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Comments for 'Have Hope'

CoLd BlooDed (Busted)
3:24 am | December 22, 2003
*Whispers* Don't reveal my name. Haha I dont care.
Halo Pc Lurker_1000_200 damian
3:02 am | December 22, 2003
Kale good poem write more

ive read the first one till this one.

keep it up man i liked this one.
Merry Christmas
CoLd BlooDed
2:55 am | December 22, 2003
Wow, all these posts once again for a poem.
CoLd BlooDed
1:03 am | December 22, 2003
I actually thought yours was awesome, Walker, and as I said, I have yours, Mainevents and CovieKilla's poems to look up to. :)
11:37 pm | December 21, 2003
It was extremely good, but I felt the end could have been better. Other than that, it was 9.4/10 material. And, if you don't mind, Cold, I'd recommend that Alpha read my poem "One Last Bullet" now on page two. Good poem, man. Better than mine. Keep it up.

Semper Fi

10:18 pm | December 21, 2003
wow was that a tear forming in my eye. good one
9:45 pm | December 21, 2003
Damn good poem.

I liked how you kept the rhyme scheme and everything down. Spelling was good. It set up and atmostphere and told a good story.
9:00 pm | December 21, 2003
I'm astonished by the greatness of this poem. I especialy like the way it generates an atmosphere.
8:30 pm | December 21, 2003
Nice moral.
6:33 pm | December 21, 2003
Yep, you are one of the great ones among me, alpha and main....actually im still holdin main's baton, maybe i should give it to you...hmmm...naw, I'd rather keep it. HAH! lol...great poem btw, 9.5/10.
CoLd BlooDed
6:31 pm | December 21, 2003
Lol, thanks for the post.
6:22 pm | December 21, 2003
Nice job, I almost could hear the reading of the poem to the rhythm of light and witty first three lines and cold and whispering fourth. Or something like that.
CoLd BlooDed
6:15 pm | December 21, 2003
You really liked it that much?
Been along time since I've been here
5:42 pm | December 21, 2003
OMG, damn that was so fucking great! It appears you have became a master of poetry, your even better han me, lol. Well this was great, I hope you keep up this grade A material. And have a happy Christmas

-Alpha Lance