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Comments for 'Return to Earth (Chptr 2: Flight to Captivity)'

CoLd BlooDed
3:04 am | November 19, 2003
Sorry that was immature of me haha, a few months later and I still let that bother me, lol.
CoLd BlooDed
10:14 pm | November 16, 2003
Sarge I bet ur some loner who has no friends, "attention attention"? Talk normal for gods sake.
4:48 am | July 23, 2003
Attention attetion I would like to take this time to announce I really don't care how old you are it shouldn't make a difference so your 12 thats great early start... but that's no excuse...
CoLD BlooDed
8:08 pm | July 22, 2003
thank you all for posting, im pretty sure that my third story is in, sorry about the grammar but i hope you'll let it slide since im only 12 lol, enjoy the rest of my stories!
5:09 pm | July 22, 2003
ya, bad grammer.... but my grammer sucks too :) 10/10
4:06 pm | July 22, 2003
I dont know what to say about this story really... I'm not gonna lie and say it's the best thing i've ever read... But it wasn't unreadable... I don't see grammar as that big a problem as I have trouble with it... I could just never see John reassuring Cortana just doesn't seem like that kinda person to reassure... an AI.

Sarge says, 48/100

0-10 horrible

11-20 very bad

21-30 bad

31-40 poor

41-50 average

51-60 okay

61-70 good

71-80 very good

81-90 excellent

91-99 Extremely excellent

100 The best I highly doubt will ever give this one...
2:08 pm | July 22, 2003
I think it was a variation of the Keye's Loop. Because when Keyes used it, he used a planet's gravity to help catapult himself.
3:21 am | July 22, 2003
Nice story, I like how you used Master Chief and Cortana but didn't copy the game or mess with the game's plot etc. 9/10
10:39 pm | July 21, 2003
Yeah, grammar was a tincy-incy problem, not a too bad a one though. You seem like the phrase: "Ready to kick some alien ass". lol
10:08 pm | July 21, 2003
Not too bad, the only problem being grammar. Did the Chief use the Keyes loop?