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Warning: escaping convicts can be allies in disguise (Part 1)
Posted By: Cap'n Keyes<nuppbutt@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 May 2002, 11:32 pm

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The man had many names he went by. One of which was the Master Chief. Another name was SPARTAN John 117. It didn't matter, however. The things, the flood did not care about names. They only sought to destroy. This is what John was thinking as he ran down the ramp to the lone Longsword fighter. The Pillar of Autumn's life was sadly coming to an end, and the Master Chief did not want to join it. As he got onto the Longsword, Cortana remarked as so:

"We're cutting it close!"

The Master Chief then got into the control station for the Longsword.

"Here we go." He said.

The Longsword then roared out of the Pillar of Autumn and blasted into space. Down below there were the many assortments of flood mutants and Covenant littering the crash site.

Down near the crash site, Sargent Peter Wallace of the 54th assault division was having a hard time with a Covenant elite.

"Arrr, you little mutha'!"

The Pillar of Autumn sent out a wave of fire, and intense heat.

"Oh, crap. It's over, baby, hold me!"

They embraced, but not all was lost. All of a sudden, Wallace heard the elite speaking normal English.

"Come on, human. I am a Major elite, and my two backup vehicles are parked out back. If we hurry now we can make it. They ran to the site, and found two modified Banshees with active camouflage installed on them.

" These Banshees are invisible to all scanners. I don't have time to give you a crash course..."

"That's okay. I am the vehicle expert in my team."

The odd pair of two different races powered up their Banshees and blew out into space.

Meanwhile, The Master Chief and Cortana were worried about what had happened.

"Did anyone else make it out?" asked the Chief.

"Scanning... said Cortana. Just dust...and echoes."

The disappointed Chief justified his sacrifices and prepared for the next day.

Sargent Wallace and the Major elite had just made it out of the ring's atmosphere when the ring self-destructed. The modified Banshees were shielded and took most of the blast. However, impact caused them to swerve violently and head straight toward the near moon. Tricky steering and skill helped them to remain on a safe course.

The red elite started to call the nearest Covenant Battleship.

"I will try to call the Truth and Reconciliation, but I doubt they are still intact. The nearest one besides them is the Forever Known, about 1 lightyear away."

"How do you know all this?" said Wallace

"Just trust me"

The elite made the call to the Truth and Reconciliation.

"Amazing! They are still alive!"

The Truth and Reconciliation came nearer to them. As it neared, the elite wondered out loud.

"But last time we were there, it was infested with..." He never finished the sentence. The two Banshees were beamed onboard the ship, where they were greeted by half-flood Covenant elites.

"Hello, Dersoa," one of them said. "We've been expecting you."