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Small Price to Pay
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 December 2003, 4:41 AM

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This is just a poem I felt like doing because I didn't have anything else to do. -CoLd BlooDed

Plasma flies by,
practically singeing your ear.
You drop to the ground,
overflowing with fear.

You muster up enough power,
strength and nerve.
You stand up and move forward,
now filling with verve.

An explosion rumbles behind,
right where you just stood.
Your flung to the ground,
but this time for good.

Losing a leg is a painful thing,
but you still struggle to fight.
You are leaking blood fast,
causing your skin to turn white.

The black hands of a coma,
grasp around your heart.
You struggle to stay awake,
but your awareness departs.

You are short on memory,
as soon as you wake.
Everything is unclear,
until you look down at your ache.

It all comes flooding back,
once you look at the stump.
The blood is now dry,
everything is sewed up at the rump.

Your surroundings are different,
you lay in a bed.
You only had a small price to pay,
everyone else around you is either asleep or dead.