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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 5: A New Ally)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 January 2004, 3:34 AM

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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 5: A New Ally)
Eighth Cycle, 20 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Hull of destroyed Cruiser Tigerhawk, heading for bridge.

      The Engineers drifted slowly behind 'Ralamee with the oxygen packs strapped to their leathery skinned backs. The other Elites slowly walked towards 'Ralamee who stood on the brink before the large fissure. He looked down, and saw the inner structure of the Human Cruiser, then counted at least thirty floors.
      The atmosphere seals had been closed on his armor so he could still breathe. 'Ralamee then walked off the edge and his boots automatically clamped on to the opposite edge; he then continued to walk forward until he came to another gap which was on of the floors. Polo then walked off the edge again, and his boots clamped on to what would be the roof of one of the passageways.
      He unclamped his boots and he propelled himself off the wall so he made his body rotate 360 degrees; then re-clamped his boots on the floor. He pushed a floating body of a human out of the way and it was sent spinning into the wall.

      "Where is our destination, Excellency?" asked 'Qoyalamee.
      He pointed at the ground, imprinted on the floor were the words "Bridge", and a blue arrow pointed ahead of the Elites. They continued their space walk up the hallway, pushing aside dead bodies and avoiding fires that came from the destroyed pipes and computers. Everything was silent as they approached a sealed door with the activation lights glowing red.

      "There should be a vacuum if there is any atmosphere left in this room." said 'Ralamee quietly. "Brace yourselves."
      He stepped closer to the door, nothing.
      'Ralamee sighed, but then one of the Engineers hovered in front of him and tore apart an electrical panel. The creature lifted up a tentacle which split up into several more, and he slowly lowered the tentacles towards the mechanism. There was a buzzing sound; sparks burst from the panel and disappeared. Then the Engineer lifted its arm away and shut the panel, the activation lights on the door winked green.
      The door opened immediately and 'Ralamee quickly stepped inside before he could feel the strong pull of the vacuum; the other Elites and Engineers followed him and the door shut.
      The room didn't contain much, Human documents lay scattered around, metal desks were flipped over or were at an awkward angle, and damaged computer equipment rested on the floor. 'Ralamee's team of rebels moved through the room, searching for anything useful. The lights were not on, only the light from fires and the sparks from a broken pipe illuminated the deserted room.

      "Let's move ahead, we need to get to the bridge so we can try and contact the human control." said 'Ralamee, "We have to hurry."

Unknown Time, Unknown Date/Aboard destroyed Cruiser Tigerhawk, hiding in Armory.

      Ensign Mark Haller stood, frightened, in the corner of the large Armory. Blood trickled down his bruised forehead; he had hit it when the ship had been torn in two mostly because he had been thrown down to the deck. The rest of his friends—other crewman that had once been full of liveliness—now lay dead on the ground or leaned against blood-stained walls.
      Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Pistols, and Sub-Machine Guns had been thrown to the ground in the blast along with a massive assortment of ammunition. He made his way through the room and grabbed a loaded pistol from the clutches of a dead marine.
      He was lucky to have survived; how everyone else died he didn't know. Maybe there were some more survivors on the ship somewhere else? Haller knew that his chances were slim to escaping; maybe he could get into a lifeboat and escape?
      We're not going to accomplish anything if we don't get a move on, thought Haller to himself and he stepped to the door. The only light working was above the door, and it cast an eerie silence and atmosphere into the room. It flickered off as the door slid open, Haller gulped.
      He brought his pistol up into the darkness ahead of him, walked a few feet forward, and smacked into a wall.

      "Shit." he muttered under his breath and stood back up, turned left and continued down the dark corridor.
      An endless blast of fire could be seen down the hallway feeding off the fumes of gas from a leaking pipe. Then the Ensign saw shadows moving along wall, were they surviving marines or crew? He continued down the hallway, but froze when he heard unfamiliar sounds. Concealed in the darkness, he tried to listen.
      It was gibberish, he couldn't understand a single word they said, and soon he saw the shadows grow. First he couldn't tell what it was, but when it stepped into the light of the fire he could tell it was a hostile.
      Or in other words, one of those damned Covenant.
      The alien stood at a proud two and a half meters and wore burnished golden armor. He quickly disappeared back into the shadows when coming towards Marcus, soon Marcus would be caught and killed, he heard of these ruthless aliens.
      But never fought one.
      Several more of the Covenant appeared behind the other just as the leader disappeared into the darkness, there were four or five of them. The Ensign realized he wasn't breathing; then he inhaled loudly and covered his mouth in surprise.
      The next few seconds were a blur to him, all he could remember was something grabbing him and lifting him up and the pistol fell from his grip. Marcus was taken back to where the spewing fire was, and the flames licked at his tattered uniform. The alien had him in a death-tight grip and studied him closely.

