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Comments for 'Return to Earth (Chptr 5: Destined to Kill)'

CoLd BlooDed
10:16 pm | November 16, 2003
riot what do you have against me? haha, Alpha I wouldn't mind you showing ruthless aggression haha. I no you guys posted a long time ago but if you ever reread these check out my new stories. Thx guys.
3:11 am | August 4, 2003
That was awsome,you have to make more of these.
Alpha Lance
9:45 pm | July 29, 2003
That was a good fanfic.So why don't you SHUT THE HELL UP RIOT!!!DON'T MAKE ME SHOW RUTTLESS
8:53 pm | July 29, 2003
this writing is garbage. why would anyone want to read this, or take the time to write it for that matter?
8:24 pm | July 26, 2003
Good stuff, Vega7a is right, this is your best yet.
CoLD BlooDed
10:24 pm | July 25, 2003
Thx, this was the turning point in the series, like you know how the flood was the turning point in halo? well mines kindof following that line too, not the flood tho
1:28 pm | July 25, 2003
This is your best one so far. And as I always say: Keep 'em coming! :]