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Comments for 'Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 2: Alien Ambush)'

6:54 pm | December 1, 2003
the story was decent, but the storytelling methodds (ie vividness used to describe setting) seemed a little .. just not there. Better than most, i think.
CoLd BlooDed
6:29 pm | November 23, 2003
haha, ya I realized that after I read someone elses fan fic commment section (maybe yours)and he said he won some sport event thing.....
Blue Angel
4:27 pm | November 23, 2003
dude dont worry about excuse me, he's a dumb British dude who went to a private school. and thinks he's smarter than everyone else. i mean look at how he spelt 2, i mean man come on spell right. at least i can spell with precise words, with a few mistakes by the way.
and dnt, what the fuck is he saying god dammit english learn it dumbass. come on your British for christ sake. be smart.
oh god and sum1, its someone. jesus!!!!!!!!!!!
CoLd BlooDed
10:54 pm | November 22, 2003
pardon, monsieur? How come you do not like my story, and what do you mean by "we"?
Excuse me!!
8:33 pm | November 22, 2003
Je suis chaud bebe!!! Tu es chaud 2!! je suis Francaise. J'aime le story!! We r not rely french!
And i dnt rely like ur story! But i am rely hot stuf!
read phoenix89uk's story! we no him, he goes 2 our skool, he is weird, so dnt worry there is sum1 like u out there!!
10:50 pm | November 19, 2003
Improvement is always good. 9.3/10.

Semper Fi

Blue Angel
10:29 am | November 19, 2003
very well written but i read it over later on today. okay. :) bye and tah tah for now.