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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 7: Covenant Crusade)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 December 2003, 4:43 AM

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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 7: Covenant Crusade)
0914 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Tarmac of ODST Airfield, awaiting Covenant attack.

      "Covenant on approach! ETA four minutes! Lock and load, get into your positions, move your asses!" yelled the voice of General Anderson over the loudspeakers, an alarm blared in the background.
      Rienne continued to stare at the massive Covenant army coming to their position, behind him the troopers scrambled back and forth over the runways. Williams stood speechless behind him; he hadn't really fought with the Covenant head on.

      "Get those goddamn .85 cal chain guns ready! We need all them operational or we won't stand much of a chance, marines!" yelled a Lieutenant who was stuck in the fray of hurrying soldiers.
      The chain guns were stuck wherever there was an open patch of grass, and at least ten of them could be seen where Rienne was standing. Several marines were assigned to each one and grabbed boxes of the ammunition from under the large stationary weapons. Soon every chain gun was loaded and held at least three soldiers behind each one.

      "Marines, listen up!" barked the Lieutenant who was now in sight for everyone who was behind a gun emplacement, "This isn't the first time we've had to fight, so we're gonna show those Covenant shits how its done!"
      All fifty marines cheered in approval, but the Lieutenant held up a hand for silence.

      "Let me finish, if we win this fight which I'm sure we will," all the ODST's cheered again, "then we are gonna have to find some other way so they don't attack us again! At this time I do not know how, but one way or another, I'm sure we're gonna find a way."
      Everyone was silent; no cheers resonated from the marines.

      "Give 'em hell marines! Remember who you are... ODST's!" the Lieutenant yelled and ran behind a lone gun emplacement.
      The Captain, who had been standing beside the Lieutenant along with the Corporal, turned around to face the incoming horde of Covenant.

      "Better take a look at this, sir." Williams handed Rienne a pair of binoculars.
      He saw that the Phantoms had touched down; unloading wave after wave of Covenant troops while the Banshees continued forward. Rienne saw Brutes, Jackals, Grunts, and the Elites being unleashed onto the field and they grouped up into formation. The formation was that of a box with ten or fifteen in each row, and Rienne could tell there was about four or five rows. There were five box formations, each led by a golden-clad Elite with a plasma sword in one hand and a Needler in the other.
      While Rienne was examining the ground forces, Banshees closed in on the airfield. When he lowered the binoculars he could see the twenty alien aircrafts extremely close to the airfield. "Fire!" yelled the Lieutenant; every single gun emplacement started firing simultaneously.
      Unfortunately the Banshee's were too far and the rattling of the chain guns made it impossible to aim at a far distance. But soon the aircrafts descended upon the airfield; letting loose the fuel rod cannons mounted to the alien aircrafts. They hit randomly, only to toss a single marine across the three tarmacs and down into a ditch.
      One, then two Banshees exploded in mid-air and fell at increasing speed towards the ground. They soon became a mound of crushed purple metal, purple blood oozed from the wreckage and into the grass.

      "Don't disperse just yet, marines!" yelled the Lieutenant over the racket of the weapon fire.
      The Covenant ground forces were gaining precious ground, and the Banshees were coming back for another attack run. All the chain guns swiveled around to meet the aircrafts and continued firing. Three more Banshees were felled, but not before they managed to get some shots in on the marines. At least four or five ODST troopers were obliterated from the blue plasma shots, several others were merely burned.
      This left two of the gun emplacements unmanned and Rienne decided to make himself useful. He ran to the nearest one, while dodging the barrage of plasma from the Banshees, and cocked it. The Banshees turned around and once again assaulted the marines, only one soldier was killed from a single plasma blast. Bullets flew from the barrel of the chain gun Rienne was operating; managing to hit several Banshees and causing them to trail smoke. Several other marines finished off what Rienne hadn't accomplished; destroying the Banshees.
      At least ten undamaged Banshees remained and were still taking heavy fire from the blood longing soldiers.

      "Here come the ground forces, people! Lets show 'em how it's done!" barked the Lieutenant and all the marines, including Rienne, pivoted until they faced the approaching Covenant.
      They seemed much larger now that they were closer, mostly because the formations consisted of mostly Elites, but the aliens went from biggest to smallest in the arrangement. The alarm continued to blare in the background, while the Covenant ground forces were about to be inserted into the fight.
      The Banshees had retreated to where the Phantoms had touched down, but now the Covenant troops were upon them, and already the marines had shifted their fire to them.
      The numbers of Covenant decreased slowly as the front row of the aliens were killed of the first box formation. Unfortunately a golden Elite managed to toss a plasma grenade into the assortment of chain guns; it exploded, trashing several of the gun emplacements.

