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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 4: Vulnerable but Vital)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 January 2004, 7:19 AM

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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 4: Vulnerable but Vital)
Eighth Cycle, 2 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Hijacked Seraph Fighter, Halo 09 debris field.

      "So what next, Excellency?" asked 'Tanosalee over the ships communication system.

      "We need some help," 'Ralamee responded, "The humans could be an essential part of our victory against our former society."
      Polo looked at the flickering view screen, the many ships that swarmed in the sector swerved out of the way of floating debris, and 'Ralamee took the time to listen in on their transmissions.

      "What happened? Why did the Domination do that!?" asked a rasping voice over the COM.

      "This is all too strange, all ships report back to the 'Control and Command'!" ordered a shipmaster over the communication channel.
      'Ralamee switched back to his own private channel and said, "I have detected a small human fleet in space vector 23-B that consists of about three ships."

      "Meaning..." inquired 'Organalee.

      "Meaning that we can try and communicate with the humans and tell them that we are on their side for the most part," responded 'Ralamee. "It's a long shot, but if we can get them to not fire at us that would help plenty."

      "So when we approach them you think that they aren't going to fire at us first?" inquired 'Tanosalee with a hint of nervousness and anger.

      "That's a chance I'm willing to take, it would be worthwhile." he paused and then said. "Everyone upload the space vector into the Slipspace inputs, we're going to persuade some humans."

1203 Hours, October 15, 2552 (Military Calendar)/Aboard the Tigerhawk, unknown space sector, approximately 1 light-year from Earth.

      "So how long until we reach Earth?" asked Captain Evans, a tall man in his early forties, one of the crewmen turned toward him with a smirk on his face.

      "Since the Shaw-Fukijawa engines are back up and running," the tech started typing on the giant keyboard in front of him, "At least three days at the least."

      "Good, continue on, crewman."
      The Captain walked over to the large display that was positioned in the middle of the bridge, the status of the Tigerhawk and the two other Cruisers were all above the 90%, meaning they were all operational. The small human fleet had taken some hits from a group of Seraph fighters, but they had quickly been dispatched.
      The different colors of the stars dotted the blackness and created a serene atmosphere. The Captain grinned; he would be safe at home in a few days. He and the ships under his command had been sent out to investigate an unexplored space sector and found nothing but an asteroid field, after that they were ambushed by some Seraphs and took some light damage.
      Now they were on their way back to Earth.
      But then he noticed something as he spun around to face a display, the space seemed to flicker and shift around until he saw the small shapes of the all too familiar Covenant Seraph fighter.

      "Sir! Seraph fighters approaching, there are approximately five of them!" said a technician from across the room, and then he added, "It seems that they are attempting to contact us."

      "Relay the transmission on the loudspeakers." ordered the Captain calmly.
      At first it was just a garble of grunts and at the most sounded like gibberish. Then it was translated and replayed slower and in a slur of human: "We are not going to harm you, we are not like the others, we are on your side..." The transmission hadn't finished but a hot anger boiled up inside of Evans.

      "My ass," he muttered and then turned to the crewman, "fire just a couple of the Shiva warheads and see if they're not kidding."

      "Aye, sir."
      Evans turned to the display screen and saw two of the warheads launch out of their capsules. The missiles spat out smoke behind them as they rocketed towards their target, and in five seconds there was a small explosion, only one of the warheads had managed to land a hit.

      "We are not going to harm you, we are not like the others, we are on your side, cease your fire. We are rebels of the Covenant race..." the message repeated over the loud speaker.

      "Turn that off! For some reason I still don't believe them." the Captain said, then he strained his eyes as he saw something else on the view screen. The space behind the approaching Seraph's morphed and shifted, and five Cruisers materialized out of nowhere.

      "I knew it!" spat the Captain, he leaned towards the mike that protruded from the wall and said, "All personal to battle stations, this is a Code Red, enemies sighted, prepare for battle."
      He sighed and knew that they were done for as soon as the largest Covenant Cruiser's hull started to glow red.

Eighth Cycle, 14 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Damaged Seraph Fighter, space vector 23-B.

      "No!" yelled 'Ralamee over the communication system, "We need to get the humans on our side!"

      "Don't worry, Excellency, there will always be another chance." said 'Qoyalamee over the transponder.

      "How do we know that for a fact? Besides, it will take too long, this is our only chance, sorry, was our only chance." responded 'Ralamee angrily.

      "Don't worry just yet; maybe we can board one of those human vessels once they're destroyed." 'Qoyalamee suggested thoughtfully, "We could bring an Engineer to fix the communication system and then contact the humans."

      "That could work," 'Ralamee paused and then said, "Yes, that will have to do, but we'll have to board a ship that's not completely obliterated, we just have to keep out of sight from the Cruisers."
      There was a bunch of mixed transmissions from the other rebels agreeing to 'Ralamee's instructions. So they decided to stay in a shadow behind a large purple planet that took up half of the space vector to keep out of sight and watch the space battle.
      It first started out with the leading human ship firing one of its high-powered shots at the largest Cruiser, almost knocking out the shields, but then when the other two human vessels followed suit the Cruiser exploded into millions of pieces. It total there had been five Covenant Cruisers and one Flagship, but one of the Cruisers was just destroyed.
      Now it was the Covenants turn to fire.
      The hulls of the Cruisers has already begun to glow a pale red, and by the time it was a pulsating dark red a large beam of plasma launched from the ship and sped towards one of the human ships in the rear. The plasma just skinned the bottom of the ships battle armor and melted away anything it touched. Fires erupted from the bottom of the ship as the plasma ray faded.
      Then the human warheads came into action, and 'Ralamee counted at least twenty per ship streaking towards the Covenant fleet. It was a waste of weapons, unfortunately, as the missiles struck separate targets only causing the shields to shimmer. Then the Flagship opened fire, and 12 long fingers of plasma streaked towards the ships, melting large holes into the ship that had its underside torn off.
      Then the ship exploded as one of the plasma beams from another ship hit the generator and caused a large explosion. Large metal shards of the ship were sent spinning in random directions as the humans charged up their weapons again.
      Two beams shot from the human spacecrafts and they both slashed through the hull of the Flagship, the large hole created by high power rounds had tore through the entire ship. The atmosphere vented and large blue fires broke out and spread over the hull quickly.
      That was the most damage the humans could do before three more plasma beams knocked into both the vessels and caused one to float dead in space while the other had ripped in half. The scorched metal of the torn in half ship just held the ship together, and the inner structure was visible.
      There was a suspenseful pause, and one by one, the Covenant fleet disappeared back into Slipspace.

      "It's good to go, board the one ripped in half, it probably still has atmosphere inside and will be easier to land on and enter." ordered 'Ralamee and hit the thrusters on the Seraph.

      "What would make it easier?" asked 'Rolatree over the COM system.

      "Well, it's ripped in half, and we might be able to land our Seraph's in a big enough hole on the hull." 'Ralamee paused to swerve his Seraph from a piece of floating debris. "Otherwise, it's not easier, but we'll have to make the most of it."
      In minutes they descended upon the destroyed ship, Tigerhawk had been imprinted into the ship's ravaged hull where it had torn in half. Tiger was on the left side before the large rip and Hawk was on the right side. The ship seemed to make an upside down "L", and they decided to land where the ship had been ripped apart.
      There was a slight thump as the Seraph docked on the destroyed Tigerhawk, and 'Ralamee called the Engineer out which chirped in confusion. Polo checked his equipment and suit before lowering the hatch, there was a loud pop! as the air decompressed into space, and 'Ralamee slowly floated down the ramp and clamped his metal boots onto the hull.