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Return to Earth (Chptr 5: Destined to Kill)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 July 2003, 2:44 AM

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Return to Earth (Chptr 5: Destined to Kill)
1646 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Parking Lot of War Tactics HQ

      ....."Good luck Spartan, bring us a victory." said the Sergeant.....
      The Chief emerged out of the back of the building, he was now in the huge parking lot. He walked cautiously from the lot to the road, from his position he could be sniped by the Covenant easily. Up ahead he heard shouting, then gunfire, five or six marines appeared from behind a building, shooting and walking backwards. Following them were several elites and....an apelike soldier.

      "What is that thing Cortana?" asked the Chief, watching the ape take a beating from weapons fire.

      "From what I've been told its called a brute, I was informed back at Brazil by General Porth. Apparently they pack quite a punch, be careful around them chief." responded Cortana.
      Chief took out his sniper since he was too far away to use his scope on the battle rifle. He aimed at the brute's head, he waited for the perfect shot between the eyes and released the trigger. His improved sight enabled him to see the bullet bury itself in the creatures skull, like an explosion occurred inside; the head exploded.
      The elites turned to face the Chief, shooting their plasma rifles. He ducked and missed the oncoming shots, then took out two elites simultaneously. Auto fire from the marines wore down the surviving elite shields, and the Master Chief finished the job by taking them out. At least seven bloody carcasses of the Covenant lay on the street, each with a brutal wound that had killed it.

      "Hey hey! Look, its a Spartan!" said the enlightened soldier to his fellow comrades, "Where have you been, my friend?"

      "Don't ask." said the Spartan as he approached them, "Now, are you coming with me or not?"

      "You don't have to ask twice, sir!" gruffly said a man from behind, he stepped forward, "Corporal Maccom, at your service, where are we headed to?"

      "To rescue more of your soldiers asses, this way." responded the Chief, he walked down an alleyway followed by the marines.
      The metal grates leading to the sewers had been ripped open, someone must've been desperate to get away from something. As they continued on, Cortana told the Chief to enter through a door to his right. When he and the marines got through, the first thing they noticed was a dead body face down on the floor. The man must have put up one hell of a fight too, because the spine had been ripped out and there was no head. Knowing that when someone put up a good fight against the Covenant and lost, there was always a harsher punishment. Someone had already been here.
      A hallway led down to a room full of the military computers they had used back on Reach, they were huge. The room covered more space than the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn, so the Chief told the marines to search the computers for any useful hardware.

      "Chief, I found something interesting, would you like to see?" Cortana asked.
      Before he could answer he saw the document appear in front of his face.
      Confidential Report Link Code: 2377-432

      Z23 Ship Docking Bay is ready for use, found under town of New Tatley, accessible from sewage pipelines. Z23 is only for development of new vehicles, aircrafts, etc., classified location to the public. The underground base also contains heavy information about every other private Docking Bay, should it fall into the hands of the enemy, then pray. Z23 is for military use only, and the project of building it was when Covenant first attacked. Idea was issued from Sergeant Jacob Lubz, who also worked on it for months. To gain entry to Z23, follow yellow lights until you reach a red one, directly under the light is a handle, twist it sideways and wait. Once a pathway emerges, follow tunnel until you reach the bay, you should recognize it. -Corporal Walse, 102 Division
Keep this Report Safe

      "Why didn't Lubz or Walse say anything about why their town was being attacked?" asked the confused Spartan as the document disappeared.

      "I cannot answer that question, Chief. All I can say is we should check it out."
responded the AI.
      Master Chief ordered the soldiers to follow him, they went out the back of the building and went back to the metal grate.

      "Where are we going sir?" asked another soldier who had a British accent.

      "Any one of you heard of Z23?" asked the Chief, the marines gave nervous glances toward eachother.

      "Uhhh....sir, thats confidential, we can't tell---" responded the Corporal but was interrupted by the Chief.

