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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 2: Escape and Sabatoge)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 December 2003, 2:55 AM

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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 2: Escape and Sabotage)
Eighth Cycle, 19 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Implorer, in cell awaiting execution.

      Right at that moment he knew he hated the rules of the Covenant, it was corrupt. 'Ralamee stood up and rubbed his face, pain swept through his skull, a large bruise had derived from the punch to his face. He shrugged it off and walked over to the pulsating blue barrier and placed his face against it to get a look of his surroundings.
      He was in one of the detainment areas, that was for sure, and his cell was the one near the entrance. Three blue-clad Elites guarded the entrance while a black-dressed Elite stood by the panel that deactivated the blue barricade of each cell. Three lesser beings were imprisoned as well in three separate cells, and two Engineers hovered in another.
      Why had it turned to punishing their kind? They should have been keeping humans in those prison cells, or nobody at all, it just wasn't necessary.
      A golden Elite stepped into the room and walked over to the black Elite, 'Ralamee listened in on the conversation.

      "How's the new detainee?" the gold-clad Elite asked.

      "I think he just woke up," the black one paused, "He received a death sentence from speaking ill to Volna."
      There was a brief silence, and then the golden Elite said, "When is he to get the punishment?" The black Elite lowered his voice.

      "He is in due in forty units. That's pretty much the only prisoner we have received in the last little while."
      The golden Elite nodded, turned around and walked out of the room. Forty units? He didn't have much time, but then again, he didn't have much chance of escaping.
      Then his thoughts were disrupted at the sound of plasma fire.
      'Ralamee saw the blue bolts streak across the room and hit the black armor of the Elite, the body was tossed off the platform and hit the cold metal deck. Then when the blue aliens turned around they were assaulted by plasma as well, three scorched bodies hit the ground leaking purple-black blood.
      The attackers entered the room and the Grunts in the other cells yelled in surprise.
      It was 'Qoyalamee, and with him was three other magenta-clad Elites, five Engineers and a couple Jackals and Grunts.

      "Thank the gods you have come, what made you do this?" 'Ralamee asked in shock.
      'Qoyalamee didn't answer him, instead he walked over to the hologram panel and pressed a button, the blue force field was disabled. The Grunts at the far end of the room waddled over to the group of renegades along with the once imprisoned Engineers.

      "We heard what happened, that Prophet is crooked I tell you. For any reason he deserves death." Raga 'Qoyalamee finally responded.
      'Ralamee stepped out of the cell and caught a plasma rifle that was thrown to him, they had a goal, and that goal was to somehow kill the Prophet aboard this ship.

      "I don't know about you, but I've had enough of this culture, the rules are unsatisfactory for my likings. We'll have our revenge on this race, mark my words." 'Ralamee said boldly, 'Qoyalamee nodded.

      "Lets go this way, we have to escape this ship." said Raga and started out of the chamber. 'Ralamee stopped him as he came up with a perfect start to their payback.

      "No. I propose that we obliterate the Implorer; it would teach the Covenant a lesson." Polo 'Ralamee suggested, 'Qoyalamee didn't take long to agree and they head off down the hallway.
      They were headed to the generator power coupling to neutralize the ships shields and then they were going to the generator towers to destroy those as well. It would soon start a chain reaction after that, once the towers were destroyed then the rest of the optic cables in the ship would short-circuit. They would be long gone by then, and the Cruiser would explode, it was a perfect idea.
      It took less then one unit to get to the generator coupling, 'Qoyalamee stuck several plasma grenades into the opening where the coupling cables connected with the generator, switched one of the grenades on and backed up.
      The plasma grenade exploded triggering the other grenades in the aperture, when the explosions ceased, nothing remained of the cables. The lights flickered off and then the backup power turned them on, voices from the Ship Master echoed from the speakers.

      "Shield Power is down! Backup energy initiated to restore light."
      'Ralamee let out a snicker, just what he needed; the Ship Master was panicking and probably was wondering how the power was disabled. He led 'Qoyalamee and the other aliens to the ships generator towers which took about one tenth of a unit. It stood in front of them crackling with blue energy.

      "Time to give what this ship deserves." said 'Ralamee quietly as he pulled out a plasma charge.
      He stuck it to the middle tower and set the detonation time to '1 Units', it wasn't going to take much longer than that to escape. The electricity shocked Polo has he drew his hand back from the object.

