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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 2: Alien Ambush)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 November 2003, 5:14 AM

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This story may look longer due to the lack of switch of characters, enjoy this is all action! -CoLd BlooDed

Fight for New Tatley (Chptr 2: Alien Ambush)
0734 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Military HQ Rooftop, Overlooking Front Parking Lot.

      "Everyone get into position; don't attack until I say. Snipers fire at will." Captain Tim Rienne looked up from the monocular; the sniper to his right loaded his gun and peered through the scope.
      Then the sniper turned to Rienne, gave a thumbs up, and observed the landscape through the sniper scope once again. He had assembled the men that Loggs had given him all around the rooftops and a couple on the overpass. The firefight ahead had died down because all the human soldiers had retreated, and the Covenant was regrouping. Elites had already made it to the overpass not yet noticing the ambush waiting for them.

      "Blue Five to Red One: I have a clear shot of the golden bastard, asking permission to blow him away." Blue-Five's gruff voice crackled over the COM link.

      "Negative, Blue Five, you will give away our position and put this whole plan in danger. Keep your scope on that unlucky Elite and wait for my command." said Tim over the link, he was going to play it safe and wait for the rest of the Covenant to come out from under the overpass.
      Three minutes had passed by, the enemy finally stopped; they were at a clear shooting point for every sniper on the buildings. The golden Elite spun around, all the Grunts, Jackals, and Brutes snapped to attention. He yelled something in alien tongue, and the Covenant roared with blood thirst.
      The alien was about to spin around when Captain Rienne ordered everyone to fire. The head of the golden Elite exploded as several shots pierced through his shields, helmet, and skull. Several other random alien targets were taken down as well, and soon the Covenant had broken the box formation.
      These guys were definitely screwed, thought the Captain as he shot a Brute through the stomach.

      "Bridge Bomber One and Two: drop the frags." instructed the Captain over the COM, he watched the grenades fall and explode only to kill a group of veteran Elites and a handful of Jackals.
      Then he ordered the ground squad to move in, and looked over the rooftop edge to see fifty marines come from the Military HQ. They raised their battle rifles and shot any alien that moved. For a moment the humans were winning, but as always their luck vanished. Banshee's screamed overhead, and they each shot a plasma cannon at the rooftop. Screams crackled over the COM channel, one of the nearby buildings was empty of snipers thanks to the Banshee's.

      "Take out those Banshee's! All soldiers' direct fire to them." ordered Rienne, and soon the two alien aircrafts had opened up and the pilots had fallen out. "Nice shooting, people! I think those Banshee's are still operational, we'll have to see after the fight."
      Then the fighting got tough, the enemy ground forces had brought in several Wraiths which had started firing upon the rooftops. Green team had been wiped out due to the fact that a giant plasma bomb had landed on top of the whole team. Since they couldn't take out the Wraiths by weapon fire they had to get the Bridge Bombing team to fire the rockets to take down the alien mortar tanks.
      Suddenly an unseen tank faced the bridge and fired; the plasma bomb flew high and started to fall with increased velocity. Before the team on the bridge could disengage with all their equipment it exploded right on top of them sending bodies everywhere. A large hole had been blown into the overpass, and chunks of concrete had showered the road beneath.

      "All teams disengage! Go inside the buildings and shoot from there!" ordered Captain Rienne when he saw the Wraiths turn towards his position.
      He grabbed what was essential of his and ran to the stairs that led down into the building. Holding the M91A2 .55 cal sniper rifle and ammo box, he jogged down the stairs and was followed by the other people in his squad. Time had run out, but fortunately he was already at the bottom of the stairwell. There was a thunderous explosion which caused the building to shake and Rienne was forced to deal with a constant ringing in his ears.
      Tim yelled as loud as he could to the other members of his team to exit the stairwell, the ringing in his ears hadn't gone away. He followed his squad into the next hallway where large windows lined the wall on the left. The remainder of the troops set up in front of separate windows, opened them and placed their snipers through the open windows.
      The Captain couldn't hear much now, the ringing tone had gone away but only dull sounds of the weapons firing and explosions could be perceived.

      "Blue team come in! I repeat Blue team come in! Did you manage to make it inside?" asked Rienne over the COM, he could just barely hear himself talk.

