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Have Hope
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 December 2003, 8:52 AM

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Slowly dying,
Blood dripping down my face.
Almost another loss for the human race,
I'm not lying.

I'm by my lonesome,
For the moment at least.
I'm surrounded by the already deceased.
Look what I've become.

I'm pale,
Gasping for breath isn't my style.
It looks like I'll be at this for a while,
To no avail.

They attacked while we were sleeping,
Shot everyone dead.
Even shot the man with the wife in the head,
They were approaching us creeping.

Why has the world turned on me so?
What will reward me with a final blow?
I really don't deserve this though,
Someone will take revenge on the foe.

All is dark,
The fire has turned to ash since long before.
My face is frowning covered with gore.
It's no lark.

My blurred vision,
Is worsening by the second.
I'm almost dead I would seem to reckon,
My face is of derision.

Just when I think,
My life is going to suddenly end.
Over the hills appears my best friend,
I have to blink.

It's the good 'ol metal bird,
Flying over the horizon searching for me.
If I wasn't so injured I'd shout out with glee,
I'm saved without saying a word.

It touches down two meters from me,
Someone walks out it is a male.
Dust particles are now easy to inhale.
He walks over, I'm free.

I'm taken and healed,
At the UNSC base.
The scars will remain forever on my face,
I did not yield.

I'm awarded the Purple Heart,
But I'd much rather win the Medal of Honor.
I'm still filled with thanks 'cause I was a goner,
Now I'm a man apart.

Can you see now?
Everyone has hope,
Hold on to your life.
You will manage to cope.