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Return to Earth (Chptr 7: Final Finish)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 July 2003, 3:20 AM

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This is the final chapter in the series "Return to Earth", mostly because I am at my grandparents house who happen to have the internet, but at my house I do not. In a month or so I will get connected, so expect to still read my stories sooner or later. I thank anyone who has read my stories, and enjoy the final chapter. -CoLD BlooDed

Return to Earth (Chptr 7: Final Finish)
1738 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Control Room onboard Covenant Orbiter

      ......The first thing they wanted to do was stop the ship from dropping the bombs, but how...
      It had been at least twenty minutes before they arrived on the ship, and the bombs would still drop because they had already been loaded. All the Covenant had to do was push a button in the bridge and wipe New Tatley off the map. Chief had to think fast, what could he do?

      "I've got it." said the Spartan in calmness, "We blow up the ship, thus saving New Tatley."

      "Sure, that's the most obvious thing to do, but how?" asked the Corporal in confusion. "They don't have a generator close by do they?"

      "Of course they do Corporal, except its not really a generator but more of an electric field. There is a room close by that holds this "generator" and we should blow it up." said Cortana, she had thought out a plan. "But our escape route is blocked, the Covenant have retaken the Docking Bay. Right now I'm trying to get hold of the ODST Military Airfield. Hold on."
      The transmissions between Cortana and the ODST Airfield echoed over the outer speakers.

      "General Anderson? Hello its Cortana, we need an immediate assault on the Covenant Orbiter above New Tatley! Are you able to carry this out?" Cortana transmitted.

      "Cortana? Who's we, and how many men do we need to send?" responded the General flatly.

      "We as in a Spartan and four other marines, and send as many people as you can, this is a large ship." replied the AI.

      "What are you planning to do inside?" asked the ODST General.

      "You leave that to us, we'll first blow out the shields so you can attack, then be ready to pick us up, we'll leave you a surprise." answered Cortana.

      "I love surprises Cortana, over and out." said Anderson before he turned off his radio.

      "Thanks Cortana, but the first thing I plan to do is destroy this room." said the Chief before he started shooting at the equipment, the marines copied him.
      In minutes, the room was just a large storage closet with broken machinery and dead bodies. Cortana told them the "Generator" was close by, actually they had passed it on their way to the Control Room. As they exited out of 20-C the screams of a grunt was heard, he had totally forgotten that some managed to get away.
      * * * * * *
5:38 PM Turenta 47, 2552
Onboard Thunderstrike, Heading to Bridge

      "Aiiieeeeeeeeeee!" managed to scream out the grunt named Payut as he rounded the corner, the Infidels were right behind him.
      He was by himself, all of his fellow brothers had died in the Control Room, the devil had been in there. Payut shuddered of the thought of the menacing green giant, the cause of all these problems. The little grunt had run for minutes when he finally made it to {{]{|\-[| (Sector 10-A), he knew this ship from the back of his paw. Elites clad in their armor ran past Payut as the alarm blared throughout the ship. In front of him was the doorway to the bridge, in he went.
      The prophets and elites looked at him as he ran towards the Space Commander Tatamee, clad in his orange armor. Payut grabbed at his masters leg, too short to tap him on the shoulder. The elite (as the humans labeled them) turned around and looked down at the grunt.

      "What do you want, small one?" asked the Space Commander.

      "I-I saw the devil in green! He's in the ship, somewhere in Sector B! Send troops there and quick!" screamed Payut, but Tatamee just smiled at him.

      "Do not worry, we have sent many troops to that sector, plus we can drop the bombs anytime we like! Right now we are waiting for the plasma to settle, and in about fifteen minutes we'll be ready!" said the Space Commander, he turned around to face the viewport window.
      Floating in front of the the viewport were many of the Infidel ships, ready to fire. Didn't they know the shield was indestructible? A rumble was felt at Payuts feet, it grew louder and then the grunt and everyone else on board fell to their feet as the Thunderstrike lurched. The destructive foes of theirs fired until the viewport window was covered with bullet holes, the window was on the verge of breaking.

