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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 3: Destruction of 09)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 January 2004, 10:03 AM

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Note from Hawk7886: CoLd can't access the database, so he left it in my care to post this. Now all of you can't say I haven't submitted a story :P

Forced Betrayal (Chapter 3: Destruction of 09)
Eighth Cycle, 37 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Hijacked Seraph Fighter, in Slipspace.

       'Ralamee leaned back against his seat, the Engineer drifted around the renegade ship and attempted to fix anything he possibly could. The Grunt continued to watch the display that showed the blue-ish surroundings around the Seraph.
      They were in Slipspace and heading towards the space vector that contained another Halo, in this case Installation 09. It was most likely surrounded by some of the most powerful ships in the Covenant fleet, and 'Ralamee would make sure that the lead ship didn't make it out of the vector.
      Halo 09 had gone chaotic ever since the Covenant had accidentally released the Flood from their isolated chambers. In turn they evacuated the ships and troops off of the surface, but why did they continue to preserve the ring?
      They still searched for the artifacts that were hidden by the Forerunner; occasionally teams of Elites were dispatched onto the ring to take control of certain areas overrun by Flood, then the Prophets and the lessers were taken down. Usually one big wave of Flood attacked the Covenant and killed them all.
      The operations ceased and the Covenant stopped to consider what to do next.

       "Entering vector, everyone out of Slipspace, now!" ordered 'Ralamee over the communication device.
      Each of the Seraphs stopped and the calm blue of Slipspace vanished and was replaced with black space, stars, planets and the all-too-familiar metal ring along with the fleet of Covenant.

       "This is the Domination; state your business in this vector," a transmission came in clear over the transponder.
      Several other transmissions came in from the less important ships and 'Ralamee blocked them out.

       "Should we respond, Polo?" asked the voice of 'Qoyalamee over the transponder.

       "No, if we don't respond they might think we are damaged and let us into the ship." replied 'Ralamee calmly.

      For the next few minutes more transmissions came in and Polo did the liberty of listening to the conversations between ships.
      The Domination bought it.

       "What are we doing once we're inside?" asked 'Tanosalee over the device.

       "We fight into the bridge, if we want to destroy that ring we need to set a crash-course." he paused and then added with a smirk, "And it wouldn't hurt to plant some charges on the generator."
      Sounds of approval came over the private frequency, it was decided; they would get to the bridge and set the collision-course. Then they would get to the generator room to plant charges, it would be perfect, and they could escape without getting shot by the other ships.
      They were on a course to the launch bay of the flagship, if they were lucky they could make it to the bridge safely. Every second the Domination neared, soon each Seraph was safely docked in the bay.

       "Everyone out with weapons at the ready, were going in hard unless we find a better way." 'Ralamee said confidently over the transponder, "Out now!"
      He pressed a series of buttons on the holo-display and the access ramp slowly lowered itself to the deck. 'Ralamee walked down the ramp with a Plasma Rifle in hand and was greeted by four magenta-clad Elites.

       "I don't see any signs of damage, why didn't you answer when we tried to correspond?" demanded one of the taller Covenant.
       'Ralamee moved to bring up his Plasma Rifle and pull the trigger on the inquiring Elite. Purplish blood splattered the deck as the Elite's head exploded. The remaining Elites didn't hesitate to activate their personal shields and raise their Plasma Rifles. It didn't take long for the other renegades to come out of the Seraphs and kill the remaining Elites.

       "It won't be long until they send another team to see out what happened." said 'Qoyalamee, "We better get moving."
      Something in his vision shone and he turned to it; several Ossoona cloaking devices hung in one of the storage compartments.

       "I have a better idea," he signaled the rest of his team to where he was looking, "we can infiltrate the bridge quietly. But were going to need someone to stay here and tell us what's happening."

       "I'll do it, 'Ralamee." the voice of 'Organalee broke in.

