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Fight for New Tatley Finale (Chapter 9: Saving New Tatley)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 December 2003, 12:25 AM

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Fight for New Tatley Finale (Chapter 9: Saving New Tatley)
1740 Hours (England Time), October 12, 2552 (Earth Calendar) In F-95 Space Maneuverable Fighter Jet, nearing Covenant Orbiter.

      The Pelicans had just joined up with the rest of the F-95's, Rienne let out a sigh. The Orbiter was close, and the Captain was in the middle of the F-95 attack group.

      "Everyone get ready, we will be able to strike this Orbiter in a matter of minutes, and we're too far to attack this second." Anderson's voice came in clear over the all-hands freq.
      No one responded, it was silent; the sight was breath-taking as the moon emerged from behind the Orbiter. The Covenant ship must not have seen or picked up a signal that at least twenty-five human fighter jets were approaching. Several minutes passed and they were finally in range of the Orbiter.

      "Don't fire just yet, remember the Covenant have shields on their ships." once again the ODST General's voice echoed through Rienne's mind.
      They were waiting for the Spartan inside to knock out the shields so they could get some shots on the Covenant spaceship. Rienne looked outside of the cockpit, below him the Earth reflected the light rays sent by the sun, he could barely see the surface of the planet. Seraph fighters could be seen in the distance traveling in packs battling with the Longsword fighters. Silent explosions could be seen from the Captains position, in some way it was beautiful.
      More minutes floated by and suddenly the Orbiter shook, "They must've taken out the shields! All ships engage!" ordered General Anderson over the radio transmitter. Rienne held the trigger on the grip and bullets flew from the twin guns, they pinged off the alien ship's hull and punctured millions of holes in the view port window. The squadron ceased fire, the familiar scream of Banshee's interrupted the stillness.
      The ODST's had some more opposition.
      Rienne hit the thrusters and his ship twisted around to face one of the many Banshee's approaching them. He hit a button on the control stick that caused the F-95 to fire a SPNKr homing missile (a variation of the Rocket Launcher SPNKr rocket) and it hit the closest Banshee, knocking off the wing and causing it to trail smoke. Rienne finished the aircraft with several shots to the cockpit and it exploded, it just floated there on fire.
      Heat came from behind; Rienne twisted the ship so he faced the cause. A destroyed F-95 drifted into his view, it had broken in half and the pilot had floated out. Rienne continued to fight for another few minutes until Anderson ordered everyone to get into a line. They were more vulnerable grouped together but they would have better fire-power.
      Several Banshee's came attacking at once, and the ODST team directed their weapons fire to the first and then second. An unnoticed Banshee managed to sneak by the weapons fire and let loose a fuel rod shot. It sped towards the F-95 beside Rienne causing it to explode, Rienne's spacecraft rocked as the blast swept over his F-95. Soon the Banshee was exterminated by shots from the other spacecrafts. Even the Pelican's were helping out, the chin guns attached to the nose of the crafts worked well.
      They had been fighting for twenty minutes at the least when Anderson ordered everyone to follow him, the last of the Banshee's were being mopped up. They had only lost five or six ODST troopers and fighter jets, not bad considering they now had the upper hand. The Orbiter was slanted; a large black abrasion was easily noticed on the Orbiters center, probably an explosion from the inside. The blue F-95 which was General Andersons led the remaining squadron to the docking bay of the Covenant spaceship. The General was the first to enter the bay and touch down on the unknown metal floor, the rest of the F-95's and Pelican's followed suit.

      "Everyone out, we are gonna cover this docking bay until our friends arrive, so that means we keep the Covenant outta here." ordered the General over the COM, the Captain hopped out of the cockpit and onto the floor.
      He was soon joined by the General and pilots of the other F-95's and Pelicans; everyone had a nervous look about them.

      "Ok everyone, the Pelicans were loaded up with Battle Rifles and Pistols and plenty of ammo, grab somethin' and get ready for a fight." ordered Anderson.

      "Is this all worth it, sir?" asked an ODST, everyone turned to face him.

      "If saving New Tatley isn't worth it, then I don't know what is. They are gonna bomb that town soon, so that's why we have to destroy this Orbiter."
      The marines murmured, "Everyone grab a weapon and some ammunition!" everyone did what they were told. Soon the ODST's occupied the whole bottom floor with weapons, the General stood on top of a Pelican with a pistol in one hand and a grenade in the other.