      "Time to go." told 'Qoyalamee. "I know exactly where the Seraph Fighters, the launch bay. Follow me."
      The traitors followed Raga to the nearly deserted launch bay, only some Engineers drifted about; they turned towards the sound of footsteps. 'Ralamee ordered everyone to grab an Engineer and pull it into a Seraph, they would need the crew.

      "Come on, come on! We need to clear the Implorer before it explodes!" yelled 'Ralamee, just when he thought it was almost over at least twenty Elites stormed the bay.

      "They're escaping! Hurry and kill them!" ordered a golden-clad Elite, he raised his plasma rifle and shot at the renegades who were scrambling into the fighters.
      Plasma bolts collided into the burnished metal of the Seraph 'Ralamee was boarding and scored holes into the aft. The Engineer floated up the ramp quickly and when 'Ralamee got inside he raised the access ramp. A Grunt had managed to make it into the fighter before the Elite and Engineer.
      The Elite knew how to fly one of the Seraphs along with every other Elite in the Covenant race. He launched the appropriate thrusters so the ship rose a meter of the deck and the other boarded Seraphs did the same.

      "With the shields down it shouldn't be that hard to fly out of here!" yelled 'Ralamee as he punched the accelerator and the Seraph departed out of the bay.

      "Come on, lets get the hell out of here!" ordered 'Qoyalamee and the remaining Seraphs shot out of the bay almost at full speed.
      The aliens that still lingered in the launch bay didn't even know or even suspect what was coming next. 'Ralamee slowed his Seraph; he was a fair distance away from the cruiser. The other Covenant fighters decelerated near 'Ralamee's, the star dotted universe and the Earth loitered in the backdrop.

      "Report." requested 'Ralamee over the transponder.

      "Raga here and awaiting orders."

      "Wharru 'Tanosalee here, we weren't formally introduced."

      "Losses 'Organalee in perfect condition, awaiting orders."

      "Azeri 'Rolatree, I was under your command back on New Tatley, you were a great field commander!"

      "My field commanding days are over, there's no way that they are going to accept an escaped fugitive back into their society." said Polo grimly over the transponder, "Enough about that despicable race, we shall be known as the rebels, and we will fight under the very nose of the Covenant."

      "I'm with you all the way!" in came the voice of 'Qoyalamee's.
      The other voices followed in agreement, and then 'Ralamee walked away with the transponder on. He approached the Grunt was staring out the window, fear was in his eyes.

      "Hello, Excellency, I'm glad that I was freed from the prison...but...I didn't really desire being hunted for the rest of my days." said the Grunt respectively.

      "It is too late, I say that with sympathy, but I'm sure none of us wanted to be a fugitive according to the Covenant. We did what we had to do for survival." informed 'Ralamee, the Grunt nodded and turned away.
      A Jackal strolled out of a compartment; it had no shield or weapon. It was a stowaway. It hissed and asked, "Where the hell am I and what the hell is going on?"

      "You are aboard a captured Seraph; we escaped the Implorer with me having a death sentence." the Jackals expression went grim, "The cruiser is rigged to explode."
      The Jackal shook his head and walked elsewhere in the Seraph and out of sight.

      "The Implorer seems to be getting ready for a Slipspace jump, look!" 'Qoyalamee's voice was recognized over the transponder.
      'Ralamee hurried over to the view port screen, it was the fore of the ship which glowed a dull red—the first signs of a Slipspace jump.
      It was about to make the leap into Slipspace when the cruiser shook, then a large stream of fire protruded from the center of the vessel. The fire that billowed out of the center exploded; ripping the Implorer in half. Each deck of the cruiser was visible along with the scrambling crew inside which were being sucked out into the vacuum.

      "Time to pull out, where should we head next to cause some more...destruction?" asked 'Ralamee as he approached the transponder.

      "I personally suggest 'Installation 09', that ring has been nothing but trouble ever since the Flood were failed to be detained." suggested 'Tanosalee.

      "Great idea, ready the Slipspace generators and set them to the 09 installation, we did good here today." 'Ralamee said ordered calmly with a smile on his face.
      One by one the Seraph's disappeared into Slipspace, leaving the floating wreckage once known as the Implorer behind. Earth could wait.