       "Good, you'll have to keep us updated." said 'Ralamee. "Everyone get one of the cloaks on, we don't have much time."
       'Ralamee took down one of the devices and strapped it around his waist, he then pushed a switch and a weird sensation came over him. Polo looked down to see that his body was nothing more than a slight ripple in the air. Then he took a glance at the other Elites who were also transparent and told them to get to a private COM frequency.

       "Follow me, we're going to the bridge first." ordered 'Ralamee.
      They passed all the different species of the Covenant as they traveled down the halls invisible. Soon they had reached the hallway which led to a bridge, the other three Elites lined up behind 'Ralamee as they approached the door. "Get ready; don't hit any of the display panels on the bridge." 'Ralamee said over the concealed COM channel.

Eighth Cycle, 39 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Onboard the Flagship Domination, on the bridge.

       "Where is the team that was sent to investigate?" asked the Ship Master Doro 'Nanakalee.
      The dimly lit bridge made it hard to see anything else in the room besides the glowing blue hologram panels. A whoosh came from behind 'Nanakalee and the other two Elites beside him.

       "Go and guard the doors, we don't want any intruders." ordered the Ship Master, the two Elites marched down the ramp and walked to the two doors at the end of the room.
       'Nanakalee turned to one of the holograms and was about to make an adjustment when he heard one the Elites behind him cry in pain. The Ship Master spun about to see bolts of plasma coming from outside one of the bridge doors from unseen enemies.
      His mandibles dropped as the first Elite dropped with a smoldering helmet, the second ran out of the bridge leaving 'Nanakalee alone with the useless Engineers. The plasma sword hilt that was held in Doro's hand activated and he waited for the enemy to enter the room.


      He waited a few seconds; several times he thought he saw something moving. Then when he felt something brush against his back he attempted to spin around and see what it was, but the blinding pain of plasma impeded him from doing so. 'Nanakalee dropped to the deck, dead.

Eighth Cycle, 40 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Onboard the flagship Domination, on the bridge.

      "Good work, someone get to one of the terminals to download the ship schematics." ordered 'Ralamee quietly over the COM as he walked over the dead body of the Ship Master.

      "No need, 'Ralamee, that's already been done." 'Organalee reported, the vision of a map appeared before his eyes.
      He blinked and the map disappeared, he would only have to think so the map could be activated. Polo walked over to one of the holo-panels which set the vessels speed, pitch and direction. He rapidly hit the buttons of the holo-panel and in a few seconds he had managed to set the Domination on a crash-course with Halo 09.

      Two Units Remaining. . .

      They had enough time to get out of the ship, but first they would have to get to the generator room. 'Ralamee clicked on the map schematics of the flagship, it was ideal, the generator room was located right beside the launch bay. Off they went.
      They ran down the hall; footfalls thudded on the hard metal floor of the flagship. Soon they had reached the generator room, in front of them stood the Plasma Drive which fed the massive flagship power.

       "Get the Plasma Charges." whispered 'Ralamee over the COM.
       'Qoyalamee stepped forward with a square shaped device, the middle pulsated a white-blue. Raga pressed the pulsating button and the mechanism emitted a low humming sound, he stuck it up against the Plasma Drive and they all ran out into the hallway and to the launch bay.
      Each rebel got into their own Seraph, and in seconds they launched out of the bay. They stopped a good distance from the flagship which was at an increasing speed towards the ring.

       "We'll stick around until the Halo is destroyed," said 'Ralamee over the ships transponder, "then we leave the system."
      No one responded, 'Ralamee looked at the display. When the massive flagship hit the ring, the Halo cracked in that spot, little explosions occurred in that section. Fires spread rampantly over the surface and atomosphere vented into space. As the Domination continued to push into the ring the explosives detonated. It was similar to the Implorer, except the aft of the ship was completely obliterated. The ring broke into smaller pieces and were sent propelling in different directions.
      Many transmissions were coming through the transponder and 'Ralamee listened in triumph, their duty here was finished, they had been lucky.

Prepared with assistance from Hawk7886