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The Long Ride Home 2: Luthos
Posted By: Joshua Barreto<jrunfire@yahoo.com>
Date: 10 April 2002, 7:47 pm

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     "Every system is offline, offensive and defensive, everything except life support." Her chatter was beginning to sound repetitive to him. All that he could hear was one plain and simple message, they were stuck-sitting ducks in the middle of a Covenant fleet. He looked out the window, and saw a couple of energy grapplers attaching to the hull of the Longsword fighter.
     "What's the commander got to say?" The Master Chief wanted to know exactly what their situation was.
     "Hold on, they're planning to board us. They're asking us to surrender." The Longsword's main hatch began to open."Chief, I don't think they're going to take us prisoner."
     "That's what I thought..." The Chief said, readying his rocket launcher that he kept from the Pillar of Autumn before he had dusted off. He aimed it at the doors as they were opening.
     "NO CHIEF!! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!" The AI yelled, but it was too late. The Chief launched a rocket into the midst of the silver and gold grunts. The explosion caused the hull of the vessel and the boarding craft the covenant used, to shake.
     The Chief saw something in the smoke, but not in time. The jackhammer was knocked from his hands before he could react. He was immediately surrounded by four grunts, and two Elites, as for the entity that knocked the rocket launcher from his hands, it revealed itself. The uncloaking silver Elite was in charge of the small crew.
     "Surrender yourself human! Our high command wishes to speak with you!"
     The Spartan warrior was confused, he thought that he and Cortana were dead once the party boarded. The Elites put some energy bands around his arms and thighs which caused an electrical discharge. His shields degenerated, and wouldn't recharge. He was in their shackles.
     What were they doing? They should've killed him, or at least that's what he thought. It wasn't normal that the Covenant took prisoners. He was brought onto the boarding vessel, and seated in between the two Elites that had surrounded him. The silver Elite spoke something back in their language, and the boarding craft jerked forward to the nearest cruiser. As he sat there, he saw the Elite next to him speaking in their tongue, and holding a holopic of another Elite soldier.
     "What are you looking at, human?!!" It yelled at the chief as it elbowed him in the side of the head. The silver Elite piloting the vehicle disapprovingly cursed the warrior.
     "Do not injure him, Rajihn, you fool!"
     "Seems like you might've killed a relative chief. Interesting sign of emotions. I think it was piloting one of the Seraph fighters you destroyed before."
     Go ahead and cry your eyes out, the Chief thought to himself. There had to be an amends to the loss of his brothers and sisters. This was just the beginning.
     The Covenant cruiser was now about 50 meters and closing, as it's shuttle bay energy barriers shut down for the vessel to land. As it landed he saw that the cruiser had almost the same look as the Truth and Reconciliation. They landed, and he was led off the vessel. The two Elites ushered him forward, while some grunt medics came and carried the injured grunts away. One of the grunts squealed, then a plasma rifle went off. The chief looked, and saw an Elite standing over the bodies of the injured grunts.
     "They are weak, slay them. May their honor please the gods."
     The rest of the grunts put their claws on their chests, then fired their plasma rounds into the heads of the other injured grunts.
     Rajihn pulled the chief, and pushed him on. The silver Elite in charge of them was ahead, leading them to their destination. As the Chief walked on, he saw the other Elites patrolling the hallways, jackals with their birdlike movement staring at him wildly, and the occasional grunt sleeping on the job-only to get kicked awake by an Elite. They seemed to get busy as the chief walked on deeper into the ship, and Cortana tried to find out why.
     "Looks like they're working on some sort of Project or doing research. Either way, they're really busy."
     It actually looked like they were preparing for an offensive to the Chief. He didn't know exactly why, but all this hustling made him nervous.
     "Analyzing.....I can't hack into their battlenet. They must have a block that I haven't seen yet, or, they know of my interceptive capabilities."
     The Cyborg and their escort walked on. They brought him to a room with many smaller rooms with energy shields as doors. It was their prison cells. One of the barriers came down, and the Chief was thrown into it. Rajihn the Elite spoke.
     "Our commander will speak with you soon human. Do not make yourself comfortable." He turned around, and there was the silver Elite standing behind him.
     "Carry on Rajihn, go make yourself busy. As for you human, we shall feed you in due time, right now you will meet the commander."
     "Dumashilon! Is the human there?"
     "Yes commander, he is in the cell, ready for your arrival."
     "Pleasing to have this knowledge, you are released from duty. You may go and acquire sustenance for your hunger. Commander out."
     The Chief sat there, and the three Elites left. He was already planning an escape route from the ship. First thing he needed to do was find a vector towards the nearest colony, away from any possible danger. He would need a Covenant vessel for this. The reason was simple, he would be just as fast, if not faster from a head start, if he took one. Cortana could help him to pilot one.
     After ten minutes, the automatic doors that led into the prison room opened. He heard the ominous thumping march of creatures that were all too familiar.
     It was the Hunter species. There were six of them, all in perfect formation. One of them shut down the energy barrier to the Chiefs cell, and they all marched in, and surrounded him. This was it, he thought. They all stood there, and charged up their fuel rod cannons. The eerie green glow from their weapons lit up the small cell. Two of them moved to the side, and let another being pass. It was an Elite, with elegantly ornamented gold armor. He walked in, standing to a stunning 9'6", and with a silk like cloth with small, twisting silver chains attached, around his neck. It went down all the way to his hip, and seemed like a dark cape. His menacing jaws, sharklike in appearance, and firey eyes reflected off the Master Chiefs visor. He now stood face to face with the Master Chief.
     "The human agenda is secondary at this moment. There is a far greater threat to the Al'djur race. It is a pestilence, a plague, a menacing race of cannibalistic creatures known as the flood. We here, the Covenant species of this fleet, come to you with a proposal. You alone survived the onslaught at the Halo, and destroyed our beloved, and formidable armada there.
     We now know the Angel of Death has been loosed, and ask for a truce. We ask that you be loosed for us, to wipe this disgusting race, from existence. For that, we shall spare your life aboard this ship. We shall exchange knowledge, so that we too, may cure the galaxy from this disease. It is the will of the gods, and it must be followed. I am Luthos, the high commander of the fleet Kir'dun."
     After the Commander's little speech, the Chief liked his situation more. The once hated enemy needed him. It needed his help. He liked the idea that they asked him, to so called 'cure', this disease. They were going to give him knowledge, which was another thing he liked. But the one true thing he liked, the best part of the whole speech, was that he was the Angel of Death to the Covenant.