      "Here they come, marines!" ordered the General as the sound of footsteps broke the deathly silence of the docking bay.
      The roar of an Elite could be heard from the top ledge, then another roar could be heard from a Hunter on the second ledge followed by more footsteps. The first visual of the Covenant was several Jackals who had leaned over the ledge and been brutally shot with a pistol. Their carcasses had been dragged and thrown out of the docking bay.
      The blue plasma bolts came from the top ledge and the ODST's quickly returned fire, silence. That's odd, thought Rienne; shouldn't there be more of these bastards? To answer his question Grunts stormed in through a door on the left, the marines started shooting as the Covenant cannon fodder ducked behind some purple metal boxes.
      They were a distraction.
      Two plasma grenades plummeted towards the marines from above; one harmlessly attached itself to an F-95 and promptly exploded. The second stuck to a marines arm and he ran behind the boxes where the Grunts had hidden and a blue explosion ensued. The cadavers of the Grunts flew in all directions, hitting walls and fighter jets.
      Six Elites came out of the door that the Grunts came out of, then three Jackals came out of another door while two Hunters came out hiding from the second ledge.
      The battle had begun.
      Rienne raised his Battle Rifle to an Elite, he quickly shot it in the head five times to relieve it of its protective shields. It was quickly finished by the shots of a M6D Pistol by the General. One of the Hunters fired a fuel rod cannon at the middle of the ODST's; they just made it by jumping out of the way. Only two marines were tossed out of the docking bay entrance and quickly suffocated in the void of space.
      Two of the Jackals had already fallen; the remaining Jackal was in a corner hiding behind the protection of the plasma shield when Anderson had thrown his grenade behind it. The frag exploded, sending the alien in two pieces across the docking bay, the top half landing on the second ledge. Rienne spun around as soon as he heard the hearty roar of an Elite, it towered over him, unafraid. Before the alien could attack, the Captain shoved the BR into the stomach of the Elite. He held the trigger until the aliens shields depleted, the clip of his weapon had run out though, and Rienne hit the creature as hard as he could with the butt of his weapon.
      The creature fell on the ground, but rose back up with two shattered mandibles which now hung loosely from his face. It attempted to lift its weapon until Rienne hit it across the face once again, although this time the creature fell down for good. Blood seeped from the alien's shattered helmet and onto the floor. The good feeling of killing one of the superior Covenant didn't last long as he saw two marines get shot down by an Elite.
      More Hunters appeared through the doors, and continued havoc against the ODST's. When was the Spartan going to get to the docking bay? It would be better sooner than later.
      Anderson had taken out some more Hunters with his Pistol, he was a deadly shot. The Captain zoomed in with his Battle Rifle on a Grunt and fired repeatedly until the glowing blue blood splashed all around the body. More Jackals entered the battle along with some Elites, another marine was shot and died from loss of blood.

      "Take this you bastards!" yelled a marine as he tossed a grenade into a group of incoming Elites, it exploded only killing two and took out the shields of the others.
      Rienne ignored the shots of plasma going by his face and shot at the susceptible Elites, each one was taken down at a time causing purple-blue blood to spray the walls.
      A lone Jackal popped out from behind a box beside Rienne, the alien jumped back in surprise and got a smack from Rienne's weapon. The Jackal rolled over several times before coming to a halt in a pool of its own blood.
      The battle was coming to a close.
      A marine came up to him and gave him a grenade; Rienne put it to good use as he chucked it to a large group of Grunts. It exploded sending the little bastards everywhere in pieces, the odd colored alien blood now covered most of the docking bay.
      From above, the Spartan had finally made his way to the fight.
      The marines he was with ran down the ramps to the conflict and went to one of the Pelican pilots and told him to start it up. The familiar sounds of a sniper rifle being shot could be heard from the top ledge, it was the Spartan. An Elite was felled, followed by two Jackals and a Grunt. A Hunter was taken down; the sticky orange blood covered the ground.
      The belly jets of a Pelican were noticed by Rienne, he spun around to see one of the aircrafts hovering. The Spartan was making his way down the ramps to the bottom floor, along his way he kicked some of the Covenant off the ledges, killing them as soon as they hit the ground. When an injured Hunter who was lingering near the docking bay opening attempted to swing his massive shield at him the Spartan kicked him and he fell out into space.
      It suffocated and the head exploded, sending bits of the helmet in various directions.

      "Get into the F-95's! We're gettin' out of here, boys!" yelled Anderson over the last few sounds of weapons fire.
      Each surviving marine got into a fighter jet; at least four F-95's were unoccupied. The Spartan had gone into the Pelican along with the marines he was with, they had set a bomb in the Central Core of the Orbiter, it was soon to explode.
      The ODST fleet exited the docking bay, leaving the dead marines and aliens behind. It was a battle to remember.

1770 Hours (England Time), October 12, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/Seated in Pelican, escaping from Covenant Orbiter set to explode.

      "7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...." counted down Cortana for the bomb.
      A little tiny explosion in the center of the ship could be seen at first, then a larger explosion and another until it looked like a spear had gone through the middle of the ship. The heat wave passed through space, hitting the Chief and marines they winced and watched on. A wall of fire then ripped through the entire middle of the ship, tearing it into two pieces. The front of the ship spun around while the back (containing the explosive tanks) exploded again and again until there was nothing left.

Fight for New Tatley: Conclusion

      The ODST fleet was given medals for doing such a good job on the Orbiter, New Tatley was saved. The Covenant left New Tatley after the destruction of the Orbiter; the remaining Covenant troops were killed or taken hostage for UNSC purposes. Rienne was given separate medals for his previous actions before he helped destroy the Orbiter, and after the Covenant were completely ridden of the city, Rienne was promoted to Major. Although somewhere in his mind he knew that it wasn't going to be the last time he encountered Covenant.

      The End

Authors Note: I thank everyone who has read my series "Fight for New Tatley", I hope you enjoyed this final chapter. Stay aware of any new installments I might write up over the break, post of what you think of this finale. -CoLd BlooDed