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Comments for 'Pilots Life: Chapter 1-Alpha Squadron'

4:41 am | October 20, 2003
If you can't indent, just space out each paragraph. That way the entire story isn't an entire collumn of words. Also, remember to check the story with the preview button.
Captain Rasc
3:21 pm | October 19, 2003
Ya, I know about the paragraphs, I had trouble with that But I submitted the next chapter and I think I fixed it. Also, to alleviate later confusion, the pilot was once a Marine. This may be confusing or something, and I should have put it in the prologue. Keeep that fact in mind from chapter 2 on.
Javier Ferandez-Vina
12:29 pm | October 19, 2003
Javier Fernandez-Vina
12:27 pm | October 19, 2003
A whole armada.
6:54 am | October 19, 2003
Paragraphs . . .