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Comments for 'After Halo: Chapter 1- Death is Not an Option (But for The Enemy it is)'

9:21 pm | April 5, 2002
Whoo said you suck at writing. i love this story!!
9:51 pm | March 29, 2002
Yeah... try and make up new things. But still, where would you get some of the ideas from... it's cool with mixed ideas, and do try to put more stuff in one chapter!
12:45 pm | March 22, 2002
Two digits away from my MA6C AR. Eheh. Keep up the work, though.
8:48 pm | March 21, 2002
oh yea. im going to have a wayyyyyyy longer chapter next time. i started this story at 8pm and i only had a little time to do it.
8:46 pm | March 21, 2002
sorry bout using simialar ideas.
7:56 pm | March 21, 2002
its good u need some more content though but its good
5:15 pm | March 21, 2002
its good...(altho i dont like the idea of using similar stories and titles from dEm0niC and Ian)....