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Comments for 'Return to Earth (Chptr 7: Final Finish)'

Frost Bite
12:09 am | May 22, 2004
ok 2 things. 1st I think it's really stupid how I have to read the comments on each section of a series indavidually. 2nd... Nice job on the series... I'm 17 and I can't write nearly that well (as YFM is testimony) but keep up the good work... now I have to read the rest of your stories.
CoLD BlooDed
2:27 am | August 1, 2003
Thx everyone, I just had time to read the endings at my friends, thx for posting and be patient until I come up with some new ideas; either it will be the continuation of the MC or from an aliens perspective
10:57 pm | July 29, 2003
hell yeah!
Alpha Lance
5:51 pm | July 29, 2003
11:36 am | July 29, 2003
Awesome! Encore! Great ending to a reall good series. 10/10.

Woot! Woot!
Hidden Assassin
1:51 am | July 29, 2003
Great ending! Can I get a 'Hell Yeah!'
12:34 am | July 29, 2003
Yeah, I agree, really good dude. WOOT! :]