      "This is Blue Two, we've taken hits, Blue Five and One are down! Only four members of this squad remain uninjured." reported Blue two, "We have a great sniping position, should we commence firing, sir?"

      "Affirmative, Blue Two, are you currently in command?" asked Rienne, his hearing was slowly improving.

      "Yes, sir, you are currently speaking to First Sergeant Easlee, the highest ranking officer was First Lieutenant Cosche but he was shot down on the roof." answered Easlee, "I'm going to have to attend the wounded, I'll keep you posted, sir. Easlee out."
      The Captain cut the COM feed, he had been firing while listening and managed to take out a couple Grunts and an Elite. Somehow the Covenant had gotten larger in numbers, but were quickly being shot down by the snipers in the windows. Rienne then realized this would be going a lot quicker if the other two squads hadn't been eliminated. The UNSC ground troops were still fighting ferociously; the only thing that changed the ground force was that they decreased in numbers.

      "Ground forces; take cover, incoming fragmentation grenades." Rienne had clicked the COM link on and given the order when four frag grenades fell from the windows.
      The ground forces split up and hid behind parked cars, the grenades bounced off the ground once and landed between pockets of Covenant soldiers. The metallic M9 HE-DP grenades went off one by one, throwing Covenant in various directions without limbs or ligaments. Then the Wraiths came into view, aimed towards Tim and his squad and fired.

      "Hit the deck!" Rienne yelled to the rest of his squad, only one of the soldiers was obliterated as the pulsating blue orb struck the window he was firing out of.
      Captain Rienne was dazed, dust and dirt was blocking his view of everything else. When it settled, he saw the wall had been taken out and that three other people in his squad had been blown across the hall. There was only one survivor, and he lay under a pile of rubble and was coughing up blood.
      Tim tried to call out to the soldier, but he couldn't hear himself talk. The explosion had deafened him momentarily, and he crawled desperately over to the marine. The soldier mouthed something which was unheard, the Captain tried to make out what he said but to no such luck. Rienne pushed the rubble off of the fallen soldier only to come face to face with a large hole seeping blood.
      Tim lifted up the soldier and put the marines scratched arm around his shoulder. Together they walked slowly down the hallway, stepping over large pieces of concrete to get to the elevator. It seemed like eternity, and with every few seconds the marine groaned and choked up blood. They made it to the elevator, the Captain pressed a series of buttons and soon they arrived on the 2nd floor.

      "Captain, what happened up there? Intel shows no movement on the roof!" Loggs said, "We thought you were gone!"

      "With all due respect, sir, there's no time for that, this man needs medical attention; he's the onlysurvivor of my team." Rienne replied, "Two other teams were wiped out too! The only squad remaining is Blue team."
      Loggs was about to open his mouth when the Captain heard a feed coming in through the COM channel. He put his hand over his ear to hear a little better.

      "Captain! Come in, we are experiencing some major difficulties, Covenant have entered the building and been killing everyone inside! Right now I can hear them slaughtering the people on the floor below us, please help us Captain... I don't want to die... Shit here they come!" the message was ended abruptly by gunfire and yelling.

      "General Loggs, I have just gotten contact with that last remaining team, they are in serious trouble from the sounds of it. May I go in to extract them before they come to serious harm?" asked Rienne.
      Loggs thought for a second, and then a grim look came over his face.
      "If I give you any more men, I'm hoping that this time they will actually come to some good?" asked Loggs, "Which building are they located at, anyhow?"

      "I set them up on the roof of the bank; they are probably at the top floor. They need some medic's up there too, he reported that they have wounded and dead." responded Rienne dully.

      "Then I shall give you two medics? With guns, yes? Also we need some normal UNSC bred soldiers, five of those, and your friend Chief Triam would like to come along too. That should be sufficient, come down to the conference room once you are ready." Loggs said, and then he turned around and disappeared behind the fray of tech officers scrambling about.
      Rienne turned to the window, outside was hell. Two Phantoms had already touched down in the parking lot letting loose another wave of troops. More troops ran out from some garages and started fighting some more; it looked like B Company had been inserted into the mess. He had to get to the conference room so he could save the trapped squad before it was too late.