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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 6: Airfield Arrival)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 December 2003, 7:00 PM

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Since this story has a lot to do with locations in this made-up city I have created, I will try and send in the map I made of where this story takes place to HBO, also if you want to see my previous stories you will have to type me up as cold_blooded on the author/story search.. -CoLd BlooDed

Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 6: Airfield Arrival)
0851 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Parking Lot Outside of Military Headquarters, New Tatley Sector 13.

      Right when Rienne thought he was going to pass out from the weight a soldier rushed to his aid. Without question the marine struggled to lift off the dead alien carcass, Rienne resumed his crouching position along with his rescuer.

      "Thanks for the help, kid." said the Captain and the soldier nodded.

      "No problem, sir! Anything to help a superior, just stay out of trouble." said the marine with a chuckle, then he left the cover of the car and went out into the battle.
      Rienne poked his head above the car and eventually decided it was safe to go out. First he was in a crouch, then he was walking, then he broke out into a run to get to where the "fight" was. Only Jackals and Grunts remained on the ground; "B" company and the survivors of "A" were mopping up the last of them. No other Phantoms were in sight to drop off another wave of troops.
      The warning buzzer indicated that a transmission was trying to get through to him and him only. He clicked the COM link on and waited for the consultation.

      "Captain? I have something that you can help with; it's mostly about the ODST airfield located by the coast of England. We have just received communication from the General Anderson that the Covenant are sweeping to their position and they need assistance ASAP." said the familiar voice of Loggs, "I have volunteered you and another soldier to bring a trailer full of weapons, ammo, and medical supplies. Get to the vehicle garages which are under the David's street overpass on the double, soldier."

      "Yes, sir, will there be anyone to assist me on what to do?" asked Rienne over the COM.

      "Of course, Captain, the man helping you will be in vehicle locker two on the right side of the overpass. He will also be accompanying you on your trip to the airfield." said the General, "Another thing, I will be leaving the HQ for a more personal reason, assuming my position will be Sergeant Lubz, he is the highest ranking officer in the building at the moment, so he will be in charge. Loggs over and out."
      Rienne clicked off the COM link and continued to walk forward over and through the dead bodies of marines and aliens alike. The last shot rang out from a soldier as he finished off a limping Jackal who was without a shield. A cheer broke out from the surviving soldiers, but soon their satisfaction died out and they started attending wounded and pulling the dead off the parking lot.
      When the Captain got to the intersection he started to run and in a few seconds he made it to the vehicle garages. He stopped, panting, and he paid attention to the numbers placed above the garages. When he stopped at the number two, an Elite jumped down through the hole from the overpass. Its shields took the force of the impact and it stood up slowly, facing Rienne.
      The surprised Captain backed up to the wall, raised his Battle Rifle and fired several well placed shots to the head. This only made the shields shimmer, and Rienne froze in horror. Then the Elite raised it's plasma rifle and aimed it at Rienne, it fired twice but the Captain had managed to run from the line of fire. He spun around and shot the alien several more times, and soon the shields overloaded and failed to work.
      But the alien was not finished.
      The round of Rienne's BR had depleted and he was busy reloading as the Elite raised his weapon once more. Rienne, now knowing he was going to be shot, dropped to the ground. Then the loud rumble of weapons fire replaced what should've been the hiss of plasma fire. He had closed his eyes but opened them when everything went silent. A smoking alien corpse lay in front of the Captain and to the left of it was a man dressed in normal marine uniform, wielding the two SMG's that had killed the alien.

      "You okay, sir? That was a close one." said the marine, "We better get a move on, these supplies aren't gonna deliver themselves you know."
      Rienne stood up, nodded, brushed himself off and walked into the now-opened garage. Inside was a Warthog, attached at the rear of the 'Hog was a trailer complete with the many weapons and other supplies needed at the airfield.

      "Would you mind driving, sir? My hands ain't doing so well since the battle started, I got shot as soon as they hit the town." said the marine, "By the way, I'm Corporal Williams and I'll be assisting you today."
      Rienne greeted Williams and climbed into the driver's seat of the Warthog, he hadn't driven one of these for a very long time. The Captain still remembered how to drive, but it would take him a few minutes to get used to the vehicle. The Corporal hopped into the passenger's seat and gave Rienne the thumbs up.

