. Admiral Johnson will brief you." One of the tech's said.