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Pilots Life: Chapter 1-Alpha Squadron
Posted By: Captain Rasc<Rasculia38@cox.net>
Date: 18 October 2003, 12:34 AM

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"Cover me I'm going in," I said as I fire walled the throttle and sent my fighter into a dive towards the space station. I switched weapons control over to plasma torpedoes and triggered a pair of shots at one of the stations massive gun batteries. The first torpedo blasted into the shields, overloading them and scorching the big gun. The second drilled into the gun, detonating inside and causing the gun to swell up then burst outward in a fiery explosion.
"Break port Lead!!" a voice crackles over my headset. I react instantly, executing a sharp turn and a half roll as plasma bolts burned through the space I had just occupied. My evasive maneuver dropped me onto the tails of the two erstwhile hunters. The ships were Reaver-class fighters. They split up, one making a slow turn to the right the other going harder left. The idea was to draw me after the slow one while the other maneuvered in behind me for the kill. I made as if to follow the slow fighter, but ruddered hard left. The second fighter jittered in my brackets and I fired. The plasma bolts from my fighter burned deep into the enemy ship. It must have touched off the missile magazine because the ship exploded in a giant ball of roiling plasma. I turned to pursue the second ship but a plasma torpedo from one of my squad mates had already turned it into so much space junk.
"Thanks Three," I said
"No problem Lead," said Three.
"Form up on me, we're making a run at the station."
"Understood," Five said.
"Affirmative L.T.," said Nine.
"Link your torpedoes in pairs and use my targeting data. Fire two volleys on my mark" A chorus of acknowledgements followed, but I pushed them out of my mind. Switching weapons control over to torpedoes, I dropped my targeting brackets on the stations thin center. I dived towards the station, rolling to evade the gunner's shots. My computer beeped a solid lock. "Mark"
Twelve missiles streaked out from points around the station and converged towards its center. Twelve more followed the first group. The first volley slammed into the shields, which turned opaque trying to cope with the massive strain. The collapsed and the roiling ball of plasma rolled across the hull, charring the surface but doing no serious damage. The second volley slammed into the hull, tearing open bulkheads before detonating inside the station. The huge blast ate away at the superstructure, until the station snapped under the stress. The two pieces tumbled away venting atmosphere and bodies, while fires raged internally. The few remaining fighters scattered towards the planet.
"Mission accomplished," I said into the comm., "Lets head back to the fleet guys." We formed up and jumped into Slipspace, on a course for our fleet.

* * * * * * * * *

We dropped out of Slipspace...right in the middle of a huge battle. The entire fleet was under attack by a massive Covenant armada!!!!!!
"Holy Shit!" someone said.
"Cut the chatter," I barked into the comm. I immediately scanned the area and located a small human ship the Davy Jones that was cut off from the rest of the fleet. The ship was under attack by a covenant cruiser and its small complement of fighters. The ship was holding out, but I knew that would not last long.
"All right," I said, "We're gonna introduce ourselves to Davy Jones's friends. Three flight will engage the fighters, while the rest of us go after the cruiser with torpedoes. Understood?"
"Yes sir," said Nine, the leader of Three Flight.
"Ready to kick some ass," said Five, Two Flights leader.
"Right lets do this!" I kicked my fighter into high gear and screamed in towards the fight. Three Flight broke off to engage the fighters while I led my eight remaining fighters in towards the cruiser. Scanning its shields for weaknesses, I located a fluxuation in the shields near the bridge. "All right," I said, "This is what we do. Form up into two waves. Link torpedoes for dual fire, and fire one volley at these coordinates." I punched a button that sent the coordinates to my other fighters. "Break up into wing pairs after that and make runs at your discretion. Be careful to avoid their missile batteries."
"Understood", said Five
Two Flight formed up and roared in towards the cruiser ahead of me and the three other fighters in One Flight. At 5 kilometers, they fired, and two blue streaks leapt from each of the fighters and streaked in towards the ships bridge. They pulled up hard and we fired as soon as they were clear. I yanked back on the control stick pulling up and skimming across the surface of the cruiser. Behind me, the first eight torpedoes detonated against the shields. The shields turned opaque as they tried to absorb the tremendous shock, then collapsed. The second volley of torpedoes slammed into the ships hull. The explosion ripped open bulkheads and sent armor plates spinning off into space. One torpedo, guided by fate or skill, slammed thru two decks and detonated inside the ships bridge. The explosion totally obliterated the bridge and vaporized the command crew, temporarily depriving the ship of command.
I pulled up from the hull, and looped back, heading for the port missile battery. I juked around in an effort to avoid enemy missile locks. I centered my brackets over the missile turret and fired. The two torpedoes slammed into the turret and exploded violently. A second, more massive explosion rocked the ship as the missiles inside the turret detonated. A huge piece of hull snapped off and tumbled away into space.
"Lead," Two's voice came over the comm, "My sensors show engines powering up in the forward docking bay."
"I copy, I'll handle 'em." I said. I swooped low over the hull, heading for the docking bay. I arrived just as four fighters emerged from the hangar. I dropped in behind them and fired a missile at the lead craft before they knew I was there. I switched over to plasma cannons and bracketed one of the other fighters. He tried to shake me but I stayed tucked in behind him. I tightened down on the trigger and sent three pairs of verdant green plasma bolts converged on the craft. The shots punched deep into the cockpit, and the entire ship shuddered violently and began to disintegrate, sending pieces of itself flying every direction. Meanwhile my missile had turned the lead craft into a rapidly dissipating ball of gas. As I turned to follow the two remaining fighters, shots slammed into my aft shields. I banked hard left and checked my sensors. They showed two more fighters just emerging from the hangar, and they were tucked in on my tail. This was not good, not good at all.