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Comments for 'The Resurrection of the Chief Chapter 1'

5:19 pm | October 27, 2003
I posted the prologue but he didnt accept it :'(...well if you want to read the prologue tell me and Ill send it to you. And thanks for the comments guys.
5:21 pm | October 26, 2003
This is a repost of his older story, where the MC was found 1000 years later. But it didn't really make sense for humans and covenant to be fighting that long, so he changed it.
7:56 am | October 26, 2003
Odd how there was a jump from 300 year old chief to as healthy as he was 1000 year ago...
7:28 pm | October 25, 2003
I see you changed it to 300 years like you said. Good job.
11:06 am | October 25, 2003
is this konors story?