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Return to Earth (Chptr 3: Alone and Still Standing)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 July 2003, 10:57 PM

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Return to Earth (Chptr 3: Alone and still standing)
1578 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Front Yard of Base Camp C25, 30 klicks from New Tatley

      ....This couldn't be happening already, he just got on this damn planet, but then again, he was willing to kick some alien ass...

      The alarm rang throughout the chief's head, and the ODST snipers had already started firing, and they had already received a death. He unclipped his battle rifle from his armor, loaded it up and was ready for a good fight.
      All the other marines were scrambling about, setting up several .85 mm chain guns, which were scattered randomly around the walls of the base camp. For the first few minutes he helped set up the chain guns, but when he could see the eyes of the elites and nitrogen packs of the grunts, he braced himself. They had just risen up over the hill, most shooting at the watch towers, and if they weren't they were packing up more grenades.

      "According to my examination of the Covenants speed, they should be at the gates in less than 3.27 minutes. Uploading battle tactics, reinstalling neural lace patch, you're all ready to go chief!" happily said Cortana.

      "What would I do without you?" silently said Chief.
      The next few minutes chief took his time to get into the watch tower, and in Cortana's case, he wasted 2.34 minutes getting up the stairs. When he got to the window, the army seemed more massive than before, but then again, he had wiped out an entire Covenant armada back on halo. The chief readied his sniper on a maroon dressed elite, he waited a few seconds before getting the head shot. POW. The head of the elite exploded, showering his comrades with his colorful insides. In turn, the Covenant responded with a flurry of plasma beams, and in luck, not one shot hit a soldier.

      "We'll show 'em, especially with you here." chief heard the sniper beside him mutter.
      A few more of the Covenant's elites were killed, knowing that the jackals and grunts would break up after there commanders were dead. About one klick away from the gates there were only about three elites left. Two of them were blue and the other was maroon. The Covenant were closely guarding them, but started to disband as the grunts and jackals were shot down.

      "Get ready men!" shouted the Sergeant from the other watch tower, "They'll be at the doorstep in 20 seconds."
      The buzzing from the chainguns starting up could be heard, and then a hail of bullets rained upon the incoming covenant. The shots were mostly successful, ripping apart an elite and a couple grunts, but the jackals were unharmed.
      Twenty seconds later (which had seemed like eternity) the Covenant were at the gates, attacking the concrete barrier with plasma or grenades. But the gates weren't that weak, so as the Covenant continued to thrash at it, the men inside the camp readied a cauldron filled with acid. On the count of three they tipped it over and as it fell the enemy didn't even look up, anyone under the acid was burned immediately.
      Screams of jackals and grunts were heard, but none of the elites, Master Chief looked over the edge of the watchtower and the enemy had retreated from the gates. In a few seconds though the attackers must have hatched a plan, they all threw their grenades at the gate at the same time. When the plasma exploded it burned through most of the barricade, enough to see tiny holes in the forty centimetre thick wall.
      Master chief gave up on his sniping position, ran down the stairs, and by the time he was in the front yard the Covies had broken through.

      "Hose 'em down men! You don't want them to get close to you!" shouted the Sergeant from the yard, he had obviously wanted to pick a fight.
      A couple of grunts started shooting at him when they got through the gate, his shields flickered as he unholstered the battle rifle. He didn't need the scope to take them out, he rolled to the side to avoid incoming shots and mowed down the grunts. Blue blood squirted from the holes in there body and splattered the ground.

      "Wort Wort" an elite had greeted him in his own language.
      Chief spun around and shot at the creature, the elites shields flickered until they gave out and the Spartan smacked him across the face. The elite fell down with a bent jaw, he roared before the Master Chief gave one shot to his face. Purple blood sprayed the door leading back to the watchtower.
      He ran to the other side of the yard, where the garage was (he had studied the base map in the weapons locker). Inside was Thomas, doing something to fix up the Warthog.

      "Hey! Chief, come over here quick! Help me with this and we can get the hell out of here" called out Thomas.
      The chief walked over to Thomas, who told him to hold a wire from the engine, then the swift crewman went under the vehicle. There was a sputter from the engine, and then the chief was told to plug the wire in. He did so, and there was a soft rumbling sound, and the Warthog came to life.

      "Get in! We're out of here, open the garage and get in the gunner seat!" hurriedly yelled Thomas, who had jumped into the driver seat with a radio.
      Master Chief did as he was told, as light filled the room, Thomas stepped on the gas and they broke through the yard, running over a few grunts and the final elite.
      * * * * * *
1602 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calandar)
Front Yard of Base Camp C25

      Blaskawitz was enjoying himself, shooting grunts here and there, jackals were getting flanked, his team was winning. He was glad that the Spartan was here to help, or the story might have been much different. He shot a jackal in the head that was trying to get away, blood splashed the ground as the jackal fell against the wall. They cleaned up the rest of the survivors, they had won, it was over.
      This is what he thought before he heard the screech of a banshee, he looked up, there were at least five of them. Blaskawitz cursed as the green plasma rockets descended towards the camp, they hit randomly, exploding and killing many marines. He ran towards the garage, hopped into a Warthog, and exploded out of the garage door.

      "Sir, we'd like to come to if you don't mind!" shouted some marines as they jumped into the seats.

      "We're leaving this place, get ready to go to New Tatley, we'll go through the forest path as usual." said Blaskawitz, stepping on the gas and left the doomed encampment of C25 to the Covenant.
      * * * * * *
1606 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calandar)
Path Leading to New Tatley

      They were making good time, but chief let out a cry of despair as several banshee attacked the camp he had just left.

      "Don't worry chief, when I get back me and the survivors will fix it up!" yelled Thomas over the roar of the engine.
      They were cutting through a forest, running over shrubs and growing trees. There were alot of hills and trees, in which Thomas sped by, showing off his driving skills. Master Chief knew it was to good to be true, he had gotten away and was heading towards the city.

      "I sense movement chief, tell that Felgood kid to be cautious---" she was cut off by the sound of plasma.
      Chief fired into the bushes, but it was to late, the plasma caught Thomas in the arm, the heedy crewman cried out and let go of the wheel. They were still moving at an incredible speed, and in moments, they had crashed into a tree.
      All chief could remember was the way Thomas had be thrown out, and when he woke up, he heard moaning sounds. He followed the sounds, and eventually followed a trail of blood and found Thomas hidden under a bush. The crewman did not look in good condition, blood was leaking from his scorched arm, and he had torn open his stomach in the fall. Felgood passed out from pain, before whispering to chief, "Sorry."

      "Scanning, heart rate decreasing, no pulse, he's dead chief." grimly said Cortana.
      The Spartan looked over at the Warthog, the piece of crap had broken into two pieces in the crash, know how would he get to New Tatley in time?
.....to be continued