      "Send out the space fleet NOW! Find out what happened to the core, too! Damnit those humans are going to pay!" bellowed Tatamee, furious the humans got the first hit
      * * * * * *
1743 hours October 12, 2552
ODST F-95 Space-Maneuverable Fighter

      "They must've taken out the shields! All ships engage!" ordered General Anderson over the radio transmitter.
      Lito Teroza acknowledged the order and fired along with the rest of the ships. The ODST fleet managed to puncture millions of holes into the Orbiters bridge window. The squadron ceased fire as many Banshee's emerged from the middle of the ship, the next order from Anderson was take care of the Banshee's. Teroza might've been the best flyer in the group, but that changed now that he was in space.
      Plasma shots from the Banshee's rippled upon several of the Fighters in front of Lito, the F-95's waited until the plasma settled and then exploded. Teroza squinted his eyes and managed to see a Banshee right in front of him, he clicked the trigger on his gear shift. The bullets hit everywhere on the ship, and he was satisfied when the ship blew into two and the pilot floated out with no legs.
      The Covenant Orbiter was slanted, and the middle of the ship had a large round black scar, probably the location of the generator which had exploded. Lito didn't even know the reason he was up here fighting, only that they were picking up some people that were in the ship.

      "Everyone back in a line, we're going to pick off the Banshee's one by one." said the General over the radio.

      Teroza flew beside another Fighter Jet, firing simultaneously at the same Banshee, in seconds it exploded into many pieces. They repeated the pattern over again until their were barely any left, then they were ordered to follow the blue Fighter Jet (General Anderson's) to the Docking Bay. They were going to save some soldiers.
      * * * * * *
1760 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Inside Covenant Orbiter, Central Core Room

      The Chief had destroyed the "generator", which was actually three blue towers emitting electricity. But the electricity had stopped, and there was no more power to the ship. Now they couldn't drop the bombs, and they also couldn't guess what the Spartan was planning to do to them. He took several timed explosives attached to his belt, set it for twenty minutes and stuck it on the several plasma filled tanks. Cortana said that when the bomb went off, it would create a chain reaction of explosions, ripping the entire ship in half.
      Now they had to hurry to the Docking Bay, they seen the ODST fighters fighting through the windows. The marines were silent, the only sound the were making was their boots clatter against the metal floor. They had gone down a floor and were in the right sector when they heard weapons fire closeby.

      "It has to be the ODST's! They're in the Docking bay, HURRY! We have to be clear of this thing when it explodes." said Cortana as the Chief went through the doorway to the Docking Bay.
      Below the humans were fighting many of the Covenant, elites, grunts, jackals and hunters. Bodies lay all alone the floor and landings, the Docking Bay looked very similar to the Truth and Reconciliation except it was wider and there was no middle part connected to the landing. The latest Fighter Jets were docked on the bottom floor, and around them were the fighting marines. Grenades exploded here and there, and the Chief found himself picking off many of the hunters with his sniper rifle.

      "Get down there and help them out! Tell them to get the Pelicans ready!" ordered the Spartan as he eyed the transports. The marines followed his command and eventually came down to the bottom floor.
      Bang. Pow. The Master Chief only had two chances to shoot before the Covenant turned on him, he went to the doorway and ran down the ramp that eventually led to the bottom floor. He was greeted with plasma fire, but wasted any alien that came in front of him. One of the hunters he had shot was still lingering near the Docking Bay opening, and since the shields were down the Chief kicked it out and watched as it suffocated in space. The Spartan saw the Pelican hovering, and inside was the Corporal and marines shooting at the elites, who were falling quickly thanks to the ODST.
      He ran to the Pelican, and kicked a jackal or two out of the way, getting showered in blood. The Chief hopped inside the Pelican, and as he wheeled around and shot the aircraft took off. In minutes the entire ODST fleet were flying away from the ship, beneath them was the Earth, glistening from the sunlight.

      "7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...." counted down Cortana for the bomb.
      A little tiny explosion in the center of the ship could be seen at first, then a larger explosion and another until it looked like a spear had gone through the middle of the ship. The heatwave passed through space, hitting the Chief and marines they winced and watched on. A wall of fire then ripped through the entire middle of the ship, tearing it into two pieces. The front of the ship spun around while the back (containing the explosive tanks) exploded again and again until there was nothing left.
      In half an hour they touched down in New Tatley, warmly greeted by the Sergeant and Corporal. Even though the sun disappeared behind the hills the explosions from above filled the town with enough sunlight to think it was morning. The Spartan and marines were given several purple hearts, and a bravery badge. This the Chief had already received, but the marines were amazed at what they earned. The threat was over for now, but the Spartan would soon face this problem again. The Covenant were like wasps, when you killed one they would always come back to sting.
      The End