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Comments for 'Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 8: Requiring Assistance)'

11:48 pm | December 18, 2003
Sorry, that one was my bad. I guess i just decided to ignore it. My bad.
CoLd BlooDed
3:49 pm | December 18, 2003
Woops, no that wasn't supposed to be two seperate lines, it could've but wasn't. That was a lazy mistake on my part.
12:45 pm | December 18, 2003
"How's he doing? That shot must've done more damage then I suspected"

Was that supposed to be two separate lines?

And there was another line I'm to lazy to point out.

But overall really good job. If I gave a number I'd give it what he gave it.
CoLd BlooDed
4:41 am | December 18, 2003
In case you didn't pay attention to the note, it said this was the SECOND to last chapter of the series. So yes the next chapter is the end, I didn't want to keep this series on going and going because I noticed it was getting to long.

Its mostly because I didn't plan this series out.
4:23 am | December 18, 2003
It was good, mabey not that much action but still. Just one thing, the way your writing, its like theres no end to the seris. You just keep on going from one surprise to the next. That wasnt meant to be harsh, if you take it that way.