      "Time to scatter, marines! They're too close to shoot at, stay in groups of at least five just to stay safe!" yelled the Lieutenant as he ditched the chain gun and ran to get cover along with three other marines.
      Williams and three others followed him as he ran to take cover behind a building. When they stopped, the marines introduced themselves.

      "Sir! Corporal Dynuld reporting for duty, sir!" the Corporal snapped a salute, Rienne returned it.

      "Private Dave Trollop, sir." The private didn't salute, then Rienne turned to the last ODST, it was a women.

      "Master Sergeant Alice Delano, but you can call me "Rough"." said the Sergeant, Rienne was pleased to have a girl in his squad.

      "Okay, "Rough", I'm gonna need you to stay with me, you guys stay here and provide cover." ordered Rienne, an explosion rumbled behind them.
      The Captain needed a vantage point; he looked around and saw stairs that led up to the roof. "Come on," he said to Alice, and they both made their way up to the top. In seconds they had reached it, and Rienne peered over the rooftop, the Covenant had arrived.

      "This is good, very good, hand me a pistol, or sniper or something with a zoom." said Rienne to Rough, she nodded and slid the sniper which was slung around her shoulder off.
      She gave it to Rienne, "Thanks," he said and clicked the safety off. He got the feel for it, checked through the scope and let off the first bullet into a golden-clad Elite. The shot pierced its shields, its helmet, and then its skull; sending chunks of alien skin everywhere. But unlike what happened in New Tatley, the Covenant did not disband.
      So he fired a few more shots into some more unsuspecting soldiers, but they just kept on marching until finally they had reached the tarmac. This is when the Covenant split up and started running down the runway engaging any soldier they saw.

      "Trollop!" yelled the familiar voice of Williams, "He's down, retreat to the roof!"
      Soon the two Corporals could be seen, panting. They tried to mouth that Trollop was down, but couldn't manage to make words. Blood was splattered all over Dynuld's uniform. They both sat down in a state of shock, and that's when an Elite decided to walk up the stairs accompanied by two Jackals. Rienne spun around with the sniper and fired, the recoil nearly knocked him off his feet. Fortunately the bullet managed to hit the Elite in the stomach, with help from the armor piercing rounds it knocked the alien backwards off of the stairs to the ground below.
      The Jackals put the shields up against each other so it was practically impossible to get a good shot at the aliens. So instead of struggling to actually get a good shot he tossed a grenade beside the doomed Covenant; it exploded sending the two Jackals onto the second tarmac.

      "Williams, I'd like you to stay here with Dynuld, I'm sure Rough is alright to come with me. Keep me posted." ordered Rienne, the Corporal nodded.
      They made their way down the stairs, only to be encountered by another pair of Jackals. Rough got to her feet and fired until the aliens were twitching in a bloody pulp.

      "We're pinned down, this is Lieutenant Kegs reporting somewhere behind the main hangar, we could do with some help people." this message came in over the ODST frequency on the COM, and Rienne quickly acknowledged the transmission.
      He told Rough to follow him, and as they made their way past the buildings hell raged before their eyes. Fires had broken out everywhere, on buildings, the gun emplacements, even parts of the tarmac. Troopers were running around everywhere, either trying to run away from a Covenant or aid someone in a fight.
      They reached the main hangar, entered it and saw the Lieutenant hiding behind an F-95 Space Maneuverable Fight Jet along with two other marines. Another body lay sprawled somewhere else in the hangar, quite devoid of life and surrounded by blood. Rienne could see what the problem was; several Elites were in the room which looked over the whole hangar were firing at the Lieutenant and the other marines.

      "Good to see you, Captain," the Lieutenant yelled to him, "Captain, get behind something, covering fire!"
      Rienne ran behind a stack of wooden boxes, and then he took out the sniper he had slung around his shoulder and poked it through a hole in the boxes. He aimed for the magenta-clad Elite that was currently firing at the Lieutenant and shot it in the head. It collapsed over the window sill; its body hanging limply in an awkward position with blood dripping onto the concrete floor below.
      Another four Elites took its place along with a Brute, and directed their fire to the Captain and Rough. The plasma melted the wood of the boxes, causing them to collapse, completely exposing the Captain and Rough.

      "Dive for cover, goddamn it! We sure as hell don't want to lose ya too!" yelled the Lieutenant in despair as Rough dove behind an F-95.
      Rienne was frozen in shock, but was quickly awakened as blue plasma shots sizzled past his helmet; one knocked him in the left shoulder. He yelled in pain and collapsed behind the broken boxes, clutching his bloody shoulder. Everything went hazy as he could hear yelling from the Lieutenant, but he didn't faint.