      "Just remember, though, we have a trailer with us, so don't do anything too crazy. Just a reminder, sir." said the Corporal.
      Rienne gave a thumbs up back to the Corporal and was about to gun it when several Elites popped out in front of the open garage. The Captain didn't hesitate to put the pedal to the metal; blue blood showered the walls and 'Hog as the 3 ton vehicle plowed over them. The Corporal fired at the bodies as they came onto the street causing more gore to cover the roads.
      They were driving up the hill as a Phantom appeared from behind the damaged wall up ahead. It flew past where the LRV to the parking lot of the HQ, it seemed like the marines were up for another fight. The 'Hog continued to zip down the road, and soon it came to the badly damaged gate.
      The massive entrance was leaning to one side; the top was badly scorched and crumbling. Then Rienne saw another way of getting out of the city, to the right of the gate was a collapsed watchtower which sat on a mountain of rubble. He approached the debris with the Warthog and soon rode over it, slow enough so that the trailer did not bounce around enough to damage it.
      In a few seconds they had made it through the hole in the thick concrete wall and joined up with the road leading to the ODST airfield.

Eighth Cycle, 34 units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Trailer of Moving Warthog, en route to human airfield.

      The Grunt known as Rallit had made it into the human portable compartment, and he was stuck behind some of their primitive weapons and grenades. The gods would surely be proud of his work, but in the midst of his thinking the human compartment hit a bump and caught air, flinging Rallit into a wall.
      As soon as we stop we contact the Thunderstrike, thought the Grunt as he tried to stand up, then we give orders to attack airfield and send in a big assault force on the human city. These were his previous instructions from the Field Master Pol 'Ralamee and by god he was going to carry them out.
      He had made it into the trailer by getting into the human vehicle storage room by vent. Then he had made sure that no one was there and boarded into the transportable compartment. There he had waited for at least 7 units until they had started moving. Now all he had to do was wait until they stopped, give orders to 'Ralamee, and wait for all the humans to die and get shipped off to the Thunderstrike. Maybe he would be congratulated by the Prophet of Truth! How an honor that would be, he was day-dreaming again, something that this Grunt was fallible for.
      Rallit was still confident though and knew his plan was flawless.

0901 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Drivers seat of Warthog, parked at ODST airfield.

      "Alright then! That was an uneventful ride, anyways I'm going to get the General and tell him we made it with the supplies." said Williams and started to walk away, Rienne leaned against the Warthog.
      In a few minutes Williams and a medium sized man with grey hair emerged from the nearest building. As they walked towards the Warthog he called over several of his Helljumpers and soon five other people were following.

      "Good day, Captain! I am General Anderson, but first let's open the trailer!" said the General; he beckoned two of his marines to open the door.
      They followed the order, and soon the door had been lifted and to everyone's surprise a Grunt lay behind the stash of weapons. It jumped in shock, and tried to grab one of the knives and throw it at a marine. Unfortunately the Grunts hand could not properly hold a knife, and dropped it on its foot.
      It yelled in pain, and two of the marines dragged it out.

      "Send this one to the cells along with the other three, he's going to be doing some hard labor." ordered Anderson with a smirk, the two soldiers that had opened the compartment took the squirming Grunt away. "Good work, Captain Rienne, now all we need is for you and my ---."
      The General was interrupted by the sudden screech of Banshees, Rienne wheeled around in horror two see at least ten or twenty of the alien aircrafts coming to their position. Following behind them was the Covenant Phantoms, and at least six or seven of those could be seen. "Oh no..." said the General, "Everyone get ready, hit the alarm, this is gonna be one helluva day!"
      Then he jumped into the Warthog and booted it down the tarmac, he could be seen swerving behind a building and probably into the armory for unloading.

      "What the hell are we waiting for? Let's get to work people; I'm guessing we have five minutes until they land." said the Captain, "Williams, your with me."
      They stayed in their position until more of the ODST's joined up with them, now at least forty or so blood lusting marines were with the Captain, and they were gonna win this fight.

      "Captain Rienne, this is Sergeant Lubz, we read massive movement to your position. We have contacted the surrounding military encampments and they are on the way to help the city and airfield. Good luck, sir." Rienne clicked the COM channel on to receive the message, then clicked it off when it was done.
      This was going to be one helluva day, as said by General Anderson.