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Return to Earth (Chptr 2: Flight to Captivity)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 July 2003, 9:16 PM

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Return to Earth (Chptr 2: Flight to Captivity)
1500 hours October 12th, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

      ....when his sensors were back to normal he saw the plasma torpedo streaking towards him at an incredible speed....

      "Chief! According to my analysis this is a heat seeking torpedo, if you could only direct it to make it collide with the covenant ship. The impact would take it out." Cortana said quickly enough so chief could make a plan.
      Luckily this is where the chief's SPARTAN training came in handy, he took the pelican into a deep dive, then he leveled out right before he hit the water. Again he was unreachable to plasma fire, overhead the plasma torpedo did a loop and followed right behind the aircraft. The Master Chief held steady right above the water and just lifted up in time to let the torpedo rip through the alien hull. The rear viewscreen in the cockpit revealed the tremendous explosion.

      "Must of hit the generator.... but I didn't think it would be that big of an explosion. My inquiry of the alien vessel was incorrect, how strange..." confoundedly said Cortana.

      "Don't worry about, its gone and we're okay. You've never been in one of those so don't get troubled by an inaccurate examination." reassuringly said the spartan.
      Cortana didn't say anything more, and chief could see the landmasses of England, an elegant view from far away but war-ravaged up close. In minutes, they arrived on the coast, landing in Docking Bay C25, a very small camp set up near New Tatley. Chief took Cortana from the pelicans dashboard and clipped it into his helmet. The feeling of cold water being poured into his mind came over him and vanished. He stepped out of the pelicans cockpit, and was greeted by two crewman.

      H-Hello sir!" stuttered the short crewman, "My name is Thomas Felgood, I will be assisting you for the next couple of minutes, this way!"

      The other crewman just said good-bye to Tom and left, then the chief asked the crewman:
      "Where are all the other soldiers?"

      "Some are in the barracks, some are patrolling the halls, we only have a small number of troops right now mostly because the other soldiers were sent to New Tatley." responded Felgood.
      The chief felt a sense of regret for not being there, but he soon would and hopefully kick some ass. The crewman led him into a room, filled with battle rifles, snipers, SMG's and grenades.

      "Take what you like, sir." boringly said Thomas, "Then after your ready meet me at the front gates, I'll give you a ride to the outskirts of New Tatley."
      The chief coasted around the room, it wasn't very big but it was packed with alot of weapons. He took four frag grenades, the newer model of the sniper rifle, and a battle rifle.

      "This should do you good chief, just grab some ammo and we'll be ready to go." said Cortana as he grabbed a handful of bullets.

      "Perfect." calmly said the Master Chief.
* * * * * *
1565 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calandar)
Front Gates Watchtower

      "Shit its hot out here!" complained Sgt. Blaskawitz, "Why do we have to stay at camp while the others get to party at New Tatley!"
      Nobody answered his question, but the soldier beside him was looking out at the water which was about 5 klicks away.

      "Uh...sir? I think I see somethin' over that hill." reported the soldier.

      "I don't see anything, boy! I told you its too hot out here, and anyways it's probably just a mirage." said Blaskawitz, not seeing the black image coming closer to the base camp.
      Another few minutes rolled by, Blaskawitz was bored, but that was until he could see the figure coming towards them. He took a few seconds to see what it was, and it became clear when a blue plasma beam came and exploded the head of the soldier beside him.

      "We're under attack boys! Lock and load and get ready to kick some alien ass!" yelled the Seargent over the intercom, then pressed the alarm, "It's time to party."
* * * * * *
1575 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calandar)
Hallway Heading for Front Gates

      The chief was walking down the hallway when he heard the alarm and the man over the intercom, his pace quickened into a run. When he reached the door he kicked it
open, and from what he could see there were 20 to 30 elites, jackals and grunts. They were under attack already and he hadn't even been here for more than twenty minutes.
      He saw Thomas walking up to him, then heard him yell:

      "Chief! We're going to have to wait ten minutes or so before they can get the warthog out, by then we'll be able to go." calmly said Thomas.
      This couldn't be happening already, he just got on this damn planet, but then again, he was willing to kick some alien ass. ...to be continued