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Comments for 'Return to Earth (Chptr 3: Alone and Still Standing)'

CoLD BlooDed
5:42 pm | July 24, 2003
ya i know sorry I realized that after I posted it
5:00 am | July 24, 2003
haha just read my post looks like i could use a spelling LESSON
4:57 am | July 24, 2003
a little weaponry leason for you my friend... there will never be such a thing as a .85mm chain gun. First off that is incredibly small, you might as well try killing someone with individual grains of rice. There are however 85mm canons, i'm guess you meant to say .85 caliber, which is still huge for a bullet but possible and concievable... anyway those are my two cents otherwise not bad keep up the good work
CoLD BlooDed
10:10 pm | July 23, 2003
I thot it was pretty good sketch
8:29 pm | July 23, 2003
I've read much better..
7:32 pm | July 23, 2003
Yeah, it's awesome, the best one so far, keep 'em coming. :]
6:38 pm | July 23, 2003
Awesome story, 9.5/10