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After Halo: Chapter 1- Death is Not an Option (But for The Enemy it is)
Posted By: Black_Jackal<sk8boarderx@cox.net>
Date: 21 March 2002, 2:47 am

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Foreword: Just to tell you, I suck at writing. If you hate my story, I'm not surprised. If you like it then I will have more on the way. I have gotten many ideas from other peoples' stories but I did not copy them exactly. I used my own words.

John looked out the window of the Longsworth Fighter into the dull blackness of space. In one hand he griped the M90 shotgun that saved his life too many times then he could count. He thought back on Foe Hammer who had gone down just before the Master Chief had made his escape from Halo.


"Yes, Master Chief?"

"Search for survivors."

"Will do."

Cortana scanned the area. 'All clear' she thought 'oh well - - what the?'


The Master Chief turned to face Cortana. Suddenly the ship rocked.

"What the heck was that?" John yelled.

"Inbound Covenant boarding craft! There's a Seraph on port side!"

The Chief ran over to the weapons locker. Of course there was a lock on it, but he ripped through it like tin foil. Inside were 2 grenades and a MA4C, a modification of the MA5B. MA4Cs are deigned for light combat. 'Oh well' he thought 'this is better than nothing'. The MA4C's clip was only 40 and it could spray only 10 bullets per second. This one had a light grenade launcher underneath the muzzle. John loaded it up. He sighed. It didn't even have a computer display on top. Sometimes he used it as a sight even though he had a crosshair on his HUD.

Suddenly he heard the all-too familiar sound of Elites giving orders to other troops. He took his shotgun and dove around the corner. He took the scene in a moment. There were 2 Grunts, 3 Jackals and 1 Gold Elite. He shot one Jackal with his shotgun and primed it again in midair. He rolled and instantly opened fire with the MA4C. It did more damage than the specs suggested it did. It ripped through a Grunt and he even managed to kill the one behind it. John's clip was empty and his shotgun was on the floor 2 meters away. He needed to buy some time. He didn't want to throw a grenade because it might damage the ship. He sprang towards the Gold Elite. One jackal got in his way. ŬIt fell on the floor with a bashed in skull. The other jackal took cover behind a computer console. The Gold Elite snarled with rage. It opened fire with its plasma rifle. The Jackal seemed to have regained its courage and rolled out from behind the console and readied the plasma pistol.

By this time, the Elites rifle had overheated and melted. It threw the rifle away and dove at John. They crashed in midair. John hated fighting Elites with no weapons. They are equally as strong as the Chief, but John had never fought Gold Elites hand to hand. He always had a weapon. Thank god this one didn't have a plasma sword. John threw a punch at the Elite. It connected but the shields took the beating.

As the elite kicked john in the stomach, the chief noticed that the jackal had charged up its pistol. It released the bolt. Without thinking, John grabbed the Elite and used him as a Covenant shield. Thanks to the already weakened shields, the elite got a hole in its back. The jackal backed away, firing its gun. John moved forward still holding the dead elite. He threw the elite on top of the jackal and it slowly screamed and then suffocated.

"Very nice" Cortana complimented.

"Thanks" John panted.

"I suggest we get into the Seraph. The Longsworth has already taken a huge beating. The engines are out and we only have enough fuel, (if we had a way to use it), to get us to Reach, but that doesn't do us any good. Reach is done."

"Don't remind me, Cortana."

"I won't."

The Chief pulled out Cortana from the computer and inserted her into the slot in his helmet. Then he reloaded his MA4C and picked up his shotgun. He walked into the Seraph and found a holo panel. He inserted Cortana in.

"Let me get used to the controls. OK, I'm ready. "

Then the chief says his most famous line (OK maybe it's not famous, but it's the most remembered line).

"Punch it."