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Comments for 'Small Price to Pay'

8:06 pm | December 20, 2003
I loved it.
1:52 pm | December 20, 2003
It's Iwo Jima.
CoLd BlooDed
12:13 pm | December 20, 2003
Whats wrong with the spelling and punctuation?
Blue Angel
5:30 am | December 20, 2003
very compelling. it brings back memories of my Uncle Jesse Evans story of Iwoa Jima. I think thats how you spell it, right?

but good story.

tah tah for now
My Name Is David And My Friends Call Me G, One Hungry Young Dog Like Me. Nigga
1:00 am | December 20, 2003
11:53 pm | December 19, 2003
quite good ol' chap...lol...keep it up CoLd! 9/10.
7:50 pm | December 19, 2003
Ouch. (Oh yeah, I liked it....)
7:07 pm | December 19, 2003
Nice message and nice poem, but check the punctuation and spelling before handing it in. Those two things (or lack thereof) came close to ruining it.
Steve Ollett
2:08 pm | December 19, 2003
Not much of a poetry man myself, but that flowed nicely and was very descriptive. Very good!
1:34 pm | December 19, 2003
Ah, the terrible reality of war. Very good.