      "Please don't kill me." said the petrified Ensign before being taken into the blackness.

Eighth Cycle, 23 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Onboard Tigerhawk, heading for bridge with captured Human.

      "What did the Human say?" asked 'Qoyalamee.
      'Ralamee shrugged and kept his grip on the shirt of the terrified Human and looked at the ground. With his improved sight he saw again another sign leading to the bridge and hurried down the hallway.
      The came into a long room with a six meter tall roof, a support pillar stood in the middle of the room, and the Elites walked past it. They walked down yet another hallway, turned left and the room was unmistakable.

      "The bridge!" said 'Qoyalamee.
      The Engineers that had been following them scattered throughout the large room with all the computer equipment and monitors. 'Ralamee let his grip on the Human slip, and the captive was about to run away when 'Ralamee grabbed him again, but this time didn't lift him into the air.
      Instead he pushed him towards the center of the room and tried to communicate with the alien.

      "Where is the communication system so we can contact your race?" 'Ralamee knew it was hopeless to try and converse with a Human.
      The Human shrugged and circled the room, probably confused that the Elites hadn't killed him yet. One of the Engineers whistled and 'Ralamee walked over to it, the creature floated right in front of a small computer display attached to some circuitry.
      The pinkish alien lifted one of its feelers up which almost immediately separated into ten more; lifted some broken wires and affixed them together. 'Ralamee turned and walked around a wall that separated the room and saw the beautiful sight out of the bridge window.
      The large purple planet stared into the bridge with many stars dotting the blackness. 'Ralamee took in the sight, but walked back to the Engineer when it hooted in success. The bridge lights snapped on, and some of the damaged view screens activated. More bodies were revealed in the shadows by the light.
      The Human ran over to a small black box and clicked on a few buttons, the Elites watched with keen interest on what he was doing. Then the alien spoke into a microphone, "Ensign Marcus Haller to ONI control, we have an odd situation here..."
      'Ralamee immediately knew what the device was, a communication device.
      "He walked up to it and pulled the Human out of the way and spoke clearly into the microphone.

      "We are no enemy of yours; our former society has turned us away for a very poor reason. We have turned on them, but we need help, and we seek yours." he paused and continued, "We travel in a pack of five Seraphs, if you see us do not fire, my group of rebels wish to be allies with you."

1321 Hours, October 25, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/At Maui, Hawaii, Earth, ONI Control.

      "What did they say, Derrick?" asked Chief Warrant Officer Toni Daniels to the AI floating on the pedestal beside him.

      "Hold on a second," said the hologram of Derrick, "It's a message from the Covenant, decoding transmission, uploading new Covenant words into ONI database. I think you will be surprised by this."

      "Relay the message onto the display in front of me."
      Words appeared onto the screen, it only took a few seconds for Toni to read what it said; he yelled to the nearest Officer who came up behind the WO.

      "What is it?"

      "Take a look at this, sir."
      The Officer read the deciphered message and said, "Interesting, but how can we trust them or even believe them?"

      "The tone of the speaker's voice doesn't suggest its lying; this could be a dramatic turn of events. I recommend that we accept his offer, even the smallest group of allies could help us out." broke in Derrick's voice, his holographic body flashed green and characters scrolled across it.

      "Tell them their offer is accepted," the Officer told Derrick, "But if they backstab us they are going straight to hell."

Eighth Cycle, 25 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Destroyed Tigerhawk, in bridge with captured Human.

      "They accepted the offer, Excellency." said 'Tanosalee.
      'Ralamee and the other Elites let out a hearty roar, the Engineer's chirped in confusion.

      We deserved this new ally." said Polo before he exited the bridge along with the other Covenant, leaving the confused Human behind.