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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 8: Requiring Assistance)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 December 2003, 11:51 PM

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This is the second to last chapter of FfNT, enjoy. -CoLd BlooDed

Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 6: Requiring Assistance)
0942 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/Main Hangar of ODST Airbase, hiding behind destroyed boxes.

      "Shit, provide some covering fire!" gunfire rattled throughout the hangar.
      Rienne was face up on the ground; all he could hear was the yells from the Lieutenant, Rough, and the other marines.

      "Hurry up and drag him over here, he's not gonna last long behind those shattered boxes!" more gunfire followed and Rienne felt a pair of hands sweep from his underarms and he could feel himself being dragged along the cold floor.
      Rienne was sore where the plasma bolt had hit him; his head flopped down and he could see that he was bleeding badly. The blood was seeping out onto the concrete floor as he was being dragged across it. Then more plasma bolts shot down in front of him where the boxes were; splinters of wood shot out in all directions. Finally he came to a halt behind an F-94, the older version of the space maneuverable jet; and once again everything went hazy.
      Sergeant "Rough" came into his view holding a first-aid kit. She bent over him and said something, but it was muffled out by the sound of hailing plasma. Rienne felt like he was going to die. Then a sharp pain jabbed into his shoulder as Rough filled it with biofoam, the Captains vision returned to normal. The Sergeant carefully removed the sniper rifle that Rienne still had slung on his scorched shoulder.

      "Take this ya bastards." said Rough silently; but loud enough for Rienne to hear.
      Several shots rang out, and the yells of the Elites and Brutes only lasted a few seconds and then ceased. Now he could hear footsteps of the Lieutenant and marines shuffling over to him.

      "How's he doing? That shot must've done more damage then I suspected." The voice of the Lieutenant was muffled still, and then he almost slipped into unconsciousness but Rough noticed Rienne's weariness and slapped him in the face to keep him awake.
      The pain came from far away, and he just barely felt it. Rough bent in front of his face and mouthed something, but he could no longer hear it. Then the dark hands of unconsciousness grabbed onto the Captain and the room and faces of the shocked marines disappeared.

Unknown Time, October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/Medical Zone of ODST Airbase, on stretcher slipping into coma.

      "Wait! Look at the LSS, his vitals are back to normal!" Rienne could barely hear the unknown voice of a female.

      "We're bringing him into surgery, gotta clean and stitch up that wound." another voice echoed through his mind.
      The wheels of the stretcher squeaked on the tiled floor and then the movement of the stretcher stopped, he must've been in the surgery room.

      "I think we don't have to use the analgesic gas, he's still in a coma." repeated the female voice.
      I'm not in a coma!, Rienne tried to say it but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a grunt. What he said was true at the moment, but then the hands of unconsciousness grabbed him again and did not let go for several days.

1731 Hours (England Time), October 12, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/Medical Zone of ODST Airfield, laying on bed in recovery room.

      "General, you just came in the nick of time, he's waking up." said the familiar voice that he had heard several days ago. "Vitals returning to normal, heart rate increasing, he should be awake now according to the LSS."
      Rienne opened his weary eyes; he was confused, in front of his bed stood a blonde nurse and Anderson.

      "Where am I?" asked the dazed and wounded Captain.

      "It's a branch of the airbase, we're under ground right now, you took a pretty hard hit, and have been in a coma for a good ten days now." said the General, "It's a wonder that you managed to wake up so early."
      Rienne rubbed his eyes; IV tubes were stuck into his arms. The nurse stepped over beside his bed and quickly pulled the plastic tubes out. The Captain gasped in pain, but he dealt with it and then managed to step out of the bed. He was still dressed in UNSC military uniform and his left shoulder was bandaged up.

      "Reinforcements have arrived at New Tatley, well, actually one reinforcement has. He is known as the "Master Chief", and we are fortunate that he has come to our town." Rienne's hopes were lifted at the sound of that, he had heard the doings of this man. "Follow me."
      Rienne followed him to the elevator where they continued to talk about the Master Chief; then rode up to the control tower. They walked over to the window; bodies of the Covenant and ODST's were being cleaned up from the runways. Blood was splattered everywhere, different colors and shades.
      They walked back to a desk that held many unfamiliar devices on it; Rienne could only tell that one was a transmission receiver, it picked up all transmissions between people no matter what.

      "Can you confirm that you can get a Pelican to our position?"

      "Affirmative, Delta base, Pelican en route to your position."
      These were just some of the communications coming in over the receiver, Anderson turned towards Rienne.

      "The Sergeant that has taken command at New Tatley has told me that he has gone with a couple other marines to an Orbiter above the city." said the General happily, "They said if they needed any help they would—"
      The General's receiver was flashing red, meaning that someone was trying to contact him personally.

      "General Anderson? Hello its Cortana, we need an immediate assault on the Covenant Orbiter above New Tatley! Are you able to carry this out?" asked the AI.

      "Cortana? Who's we, and how many men do we need to send?" responded the General flatly.

      "We as in a Spartan and four other marines, and send as many people as you can, this is a large ship." replied the AI.

      "What are you planning to do inside?" asked the ODST General.

      "You leave that to us, we'll first blow out the shields so you can attack, then be ready to pick us up, we'll leave you a surprise." answered Cortana.

      "I love surprises Cortana, over and out." said Anderson before he turned off his radio.

      "Can you fly an F-95, Captain, 'cause that would helluva help a lot of us." said the General to Rienne, the Captain had been trained to fly and he nodded.
      The General walked over to an intercom and announced, "All ODST Troopers who exceed Airman First Class please get to the hangars, we are going to help out a friend."
      Then he told Rienne to follow him, and in about five minutes they emerged into the hangar where Rienne had been shot, at least twenty men were there.

      "Get into your fighters! Follow my lead, the damn ship is over New Tatley and we gonna show that Orbiter that they shouldn't have parked there!" barked Anderson as he climbed into the cockpit via a ladder, everyone else did as well.
      Rienne climbed into a random F-95 and soon an alarm started blaring and the flat square roof of the hangar started to open. He flipped all the necessary switches on and soon the engine roared to life. Slowly he lifted the throttle up so the jet would ascend, but the hangar only allowed five or so F-95's to pass through. In minutes they were all following the blue F-95 which was General Andersons, and soon he made everyone report in.
      It only took a few minutes to get everyone to report in, but soon the General ordered everyone to hit the thrusters so they could break free of the atmosphere. The cockpit of Rienne's F-95 shook as they hit the atmosphere, soon they had cleared it and stars dotted the now black sky. The menacing alien spacecraft loomed ahead of them, the light from the sun bounced off the sheen blue metal onto the approaching F-95's.
      Soon they would be fighting to save a couple marines and a Spartan inside the Orbiter, but it would be worth it.