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Orbital Drop Shock Trooper
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 November 2003, 3:51 AM

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Everything was quiet, no one made a sound.
We were all in a pelican, about to drop to the ground.
The Pelican was airborne and we flew high and true,
just to tell you it was quite the view.

That all changed when we came to the destination,
when I took a look at all the fighting I was filled with frustration.
Explosions rang out here and shooting broke out there.
the pilot said we were landing down and needed to get prepared.

The soldiers piled out of the Pelican while it was in the air,
pulled the cords of their chutes along with great care.
In seconds they all were gliding around in the sky,
the Helljumpers were used to being so high.

Soon later all the Shock Troopers landed on the dirt,
they were about to fight a battle in which they would get hurt.
The troopers had landed in the middle of the battlefield,
but not yet had the enemy been revealed.

Shots from the aliens echoed through the day,
dying soldiers did not have time to pray.
Red and purple blood stained the large field of grass,
the enemy, you could say, was definitely kicking ass.

The wounded that lay on that ground had no hope at all,
they were lucky if they left alive in that brawl.
Then the Longswords flew by and dropped the bombs,
every single soldier died along with all the noncoms.

The ODST squad had been wiped out that very afternoon,
so the next decision was to send in another platoon.