      "I don't care if it's confidential! Don't you see? This is why the Covenant are here!" aggravately said the Chief, realizing that the marines already knew that, "We're going down there, right now."
      He climbed down the ladder leading into the sewers, the marines hesitated and decided to follow him. They did what the document had said, walked until they found a red light, under it was a silver handle. They twisted it and waited a minute until the passage had emerged. The next few minutes were spent walking down the hallway, and finally they got to the bay.
      It looked just like the Docking Bay in the Pillar of Autumn, except vehicles the Chief had never seen before covered Z23. The bay looked as if it was abandoned, nobody was there. Thats what he thought before he heard the voices of grunts and elites, he issued the troops to spread out. The Spartan followed the voices, and eventually peeked into a control room, inside were a countless number of elites. Shit. He strayed away from the room, looking to find the grunts. How did the elites find Z23?
      * * * * * *
5:01 PM Turenta 47, 2552
Control Room of Infidel Underground Structure

      Potramee was pleased with himself, if it wasn't for him they would have never found this human structure. The gods would be pleased, and hopefully the prophets too. The other twenty elites accompanying him were arguing over what to do, they claimed to have seen the green devil back on the surface.

      "Silence!" ordered Potramee in his language, "We have to spread out and see if we can gain any useful information on the humans world, go now!"
      The crowd emptied the room, leaving Potramee to himself, he took out his plasma energized transponder:

      "Tama Potramee to Thisya Control, we need an immediate insertion of troops into the city. We have found what we were looking for." said Potramee over the transponder, then set it upon a human chair.
      They acknowledged the order, in an hour or so a tremendous army of his fellow people would overrun the city. But for now, he had other things to do. Minutes after he left the control room, he heard a gunshot from the savage weaponry. Potramee looked down to the bottom floor, it was another ruthless human about to learn his lesson. The Infidel wheeled on his back foot and fired at three of Potramee's men.
      Potramee roared as bullets ravaged their armor and killed them. He ran down to the human who was now firing at him. As Potramee raised his weapon, he noticed the look of aghast before the mans face bent inwards. He bellowed in triumph, and yelled to his troops to search for any more of the humans. But before he could walk any further the devil clad in green appeared from behind the Infidel vehicles.
      Potramee fired at him, but was supprised to see shields light up, while he stared in shock, the devil brought his weapon down on his face. His blood blocked his vision while the green villain shot once more, Potramee saw nothing more....
      * * * * * *
1710 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Z23 Docking Bay, Lower Deck

      The elite he had just finished off collapsed to the ground, then the Chief looked over at the marine on the ground. Blood was trickling from the indented face of the man, who was now unidentifiable. If he hadn't shot at the elite before this wouldn't of happened, and it ruined the chances of finding out what the elites were planning to do. More gunshots rang out through Z23, twenty elites versus five marines and a Spartan, it could be brutal.
      Master Chief looked up, the ramp that surrounded the roof was illuminating light from the weapons fire. As he ran up and down ramps he finally made it to the top, there was the Corporal firing at anything that moved. Elites were piled up here and there, and when the Chief came up an elite had fallen off the ramp.

      "S-Sir! I could really use some help, I probably just took out ten of these myself!" proudly said the Corporal.

      "Follow me, Maccom." said the Chief in his seemingly calm voice.
      But the Spartan didn't move, he just realized he had a clear vantage point of the whole Docking bay.

      "Instead Corporal, you go down and get the other marines, I'll cover you from here." ordered the Master Chief who was preparing his sniper rifle.
      In minutes, Corporal Maccom had made it to the ground floor. From behind an elite jumped out, but his head exploded shortly afterwards. Maccom snuck up behind an elite and shot his battle rifle at its head. The elite collapsed, not knowing what hit him. Even from the Chief's view he could see half the head gone. Before he knew it, the Corporal had found two marines hiding in an upgraded Pelican.
      Gunfire rattled throughout Z23, the Chief followed the sound with his scope and soon found a marine trapped in a corner, firing randomly at elites. Apparently the Corporal heard this too, but before he got there the marine lay crumpled on the floor surrounded by two dead elites. The Chief yelled to the soldiers to meet him in the control room, he put away his gun and made his way to the Control room.
      When he got there he found another marine crouching in the corner, the man jumped as he entered the room.

      "S-Sir! Sorry, I thought you were a Covenant,also something on that chair has been saying stuff." nervously said the marine.
      hief didn't say anything, instead he went over to the chair and told Cortana to translate:

      tramee? Are you there? We have sent in more troops, if you don't come out in half an hour we will just bomb the town, then get what were after." fuzzily said the voice.
       must've been the gold elite he killed before, if the Chief didn't do anything soon the city would be wiped off the map. ....to be continued